Chapter 22 – The eyes in the crack of the door! Zhang Chao is back?

“Click… click…”

Hearing the chewing sound outside the door, He Gu’s body began to feel goosebumps.

Could it be that Wang Tao… is chewing on the parrot?!

The more He Gu thought about it, the more anxious he became, and he started to feel restless.

This restlessness made He Gu feel like he couldn’t sit still, and he wanted to rush out to see what was happening.

Just as He Gu was feeling conflicted, the sound outside the door suddenly stopped.

This time, it stopped completely.

The corridor outside the door fell silent, as if someone had suddenly pressed the mute button.

For some reason, this silence made He Gu even more anxious, and he felt a sense of suffocation.

This only intensified He Gu’s urge to go outside.

Maybe it was because he was worried about the parrot, or maybe he wanted to know what was happening outside, or perhaps it was because his emotions were affected.

At this moment, He Gu just wanted to go out and see. This urge became stronger and stronger.

After listening carefully for a while, there was still no movement outside the door.

He Gu glanced back at the direction of the bathroom, where the sound of running water continued.

Based on previous experiences, Little Yin shouldn’t be coming out for a while.

Thinking this, He Gu took a deep breath, quietly climbed down from the bed, and tiptoed to the door.

Pressing his ear against the door for a while, He Gu carefully turned the door lock.

It was already past midnight, and He Gu couldn’t move around in the corridor or talk to Little Yin.

At this moment, He Gu was extremely nervous, worried about the situation outside the door and also worried that Little Yin might suddenly come out and talk to him.

In order to avoid making any noise, He Gu slowly and carefully turned the door lock, being extremely cautious.

It took nearly twenty seconds for He Gu to finally open the door.

At this point, He Gu’s breathing was a bit rapid, and his heart was beating fast. He stood behind the door, panting heavily.

It wasn’t until this moment that He Gu noticed that his hands were trembling slightly.

This was a physiological reaction caused by the surge of adrenaline, and of course, it could also be due to fear.

After standing still for a few seconds, He Gu finally calmed down from that state of stress.

It was at this moment that He Gu realized that he had just made a sound out of fear and had closed the door heavily, which might attract Little Yin’s inquiry.

In order to avoid violating the rule of “not talking to Little Yin after midnight,” He Gu quickly and quietly climbed back into his bed. If Little Yin came out, he would just pretend to be asleep.

Lying back on the bed, He Gu began to think back to the scene just now.

As soon as he opened the door, he was met with a pair of eyes, and He Gu was so scared that he didn’t see anything clearly and just closed the door.

Was the person outside the door really Wang Tao, and what happened to the parrot? He Gu still didn’t know.

The person who had their eyes open just now, was it really sleepwalking Wang Tao?

He Gu was puzzled, and at the same time, he was even more worried about the parrot’s situation.

But this time, He Gu had no intention of going to check. The scare just now had made He Gu completely calm again.

Although the parrot might be important, it was definitely not as important as his own life.

He lay on the bed for who knows how long, and the effects of adrenaline slowly faded away.

At this point, He Gu began to feel deeply exhausted.

And so, He Gu fell asleep without realizing it.

Perhaps due to excessive mental tension, He Gu’s sleep was not sound.

In a daze, He Gu suddenly heard the sound of the door lock turning.

This sound instantly woke He Gu up.

Opening his eyes, He Gu didn’t move, but kept his original posture, and cautiously glanced at the lower bunk bed opposite him.

In the moonlight reflected on the floor, He Gu could barely see that Little Yin’s bed was tightly closed with curtains, and there was no movement.

It seemed that Little Yin had already fallen asleep.

Only then did He Gu breathe a sigh of relief, turned over gently, and looked in the direction of the door.


The sound of the door lock turning rang out again, and He Gu’s whole body tensed up, his heartstrings instantly taut.

Click… click…

The sound was light and slow, as if the person making it didn’t want to be heard, and it seemed a bit cautious.

He Gu was sure that he had just locked the door, so the only possibility of someone turning the lock at this time was that they had a key!

Could it be the dormitory administrator?

But why would he come here in the middle of the night?

If he came in, how should He Gu respond?

He Gu was extremely anxious, but didn’t dare to move.

After about ten seconds, the dormitory door was finally pushed open.

With the light from outside at his back, He Gu saw a figure flash in, and then gently closed the door.

Although He Gu couldn’t see his face clearly in the darkness, from the figure he had just seen, He Gu was certain that it wasn’t the dormitory manager!

But looking at this figure… it felt a bit like Zhang Chao?

In the darkness, He Gu couldn’t see the person’s face clearly, and only saw a shadow slowly walking in.The shadow quickly made its way to He Gu’s bedside and stopped.

He Gu hurriedly squinted his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

The shadow leaned forward to look at He Gu on the upper bunk and whispered, “He Gu, are you asleep?”

“He Gu?”

It was Zhang Chao’s voice.

He Gu didn’t respond, continuing to feign sleep with his eyes closed.

After calling out twice and seeing no reaction from He Gu, Zhang Chao turned and walked towards the lower bunk of the opposite bed.

In the darkness, He Gu saw the figure lift the curtain and crawl inside.

Soon, He Gu heard low voices coming from behind the curtain.

The voices were too soft for He Gu to make out what was being said.

Before long, He Gu heard Little Yin let out a muffled groan.

Creak creak…

“Hmm… Ahem…”

The sound of the bunk bed’s metal frame rubbing and indescribable noises intertwined.

He Gu lay on the upper bunk, his mind racing with countless alpacas stampeding through…

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