Chapter 9 – Si Xing is in charge of the law, extinguishing possession

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At this point, Li Guanqi also understood that the burning of the spirit talisman had no effect at all.


Just like Li Shengan, who had only a fingernail-sized yellow talisman in his hand, also passed the first test.


This test, which didn't even count as a level, was just testing the character of all the sect disciples.


With two hours of time, even if you take a break in the middle, as long as you don't give up, you will definitely be able to complete it.


So, this level is just a test of everyone's perseverance.


Along the way, many people were discussing the recent events.


For a disciple with a Wood-Fire True Spirit Root, to actually say no when offered!


It seems that the Great Xia Sword Sect is really a very special sect.


If it were another sect, it would definitely fight to recruit Luo Hu as a disciple, and it might even be possible for him to become an alchemist.


And the gap between the Mixed-Element True Spirit Root and the Wood-Fire True Spirit Root is not small at all.


This is a Mutually Nurturing True Spirit Root, and the cultivation speed is second only to the Single-Element Heavenly Spirit Root.


However, the Great Xia Sword Sect's approach has also made many children from ordinary families feel a sense of 'fairness!'


Yes, it's fairness!


Just as Zhou Zhi said, the Great Xia Sword Sect is not a place where sect disciples are judged based on their spirit roots and background.


But this approach has indirectly pushed away many talented disciples.


Zhou Zhi and Jiang Su stood side by side, and Jiang Su whispered, "We go through this kind of thing every year, hehe."


Zhou Zhi's face was resolute, and he said in a deep voice, "So although our Great Xia Sword Sect has few people, the sect is very united!"


"This is taking the essence and discarding the dross."


Li Guanqi didn't notice that a young man with a face like jade in the crowd had been looking at him all along.


After a while, Li Guanqi suddenly looked back, but didn't notice anything unusual.


At this moment, Li Shengan, who was smiling, happened to see Li Guanqi frowning.


"Huh? What's wrong, Guanqi?"


Li Guanqi relaxed his frown and smiled slightly, "It's nothing, I just feel like someone is watching me."


Li Shengan, who was pulling on Li Guanqi's clothes, was suddenly shocked and exclaimed, "Ah? You can see it?"


The young man grinned and pointed to his eyes.


"I can't see, I'm really blind."


Li Shengan nodded in disbelief, then couldn't help but sigh.


"I wonder if my Triple-Element Mixed Spirit Root can pass the spirit root test."


Li Guanqi asked, "Is it difficult?"


As soon as this was said, even Lin Dong couldn't help but speak up, "Don't you know anything about this?"


Li Guanqi shrugged. He only occasionally heard his grandfather say something.


But at that time, he was just playing around and didn't pay much attention.


And he didn't know if he had a spirit root, and Su Xuan didn't say anything about it.


Every time he asked, Su Xuan just smiled faintly and didn't say much.


However, Li Guanqi didn't know that he would see everything in this spirit root test.


This also let everyone know some secrets about the cultivation world!




When everyone arrived at Heavenly Son Mountain, the elders of the various peaks in the sect were already waiting.


There was a large Xia character on the sect's flag, with two long swords on either side.


On the square of a thousand meters in radius, there were eight spirit testing platforms at this time.


Each platform had a transparent crystal ball on it.


Li Guanqi, using his Insight, was also stunned to see many ethereal and dignified elders on the high platform.


He didn't expect this sect initiation to be taken so seriously.


Perhaps Li Shengan saw Li Guanqi's confusion and explained softly, "There's no need to make a big deal out of it."


"Some sects, on the day of recruiting disciples, even the sect master will personally attend."


"The talented cultivators who come out of this test will definitely be fought over by the various elders of the sect!"


"Even some geniuses will directly skip the outer sect training and enter the inner sect!"


"Tsk tsk, if you can enter the inner sect directly, the resources will be countless times better than staying in the outer sect."


However, Li Guanqi noticed a senior elder who was resting with his eyes closed behind the other elders.


The old man's face was full of wrinkles, with slightly deep eye sockets, a hooked nose, thin lips, and a goatee on his chin.


His mismatched gray robe made the old man look extremely serious.


Just one glance made people feel as if they had done something wrong.


And this person was Qin Xian, the Law Enforcement Elder of the Great Xia Sword Sect, who was already in the Elemental Infant stage!


The more than a thousand people were divided into eight teams under the guidance of the sect disciples.


However, at this moment, the ground of the entire square trembled slightly.


Then, a shimmering blue light suddenly rose up!


The elder on the high platform suddenly opened his eyes!




As the elder slowly stood up, the void was instantly filled with a majestic pressure!


All the sect disciples under this pressure couldn't move, and even Li Guanqi frowned, not knowing what was going on.


Little Fatty Li Shengan couldn't bear it and knelt down on the ground with a pale face!


Thud! Thud!


A series of muffled sounds rang out, and the elder stepped across the void and appeared over the heads of the crowd.


The elder lightly tapped the void with his finger and murmured, "Spirit spell, two hundred and thirty-two, Snake Binding!"


Two golden spirit snakes formed by spiritual power instantly shot towards the crowd below!


There was a moment of exclamation, and even many elders were surprised!


However, at this moment, two figures in the crowd were suddenly surrounded by transparent flames and broke free from the intimidating pressure.


Two very similar-looking young men fled in different directions in an instant.


Qin Xian's mouth showed a hint of mockery, and the spirit snakes shrank slightly, then turned into two golden lights and instantly bound them!




The two figures fell heavily to the ground, and then were swept into the void by the elder's wave of his hand.


The elder restrained his own aura and scanned the crowd with a sharp gaze, saying in a deep voice, "I am Qin Xian, the Law Enforcement Elder of the sect!"


"The reason I took action is because these two disciples were possessed by others!"




Where have a group of thirteen or fourteen-year-old boys and girls experienced this?




"Is it really possession?"Li Guanqi furrowed his brows; he had heard many tales of possession from his grandfather and never expected to witness it here.


In the iron laws of the Cultivation World, only a cultivator of a higher realm could possess one of a lower realm.


Moreover, regardless of the level of cultivation, one could only attempt possession once in their lifetime. A second attempt would lead to death and the annihilation of one's path!


The Old Man then placed his hands atop the heads of two individuals, and shockingly drew out two ethereal souls!


However, the faces of these two souls were both that of an elderly man!!


As Qin Xian exerted force with his hands, the two ethereal souls explosively shattered!


Qin Xian then swept his sharp gaze over the crowd below and sternly warned, "If there are any other possessors present, leave immediately!"


"The Great Xia Sword Sect will not tolerate the existence of any possessors!"


"If you do not leave now, and I discover you later, I will ensure your soul is scattered and you will not enter the cycle of reincarnation!"


The anxious crowd, however, showed no signs of leaving, and Qin Xian nodded slightly.


He then turned to the disciples of the Sword Sect and instructed, "Alright, begin the Spirit Root test!"

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