Chapter 8 – Eliminate , and establish the rules

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Lin Dong was slightly stunned, then looked at the cloth strip on Li Guanqi's eyes and grinned.


"They all call me Dongzi, you can call me that too in the future."


"Let's go, it should be almost over."


Li Guanqi had a good impression of this familiar young man, and the two of them walked towards the square side by side.


At this time, Li Guanqi looked around and found that the platform of this square was probably more than two thousand feet in circumference.


And behind the square, there were more than a hundred steps, and above them was a huge cave formed by two mountain peaks.


The stone inscription above was written with the four characters "the Great Xia Sword Sect".


Dozens of different colored sword auras crisscrossed around.


Lin Dong said to Li Guanqi in his ear, "Do you see that? That's the Heavenly Gate Cave."


"The mountain peak on the left is called Heavenly Son Mountain, and almost all the activities of the Great Xia Sword Sect are held there."


"The most important Spirit Root test will be held there later."


Hearing what Lin Dong said, Li Guanqi couldn't help but ask, "Are you very familiar with the Great Xia Sword Sect?"


A silly smile appeared on Lin Dong's face, and he scratched his head and replied.


"I started practicing martial arts at the foot of the mountain when I was five years old. Entering the Great Xia Sword Sect is my lifelong dream, so I know it very well."


"If I can successfully establish the Foundation, fly with a sword, and slay demons and evil spirits, how wonderful it would be!"


Just as the two of them were talking, a chubby man in a golden robe finally climbed up the steps with difficulty.


His clothes were already soaked with sweat, and he lay on the ground panting heavily, his face flushed.


There was only a small piece of yellow talisman paper left on his chest.


The chubby man carefully held the small piece of yellow talisman paper, tears streaming down his face.


After resting for a while, the chubby man struggled to get up and, with a smile on his face, walked towards Li Guanqi and the others.


As he walked, the chubby man bent over and said with a big smile, "Hello, brothers. I'm Li Shengan. I secretly hid a few chicken legs. Do you want to eat them together?"


Originally, Li Guanqi wanted to refuse, after all, it wasn't very polite to eat someone else's food without knowing them.


But just as he was about to refuse, his stomach couldn't resist the tempting aroma and growled.


Li Shengan's small eyes squinted even more when he saw this, and he directly stuffed the chicken legs in his arms into the hands of the two.


Li Guanqi found that the chicken legs were still hot, and heard Li Shengan say, "I kept them in my arms, so don't worry. They're wrapped in oil paper, so there's absolutely no sweaty smell."


Lin Dong laughed heartily at the words and started eating without any hesitation.


"I'm Lin Dong, and this brother is Li Guanqi."


"It's true… climbing these stairs is exhausting, and I'm really hungry."


Li Shengan took over the conversation and complained, "Yeah… I didn't hear about climbing any stairs last year. I could have just paid someone to carry me up."


Li Guanqi just smiled and didn't say anything. He didn't believe that the Great Xia Sword Sect would do something like this for no reason.




Sure enough!


Just as the three of them finished eating the chicken legs, two young disciples in white sect robes flew out of the Heavenly Gate Cave on their swords!


The figure of the two flying with their swords completely shocked everyone!


At this time, there were nearly three thousand people standing on the square, and when they saw this scene, everyone couldn't help but hold their breath.


Their eyes were hot as they looked at the two extraordinary figures.


One man and one woman, the man was handsome, with sword-like eyebrows and a firm face.


The woman had a cold temperament, with delicate skin.


A melon seed face, willow leaf eyebrows, a high nose, and slightly thin lips.


What a peerless beauty!


Even Li Guanqi, who had always been calm, looked at this scene with excitement through his Insight.


He imagined that perhaps one day he could also walk on a sword and soar between heaven and earth!


Li Shengan muttered to himself when he saw the two, "Wow, the Senior Brother Zhou Zhi and Senior Sister Jiang Su from the Heavenly Gold Peak have personally come to guide us?"


Li Guanqi's ears twitched, and he remembered the names and identities of the two.


Based on his observations, he always felt that Li Shengan didn't look like an ordinary person from a common family.


The man and woman landed gracefully, and everyone's gaze focused on them.


At this time, there were very few people left on the steps.


Zhou Zhi looked around expressionlessly, then waved his hand, and a huge ancient bell smashed onto the stone slab with a bang.


Then the man struck the ancient bell and said in a deep voice, "Time's up! Those who haven't climbed the steps can go back!"


The sound mixed with spiritual power spread far and wide, and countless people started to complain!


However, the man turned a deaf ear to it, and threw out a jade slip. The thousands of steps disappeared into thin air in front of everyone's eyes!


The real existing steps had now turned into a thousand-foot cliff!


The square where everyone was standing was floating in mid-air.


Then, a mysterious light rune suddenly lit up in the center of the square.


Finally, it gathered into the shape of a teleportation array, shimmering with a faint light.


