Chapter 23 – Come and get your internship notification letter

He Gu lay on the upper bunk, listening to the indescribable sound from the lower bunk, feeling a bit complicated.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, He Gu could only continue to pretend to sleep and not dare to make a sound.

Perhaps because his nerves had been tense for too long, He Gu fell asleep in a daze.

At the same time.

Blue Star, Paranormal Live Room in China.

Although it was late at night, the barrage in the live room was still active.

“Wow! Live broadcast on the scene! How can He Gu sleep through this?”

“By the way, isn’t the shadow that came in Zhang Chao? Didn’t he die?”

“How do you know whether he died or not in the world of paranormal events.”

“Speaking of Zhang Chao coming back, at least Little Yin won’t be seducing He Gu anymore, right? It’s also a reduction of a big risk!”

“Stay calm, the counselor will probably send the internship notice tomorrow, and we will land safely!”

“I went to check the live rooms of the other two countries. Their players have completely chickened out, focusing on stability and doing nothing, just hiding in bed waiting to get the internship notice tomorrow.”

“Damn, if they didn’t copy He Gu’s homework, they would have been done for a long time ago, right?”

“It’s all thanks to my brother Gu, he really made it this far on his own strength.”

“I’m actually quite curious about what his talent really is. His talent must have played an important role in surviving until now.”

“Not necessarily, isn’t that Michael from the USA an S-level talent? Didn’t he die on the first night?”

Paranormal Event Command Center in China.

The elite members on duty were sitting in front of the screen for a meeting.

“This young man has good composure. He can still sleep in this situation.”

“Actually, he’s a bit impatient. In that situation before, he shouldn’t have gone to open the door to check… Of course, as a young man in his twenties, he’s already doing well.”

“The difficulty of this instance is unprecedented. It’s already good that He Gu can survive until now.”

“Indeed, when we receive the internship notice from the counselor tomorrow, we should be close to clearing it. This instance is really dangerous, with only three players making it this far…”

“It’s too early to draw conclusions now. Often, the most dangerous part is right before clearing it. In the past, at least half of the fallen players died in the last few hours before clearing it!”

“Indeed, according to the nature of the paranormal world, tomorrow might be the most dangerous.”

“I’m actually a bit worried. The counselor said that everyone in Room 302 except for He Gu died, but what’s the deal with Zhang Chao? And He Gu even received a package from his roommate’s internship unit!”

“There may be some secrets behind this that haven’t been uncovered yet. But when it comes to decrypting things, let it happen naturally. It’s best if it can be solved, but it doesn’t matter if it can’t, as long as we clear it.”

“Right, it’s already good to clear an instance of this difficulty. In the past, many instances were cleared without fully decrypting them.”

This time, He Gu was sleeping deeply.

It wasn’t until the next morning that He Gu was awakened by the glaring light on the ceiling.

After opening his eyes and immediately turning his head to avoid looking directly at the light, He Gu was stunned the next moment.

After turning his head, He Gu saw a smooth and fair back.

The scent of shampoo filled the air, and Little Yin was lying next to He Gu, wrapped in half of the blanket, and seemed to be naked.

He Gu broke out in a cold sweat and jumped up in shock.

Since Little Yin was lying on the outside, He Gu simply jumped down from the upper bunk at the head of the bed.

Even after landing, He Gu’s head was still buzzing.

What’s going on!?

How did Little Yin end up on his bed!?

Last night, wasn’t she with Zhang Chao…

Thinking of this, He Gu immediately looked towards Little Yin’s bed.

The bed was messy, but there was no sign of anyone.

He Gu called out again, “Chaozi?”

“Zhang Chao?”

There was no response.

Did this guy come back in the middle of the night to release some youthful energy and then leave again!?

Just as He Gu was puzzled, Little Yin on the upper bunk complained, “Why are you shouting so early in the morning? It’s so noisy!”

He Gu smiled bitterly, “How did you end up on my bed? Where’s Zhang Chao?”

Little Yin seemed to still be half asleep, and mumbled unclearly, “You mean that scumbag? Didn’t he go back to his hometown? Don’t mention him to me…”

He Gu was taken aback, “No, he didn’t come back?”

Hearing this, Little Yin suddenly opened her eyes, hugged the blanket, sat up, and looked at He Gu with a mischievous smile, “He came back? Did you see him?”

Seeing Little Yin’s expression, He Gu couldn’t help but shiver, and quickly shook his head, “No, I just felt like I heard his voice in a daze…”

He Gu had been pretending to sleep all night. If Little Yin found out that he saw Zhang Chao come back, wouldn’t he be exposed?

If Little Yin asked him to chat with her in the middle of the night, He Gu would be at a loss.

Thinking of this, He Gu quickly changed the subject, “By the way, how did you end up on my bed?”

Little Yin pouted, “I felt a bit cold after taking a shower last night… I don’t mind you, and you mind me?”

He Gu felt a headache coming on and said helplessly, “It’s not that I mind, it’s just… not very appropriate.”

After saying that, He Gu remembered to take out his phone and check the time: 8:27.

Little Yin looked at He Gu meaningfully and said coquettishly, “What’s wrong with this? Anyway, I’ve already broken up with that scumbag Zhang Chao.””Are you sure you don’t want to come back to bed for a bit more sleep? It’s quite warm,” Little Yin said, her tone suggesting that it wasn’t so much a request as it was an option that could be declined.

He Gu shook his head repeatedly, “No, I’m going to buy breakfast at the cafeteria.”

With that, He Gu turned and headed for the door.

He had only taken a few steps when he froze, recalling the incident from the previous morning when he had opened the door to find Wang Tao sleepwalking.

Taking several deep breaths, He Gu prepared himself to shut the door at a moment’s notice and cautiously cracked it open.

There was no one outside.

Relieved, He Gu opened the door fully and hurried to check on the parrot hanging above the door.

Fortunately, the parrot was still alive and hadn’t been chewed up.

However, the parrot looked listless, its eyes reflecting a human-like weariness.

Upon closer inspection, He Gu noticed a few inconspicuous red strands among the parrot’s pristine white feathers.

Had it bled from thrashing around in the cage?

A sense of worry crept into He Gu’s heart.

He moved the parrot back into his room, replaced its food with fresh seeds and water, and changed the lining paper at the bottom of the cage.

He Gu also made a point to check under the lining paper, but unfortunately, there was no note this time.

After finishing these tasks, He Gu didn’t want to stay alone with Little Yin any longer and immediately left the room.

Just as he stepped out, his phone in his pocket began to vibrate.

He Gu pulled out his phone and saw that it was a call from Teacher Fang, the counselor.

“Teacher Fang?”

He Gu answered the call, and Teacher Fang’s voice came through immediately: “He Gu, I’m at the school. Come and get your internship notice. I’m waiting for you at the cafeteria.”

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