Chapter 75 – A vision appears, the world is shocked

Three golden elixirs, all of them are sacred items.

This situation has never been recorded in ancient books, unprecedented.

Having one body and two golden elixirs is already a very rare occurrence, let alone someone like Chen Qingyuan.

If this news were to be exposed, it would surely cause a sensation throughout the world. Cultivators from the Imperial Province, Northern Wilderness, Western Border, Southern Region, and Eastern Land would all focus their attention on Chen Qingyuan.

At that time, Chen Qingyuan would probably have no peace, standing at the center of the great world’s vortex. Any slight mistake would lead to being devoured by the terrifying vortex, leaving no trace behind.

There are many evil methods in this world that can graft other people’s golden elixirs onto oneself.

Once Chen Qingyuan’s three sacred golden elixirs are exposed, although he would have unparalleled prestige and pressure among his peers, it would also come with great danger.

“It’s really… successful.”

Looking inward at the three golden elixirs, a hint of excitement and joy gradually appeared in Chen Qingyuan’s eyes.

At this moment, he was covered in blood, with hideous wounds and slightly disordered breath.

With the foundation of a Heavenly Elixir, Chen Qingyuan had already swept through the Flow Star Domain and the surrounding Heaven’s Pride of the same generation, making it difficult to find an opponent, and was hailed as one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness.

Now, Chen Qingyuan has rebuilt his foundation and condensed three sacred golden elixirs, and his future achievements are unimaginable.

In Chen Qingyuan’s memory, he had never seen a similar situation in ancient books.

This world is vast, and even the top powerful figures find it difficult to see the full picture of the world.

The five provinces are vast, each occupying thousands of star domains, and each star domain contains countless stars.

Even so, the foundation of sacred golden elixirs is extremely rare, with basically no more than a hundred people in a generation.

Those with such a foundation, as long as they do not die halfway, will surely become a peak figure in the future, living for thirty thousand years and enjoying freedom in the world.

With the formation of the golden elixirs, his cultivation level naturally improved.

Golden Elixir Realm, initial stage!

Chen Qingyuan didn’t have time to ponder the three golden elixirs in his body, and quickly repaired his injuries.

More than half of the spirit stones surrounding Chen Qingyuan had been consumed. If it weren’t for the pure spiritual energy in this closed-off secret room, the resources consumed would have been several times greater.

The moment the sacred golden elixirs were formed, many anomalies appeared between heaven and earth, shocking countless living beings.

In a large part of the Northern Wilderness, golden light shimmered in the sky, as if there were auspicious things soaring in the clouds, and the brilliant light of the Milky Way pierced through the endless void, descending to the place where mortals lived, with colorful auroras, stunning the common people.

“The anomalies in the heavens and the earth have spread to various star domains. What is the reason?”

Those with profound cultivation levels faintly heard the sound of ancient bells coming from the depths of the starry sky, and each sound penetrated the soul, causing their bodies to tremble involuntarily.

“Are those three suns in the sky?”

Not long after, the phenomenon of three days of the same brilliance appeared in a certain star domain in the Northern Wilderness, shocking countless people, their expressions full of fear and astonishment.

“Spirit vein disturbances, law disruptions, in that direction…”

Dao Yi Academy’s Yu Chenran sensed the changes in the Northern Wilderness and was very surprised.

Then, he actually found that this independent space of Dao Yi Academy also had abnormal conditions. Using a great supernatural power to calculate, he followed an invisible trace of the law and fixed his gaze on the direction of Yunxi’s residence.

Immediately, Yu Chenran flashed to Yunxi’s residence and immediately sealed off this space, not allowing anyone to discover the abnormal situation here. Even the other vice dean, Lin Wenchou, would not be able to find out.

“It’s not that I want to steal your secrets, but you have caused too much commotion, I’m sorry.”

Yu Chenran sensed that Chen Qingyuan was in the practice hall and thought to himself, using mystic arts to observe.

He was shocked when he saw it.

At this moment, Chen Qingyuan was repairing his injuries and stabilizing the foundation of the golden elixirs, so he did not use the special jade bracelet to conceal them.

Yu Chenran easily saw the three golden elixirs in Chen Qingyuan’s body, and said in a trembling voice, “Three elixirs stand together, sacred and imperfectionless!”

Even though Yu Chenran had experienced many storms, he was still shocked by the scene before him.

The heritage of Dao Yi Academy is very profound, and the books in the library record many historical events. However, Yu Chenran had never seen a record of three sacred golden elixirs in any of the important ancient books.

“Is this kid… still human?”

Yu Chenran was stunned for a long time, at a loss.

In that moment, Yu Chenran’s eyes were filled with shock and envy.

If it were someone else, upon seeing that Chen Qingyuan had not completely stabilized the sacred golden elixirs in his body, they would surely have had ulterior motives, and no matter the cost, they would have tried to make the elixirs their own.

“The merits of the Qing Sect have fallen on you?”

Yu Chenran secretly speculated, full of anticipation for the future of his disciple Chen Qingyuan.

In order to keep Chen Qingyuan’s secret, Yu Chenran lied and said that he had caused a disturbance during his own cultivation, leading to signs of law disruption in the space of Dao Yi Academy.

As for the anomalies occurring in various places in the Northern Wilderness, perhaps it was due to the appearance of some rare treasures!

The people in the academy did not doubt what Yu Chenran said.

Three sacred elixirs, extremely rare throughout the ages. Until Chen Qingyuan truly grows up, Yu Chenran will do everything possible to keep this secret hidden in order to ensure Chen Qingyuan’s safety.

If certain old fellows who want to go further find out about this, Chen Qingyuan’s future will be in danger.

For this reason, Yu Chenran didn’t even tell his old friend Lin Wenchou. The fewer people who know, the less danger there is.

At the same time, in the Northern Wilderness, the Sky Abyss Restricted Zone.

This is a strange space, with an extremely vast land where a simple bamboo house is built. Next to it is a slowly flowing blue stream, with no end in sight.

In the courtyard of the bamboo house, there are some strange flowers and plants that are not found in the human world.The sun in the sky, somehow illuminating this land, was peculiar. No matter how much time passed, the sun never set, as if it were forever suspended in the air.

Upon closer inspection, one could discern that this sun was not real, but an illusion created by a spiritual treasure.


At that moment, the tightly shut bamboo door opened, and a woman dressed in a red gown stepped out from the house.

She was the master of Sky Abyss, the Red-Dressed Girl who had been guiding Chen Qingyuan all along.

She was tall and slender, with brows and eyes like a painting. Only because she wore a dark veil, her full face could not be seen. Despite the veil’s concealment, her prominent nose and eyes, sparkling like stars, were enough to suggest that the beauty beneath the veil must be absolutely stunning.

Her red gown trailed behind her, the tightly fitted dress accentuating her perfect figure and her noble aura.

Around her waist, she wore an exquisite jade pendant, with red ribbons hanging by her side, fluttering occasionally, as whimsical as the wind.

The Red-Dressed Girl’s black hair was secured with a wooden hairpin, and it was this very hairpin that seemed to pull her down from the heavens to the mortal realm, touching her with a hint of worldly charm.

She walked barefoot, her jade feet touching the ground, where no dirt or filth could adhere, as if afraid to tarnish such a sacred object.

“Was it a success?”

The Red-Dressed Girl gazed at the artificial sun in the sky, as if piercing through this illusory Restricted Zone world, seeing the scenery of the outside world, and murmured to herself. A smile couldn’t help but appear on her lips, and a trace of longing shone in her eyes.

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