Chapter 10 – Spirit Root Test, Zhao Yuanlin

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The next test can be said to bring joy to some and sorrow to others.


Even if you want to enter the outer sect of the Great Xia Sword Sect, the lowest requirement is a Triple-Element Mixed Spirit Root!


The Triple-Element Spirit Root is no longer within the range of disciples accepted by other sects.


Disciples with such a spirit root will cultivate at a speed several times slower than other disciples with Dual-Element True Spirit Roots, even if they consume a lot of resources. Whether they can break through the Qi Refining stage in their lifetime is still unknown.


After verifying nearly dozens of people, except for some with False Spirit Roots of three or four elements, others don't even have spirit roots.




In the line next to Li Guanqi, a little boy in tattered clothes emitted a dazzling golden and blue light from the crystal ball in his palm!


The disciple testing the spirit roots also showed a smile and said loudly, "Li Niu, bone age thirteen, Metal-Water True Spirit Root!"


"Eligible to enter Heavenly Gold Peak or Heavenly Water Peak!"


"From today onwards, he will officially become an outer sect disciple of the Great Xia Sword Sect, and his parents can receive one hundred taels of gold and silver from the clan."


Finally, a true spirit root youth appeared!


And it's a Metal-Water Spirit Root, with Metal giving birth to Water, but the main element of this youth's spirit root is Metal!


On the platform, a man in a golden robe turned to the Elder of Heavenly Water Peak not far away and said with a smile, "Elder Lan, why don't we let this disciple join our Heavenly Gold Peak?"


"He's not a female cultivator. Let us take some credit, shall we?"


The female Elder in an ice-blue robe said unkindly, "Meng Linhai! I can give you five hundred spirit stones."


The Elder of Heavenly Gold Peak, known as Meng Linhai, also laughed and waved his hand, and a storage bag flew out.


"Here, here, is this not enough for me? I'm just taking the lead, haha."


Other Elders also showed a hint of a smile on their faces.


Someone whispered, "I wonder how many Heavenly Spirit Root disciples will appear in this group."


Before the words had finished, someone nearby said, "It's hard to say how many. Heavenly Spirit Roots don't appear so easily."


"It's already good to have a few True Spirit Roots. Heavenly Spirit Roots are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns."


At this time, the Elder of Heavenly Wood Peak said with a troubled expression, "Ah… I don't know if I can pick a few junior disciples from my sect this year."


"Why are there so few Wood Element Spirit Roots!"


Upon hearing this, an old man who had been meditating with his eyes closed was unhappy.


He opened his eyes and pointed at the Elder of Heavenly Wood Peak, scolding, "You're still complaining here. Even if you don't have any, your sect still received nearly twenty disciples from the last group."


"It's been three years since my Heavenly Thunder Peak had any new disciples, three years!!"


"Do you know how I've spent these three years!!"


Li Guanqi was a little curious as to why the Elders on the high platform were arguing.


One of the thin old men was particularly agitated…


The disciple named Li Niu was suddenly moved to tears of excitement at the spirit platform, kneeling on the ground and sobbing.


He never expected that one day he would enter the immortal sect and be able to cultivate!


The disciple was then taken away by a disciple wearing the sect's attire, and Li Guanqi noticed that the emblem on the disciple's chest was slightly different from the regular outer sect disciple attire.


There was a mountain peak soaring into the sky on his chest, indicating that he was from Heavenly Gold Peak.


Soon, there were continuous dazzling lights flashing in the crowd, and there were still many True Spirit Root disciples.


Among them, a little girl had a Dual-Element True Spirit Root of Water and Wood, with Wood as the main element!


Seeing this scene, the Elder of Heavenly Wood Peak jumped up and shouted loudly, "No one can compete with me for this disciple!! I want her for Heavenly Wood Peak!!"


Others cast disdainful glances at him, and then the other Elders turned to look at Elder Lan of Heavenly Water Peak.


Elder Lan reached out with a smile and said, "It's also five hundred, no extra charge."


The Elder of Heavenly Wood Peak didn't hesitate to take out a storage bag and reluctantly threw it to Elder Lan.


Taking the storage bag, Elder Lan squinted and smiled, "Ah, it's really profitable to earn a thousand spirit stones without doing anything."


No one said anything, and the female disciple was also directly received into the inner sect of Heavenly Wood Peak.


Suddenly, there was a commotion in the crowd.


A dazzling golden light burst from the crystal ball in front of a young man!


Immediately, the Elder of the Eight Peaks appeared in the sky above the platform.


"Metal Element Heavenly Spirit Root!"


The young man seemed to have known it would be like this a long time ago, and there was no surprise on his face.


The Elder of Heavenly Gold Peak's face wrinkled with a smile.


He appeared next to the young man and asked loudly, "Haha, good boy, you actually have a Heavenly Spirit Root!"


"What's your name?"


The young man, dressed in white with a handsome face and well-defined features, but with slightly thin lips that gave people a feeling of being difficult to get along with, bowed to the man and said with a playful smile, "Elder, my name is… Zhao Yuanlin!"


Li Guanqi's body suddenly shook at the mention of the name!


And Zhao Yuanlin's smile became even more brilliant.


Meng Linhai smiled and said, "Good, good, good! In the future, you will join my Heavenly Gold Peak and become an official inner sect disciple. I can also take you as my core disciple. What do you think?"


Meng Linhai, as a Golden Elixir stage cultivator, naturally had the qualifications to take him as a disciple.


But Zhao Yuanlin was proud and arrogant, and a mere Golden Elixir Elder of Heavenly Gold Peak couldn't make him interested.


His goal was to become the personal disciple of the Peak Master of Heavenly Gold Peak!


So Zhao Yuanlin smiled slightly and did not answer.


Meng Linhai also just smiled slightly and let it go. Geniuses are usually quite proud, and he could understand.As for whether the Peak Master of Heavenly Gold Peak would take a fancy to him, that was another matter entirely.


Seeing that Zhao Yuanlin had no immediate intention of leaving, Meng Linhai asked with some puzzlement, "What's the matter? Want to stick around and watch?"


A sharp glint flashed in Zhao Yuanlin's eyes as he declared loudly, "Of course, there's someone from my hometown here, and I'm curious to see."


Meng Linhai didn't think much of it, assuming it was someone from Zhao Yuanlin's hometown with whom he had a close relationship, someone he might want to look after in the sect in the future.


Such things were not uncommon in the sect, and it wasn't his place to say much.


"Oh? You're on good terms?"


However, Zhao Yuanlin's next words were like a huge rock thrown into a calm lake.


A single stone causes a thousand ripples!


"No, no, no, a person who would exchange his own sister's life for ten Copper Coins, I'm not familiar with."


"Just out of curiosity, would the Great Xia Sword Sect really accept such a person?"


As soon as these words were spoken, all the Elders frowned!


Their gazes gradually turned fierce, for if it were true, no matter how talented he was, the Great Xia Sword Sect would never accept such a person!


In an instant, all the disciples who had yet to test their Spirit Roots were in an uproar!

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