Jiang Su's cold voice slowly sounded, "Those whose Spirit Talismans have burned out, please step forward."Upon these words, a wave of unrest immediately swept through the crowd.


Jiang Su exuded an invisible pressure, silencing the noise, and many left with their heads hung low in defeat.


"Those who did not ascend the mountain within the allotted time, please enter the formation."


Li Guanqi couldn't help but laugh as he watched Li Shengan carefully cradle a fingernail-sized yellow talisman in his hand.


"Your luck is really not bad, just a bit short."


Li Shengan stared intently at the yellow talisman paper in his hand, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, "Heaven knows how hard I've worked!"


Lin Dong looked at Little Fatty with some confusion and said, "Brother, you don't seem like someone short of money, why not make a few Seal Talismans or something?"


But who knew Li Shengan would scoff and say, "It's not that simple… just watch."


Sure enough!


Zhou Zhi slowly rose into the air, his eyes sharp as he said in a deep voice, "Those who sought to gain an unfair advantage, step forward!"


At these words, many people looked around guiltily with their heads lowered.




A cold snort, heavy as a boulder, pressed down on everyone's hearts, and then Zhou Zhi threw out several transparent crystal balls.


Inside were the figures of many who had used Seal Talismans while climbing the steps.


There were also those who directly consumed special powders, and so on.


Without exception, these people were also stripped of their qualifications.


One muscular youth, unwilling to accept this, strode forward a few steps and shouted at Zhou Zhi.


"I just consumed some blood-activating powder that benefits the qi and blood. I'm already at the peak of body tempering, why should I be disqualified too?"


Zhou Zhi turned his head sharply to look at the youth, his eyes half-closed as he said in a deep voice.


"Do you… want me to give you an explanation?"


The youth, with his neck stiff, defiantly said, "Yes! Not only am I at the peak of body tempering, but my father had someone test my Spirit Root long ago."


"I have a Dual-Element True Spirit Root of wood and fire! Why should I be treated like trash?"


Zhou Zhi's lips curled into a cold smile as he descended from mid-air and walked straight towards the speaker!


Looking down at the youth who was a head shorter than him, Zhou Zhi sneered.


"Do you think your wood and fire Dual-Element Spirit Root talent is so high that you look down on others?"


The youth, under Zhou Zhi's gaze, felt a powerful oppression, his face turning red with the effort to resist.


But he still said, "That's right! For what reason?"


Zhou Zhi turned and looked around, speaking softly, "Does anyone else here think the same?"


Seeing that no one dared to speak, Zhou Zhi scoffed.


"You don't even have his courage!"


"What's your name?"


The youth looked up at Zhou Zhi, his emotions somewhat calmed, and said in a deep voice, "Luo Hu!"


Zhou Zhi retreated and stood in the air, looking at the crowd and said in a deep voice.


"Those who resort to trickery, the Great Xia Sword Sect does not want you, whoever loves you, take you!"


"If there are no other issues, hurry up and leave!"


Luo Hu's face darkened immediately, anger rising in his heart, feeling targeted by Zhou Zhi!


At that moment, Luo Hu happened to see Li Guanqi and his two companions.


He immediately directed his anger at Li Guanqi, pointing at him and bellowing, "The Great Xia Sword Sect even wants a Blind man! This declining sect is not worth joining!"


Hearing this, Zhou Zhi's face turned extremely grim.


Facing the three thousand plus Sect Disciples, he said in a deep voice.


"The Great Xia Sword Sect selects disciples based on three criteria: character, perseverance, and talent!"


"You're not convinced? Show me your Spirit Talisman!"


Luo Hu took out the Spirit Talisman from his chest and threw it to Zhou Zhi, and the crowd gasped in amazement at the talisman that was still a quarter full!


Because most of those who reached the top here had only about a tenth of their Spirit Talisman left.


Luo Hu looked defiantly at Zhou Zhi.


As if to say, it's your loss, Great Xia Sword Sect, for not accepting me.


However, Zhou Zhi walked straight to Li Guanqi and whispered, "May I see your Spirit Talisman?"


Li Guanqi touched his nose, not expecting to be implicated.


He then handed over his remaining Spirit Talisman to Zhou Zhi.


Luo Hu, who had been watching the two, saw the stacked talismans and couldn't help but say, "What! It's just about a quarter like mine!"


"That only shows he's not bad in strength, so what?"


But to everyone's shock, Zhou Zhi slowly spread out the stacked Spirit Talismans.




The Spirit Talisman had only burned halfway!


Zhou Zhi was clearly surprised as well…


He looked at Luo Hu with cold eyes and said, "Even if this Young Brother cannot see, he is still stronger than you!"


"No need for further words! Please leave!"


Luo Hu glared hatefully at Li Guanqi, then strode into the teleportation formation.


Out of the three thousand plus Sect Disciples, only one thousand eight hundred remained to go to Heavenly Son Mountain for the Spirit Root test!

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