Chapter 74 – Digging graves and digging tombs, sacred golden elixir

Lin Changsheng went to the ancestral cemetery and set up a special barrier to prevent anyone from discovering it.

Then, Lin Changsheng knocked three times in front of his master Feng Changxuan’s grave: “Master, please don’t blame me. If I guessed wrong and disturbed your rest, I will kneel in front of your grave for a hundred years.”

After saying that, Lin Changsheng took a deep breath and waved his sleeve.


A huge force lifted the tombstone, revealing a black and gold coffin.

Then, Lin Changsheng reached out and unlocked the mysterious seal on the coffin, opening it.

With a loud thud, the coffin lid flew to the side.

Looking at what was inside the coffin, Lin Changsheng was stunned.

It was not a corpse at all, but a decaying straw man.

“The art of faking death and escaping!”

After being stunned for a long time, Lin Changsheng’s eyes flickered with excitement, hesitation, and a hint of worry.

So, it is possible that his master, by faking his death with a special method, extinguished the soul lamp of the Soul Hall and may still be alive.

Thinking of this, Lin Changsheng looked at the grave of his senior brother Shangguan Rong: “Senior Brother, I have offended you.”

Opening the coffin, it was indeed as he suspected, not a body, but a dry straw.

For the next two hours, Lin Changsheng opened the tombs of the ancestors in the sect’s history.

Out of ten coffins, nine were empty, and one contained the remains of a real body.

Lin Changsheng put the remains of the real ancestor back, knocked three times to show his apology.

“What on earth is going on?”

After tidying up the cemetery and restoring it to its original state, Lin Changsheng sat on the ground, unable to understand these things.

Well, since the Mystic Azure Sect moved to the Flow Star Domain ten thousand years ago, this was the first time someone had dug up the graves of the elders to verify the authenticity of their remains.

At the beginning, the avatars had strong mystic art principles, so the people in the sect naturally couldn’t tell and gave the elders a proper burial. Many years later, the power of the principles diminished, and the avatars revealed their original appearance.

Some ancestors used stones as avatars, some used wild grass, and some even used fish bones, probably leftovers from a meal.

“Is this related to the dream I had?”

Lin Changsheng often dreamed and would probably receive the will of the sect’s ancestors in a few years. By then, he would understand everything.

For now, Lin Changsheng looked up at the sky with a bewildered expression, sighing deeply.

He hoped that his senior brother and master were still alive, silently praying.

In a mysterious space in the Northern Wilderness, the Dao One Academy.

Chen Qingyuan was still suffering, enduring intense pain every moment, with his body and soul never getting a moment’s rest.

At this point, Chen Qingyuan looked like a bloodied man, with his flesh and skin all torn open, revealing his pale bones, a horrifying sight.

Three Golden Elixirs had reached the Earth Grade and were advancing towards the Heaven Grade.

Apart from enduring, Chen Qingyuan had no other way.

The Dao Bone in his body was slowly improving Chen Qingyuan’s body and the three Golden Elixirs. As long as Chen Qingyuan could withstand the pressure, everything would be fine.

Whenever Chen Qingyuan couldn’t bear it, he immediately recalled the years of torment by the red-dressed girl, boosting his fighting spirit and enduring a little longer.

I would rather die on the path of creating the Golden Elixir than go back to that woman.

With this belief, Chen Qingyuan persisted in enduring for more than five months.

Then, a mysterious light surged out of Chen Qingyuan’s body, and the three Golden Elixirs were promoted to the Heaven Grade, emitting an extremely powerful aura of the Golden Elixir, causing a slight distortion in the void of the secret chamber.

“Heaven Grade Golden Elixir, not enough.”

In the past, Chen Qingyuan would have stopped at this point.

The red-dressed girl’s requirements were very strict. If it didn’t reach the Sacred Grade, it would be considered a waste. Chen Qingyuan had to raise the quality of the Golden Elixir to the Sacred Grade to avoid being dragged back to the Sky Abyss.

If he were to be crippled again, Chen Qingyuan would want to die.

“If you are reliable, then don’t let me die. Leave the rest to me.”

Chen Qingyuan tried to communicate with the golden Dao Bone in his body, intending to make a desperate effort.

The Dao Marks on the golden Dao Bone flickered a few times, as if responding to Chen Qingyuan.

Then, Chen Qingyuan took out a large number of high-quality spirit stones and absorbed the pure spiritual Qi floating in the void.

“I’m betting!”

With that, Chen Qingyuan spat out blood, forcibly raising the quality of the Golden Elixir.


For a moment, terrifying phantoms and ancient Dao diagrams appeared behind Chen Qingyuan, and at one moment, he felt his soul being pushed out by the power of the Golden Elixir, floating outside his body, extremely weak.

The next moment, the golden Dao Bone played a crucial role, pulling his soul back into his body and stabilizing his foundation.

At the Dao One Academy, by the ancient pavilion on the lake.

Two deputy deans who were drinking tea and wine at the same time suddenly sensed changes in the laws of heaven and earth, and they looked at each other, their faces extremely serious, then began to calculate with their fingers.

“Have you found anything?”

After a long time, Yu Chenran looked at his old friend and asked solemnly.

“No trace.”

The old friend replied.The man in purple robes, Lin Wenchou, shook his head, his gaze deep and tinged with a hint of worry.

“The Laws of Heaven and Earth are changing, and the specific cause is still unknown. This is not good news.”

“Let’s hope it doesn’t lead to great chaos!”

Yu Chenran let out a long sigh.

“The Academy’s Dean has been missing for five thousand years, and who knows when he will return, alas!”

Lin Wenchou pondered.

“The storm is coming, and this era is different from the past. Our Dao Yi Academy might not be able to hide in the shadows any longer.”

Five thousand years ago, the Dean of the Academy had detected a trace of anomaly and instructed the two Vice Deans to ensure the Academy’s safety before he vanished without a trace.

During this period, the Vice Deans and some lecturers had ventured out multiple times to seek the Dean’s whereabouts, to no avail.

With the Dean’s abilities, there should be no one under the heavens capable of killing him. However, the fear was that the Dean might have encountered some forbidden causality.

“Let’s not think about these things anymore. What’s here is here; let’s just accept it.”

The two Vice Deans ceased discussing these matters, gazing at the reflection of the setting sun in the lake, lost in their thoughts.

More than a year passed, and Chen Qingyuan had been in seclusion for two years. His body was not intact, with flesh fallen off in places and bones exposed, while his golden Dao Bones emitted a faint glow, enveloping his internal organs.

Chen Qingyuan could no longer feel the pain in his body, with only a vague consciousness persisting.

Every second felt incredibly long.

“Thump! Thump! Thump…”

At this moment, the beating of his heart intensified significantly, like the sound of drums echoing.

Chen Qingyuan’s eyes seemed to be baptized by a rainbow, bursting with radiant light.


A surge of warmth started from his heart and flowed throughout his body. At the same time, three Golden Elixirs within his dantian underwent a transformation, spinning as their quality ascended.

He had stepped into the realm of the Sacred Grade!

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