Chapter 76 – Chen Qingyuan’s true origin, the longing of the Red-Dressed Girl

“Until we meet again, I don’t know when that will be.”

If she could, the red-dressed girl would want to stay by Chen Qingyuan’s side at all times. But she couldn’t, so she could only stay in the Sky Abyss, hoping that her longing would slowly drift into Chen Qingyuan’s heart along with the gentle breeze.

“In this lifetime, your smile is more frequent than before. Take off your mask and live without such hardship. This is one of the few things I can do to help you. I hope you won’t blame me in the future.”

Every time the red-dressed girl thought of the smile on Chen Qingyuan’s face, her heart warmed, and she felt less lonely and cold in the desolate Restricted Zone of the Sky Abyss.

Her thoughts drifted back to over two hundred years ago, and the red-dressed girl remembered the sight of the sleeping baby in her arms, tears in her eyes.

“Let me take charge in this lifetime!”

Later, the red-dressed girl transmitted her thoughts to Shangguan Rong of the Mystic Azure Sect, asking him to come to the outskirts of the Sky Abyss.

As Shangguan Rong awakened to the inherited memories, a voice suddenly appeared in his mind, surprising and piquing his curiosity.

When Shangguan Rong arrived at a certain place in the Sky Abyss, he saw the red-dressed girl carrying the baby towards him. “Who are you?” he asked.

“You don’t need to know,” the red-dressed girl replied, not revealing her identity. She placed the baby on a nearby rock next to Shangguan Rong. “Take this child and leave. He will fulfill the will of the Azure Sect in the future.”

Hearing “Azure Sect,” Shangguan Rong tensed. He had just learned about the history of the Mystic Azure Sect, and it was a top-secret matter. He didn’t expect it to be revealed by the mysterious woman in front of him.

“What about this child?”

However, Shangguan Rong thought that the Restricted Zone of the Sky Abyss was a place of great terror, and the mysterious woman in front of him was definitely not simple. Knowing about the Azure Sect didn’t need to be too surprising.

“The merits of the Azure Sect are ignored by the heavens. When the time is right, he will seek justice for the Azure Sect.”

The red-dressed woman’s eyes remained fixed on the sleeping baby, filled with reluctance but also the necessity of parting ways. The Sky Abyss was too dangerous, and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to take care of the baby properly. She didn’t want the baby to grow up without happiness.

Sending the child to the mortal realm to live a normal life was the red-dressed woman’s hope.

At least, she didn’t want him to suffer so much in this lifetime.

“May I ask, how should I take care of him, Elder?”

Shangguan Rong dared not refuse, only looking into the red-dressed girl’s eyes, feeling his soul inexplicably trembling. Even though he had awakened to the inherited memories, he didn’t have the courage to show any disrespect.

Moreover, Shangguan Rong wanted to speak out for the sect, but his own strength was too weak. Learning from the red-dressed girl that the baby could seek justice for the Azure Sect in the future gave him hope.

“Everything is up to you,” the red-dressed woman said.

“Do you have any other requests?”

Shangguan Rong asked again.

“Be good to him.”

The red-dressed woman believed in the character of the inheritor of the Azure Sect.

Handing the child over to the people of the Azure Sect, she was at ease. This would allow the child to live carefree in the Azure Sect and bring a bit of good fortune to the sect.

“Yes,” Shangguan Rong nodded heavily, making a promise.

Then, Shangguan Rong carefully picked up the baby and left.

The red-dressed woman looked into the distance, reluctant to part. Her eyes were moist.

Would she be able to see it through to the end this time?

The red-dressed woman’s emotions were complex, and she couldn’t recover her gaze for a long time.

She would never forget the first lifetime of Chen Qingyuan, with his silver armor and silver spear. At that time, Chen Qingyuan was cold and had rarely smiled in his entire life.

To break free from the confines of this world and repel the creatures from the foreign land, he had never rested a day.

In that battle, he lost.

Soon after, the Abyss appeared in the Imperial Province, seeking to devour everything. Fortunately, the ancestors of the Azure Sect set up a tremendous array, sealing the Abyss and preventing the situation from getting out of control.

It was for this reason that the red-dressed girl decided to send Chen Qingyuan to the Mystic Azure Sect.

Without the protection of the Mystic Azure Sect for over thirty thousand years, the disaster of the Abyss would have erupted long ago, and Chen Qingyuan’s remnant soul would not have survived to this day, let alone have another chance.

After eight lifetimes of reincarnation, Chen Qingyuan’s remnant soul gradually recovered. The red-dressed girl spent a long, long time shaping his flesh and blood, welcoming the ninth lifetime.

This body was too fragile, and the red-dressed girl had to let Chen Qingyuan grow for a while.

When the time was right, she would use a special method to call Chen Qingyuan back to the Sky Abyss.

First, the red-dressed girl could finally spend time alone with Chen Qingyuan, the happiest time she had experienced in countless years. Second, she had to do her best to help Chen Qingyuan rebuild his foundation so that he would have the ability to accomplish what he had failed to do before.

As for bullying Chen Qingyuan, that was purely a matter of personal revenge.

“If I don’t bully you now, I won’t have the chance later!”

Every time she bullied Chen Qingyuan, the red-dressed girl’s heart was filled with joy. Outwardly, she was like an ice lotus, unapproachable, but secretly, she laughed and blossomed.

“I don’t know if I can ever leave the Sky Abyss in this lifetime.”

Inside the Sky Abyss, the red-dressed girl slowly closed her eyes, looking forward to the next time she would meet Chen Qingyuan.

Having lived for so many years, the red-dressed girl had merged with the laws of the Sky Abyss and couldn’t take a single step away. If she forcefully left, she would trigger the laws of time and face the wrath of the heavens, leading to her demise.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re still alive, there is hope for everything.”

The red-dressed girl’s eyes were filled with hope as she turned and returned to the bamboo house.

The abnormal signs in the Northern Wilderness had continued for several days, causing a great impact.Many forces believed that some extraordinary treasure had descended upon the world, dispatching numerous experts to investigate, but to no avail. Others thought that an evildoer blessed by the heavens had been born, searching for individuals who met the specific criteria.

In short, the Northern Wilderness was becoming increasingly chaotic, and the competition among the younger generation was on the rise.

Chen Qingyuan, the person in question, was completely oblivious to these matters.

Time continued to pass, and his nominal Master, Yu Chenran, had been quietly waiting outside Yunxi Residence.

It wasn’t until the fourth year of Chen Qingyuan’s seclusion that he finally stabilized his Dao body and Cultivation Level.

Chen Qingyuan was well aware of the importance of the three Golden Elixirs of the highest grade, so he immediately used the Jade Bracelet to conceal the true appearance of his Golden Elixir, fabricating the appearance of a top-grade Golden Elixir.

After emerging from seclusion, Chen Qingyuan saw Yu Chenran standing at the entrance of Yunxi Residence and exclaimed, “Master, what are you doing here?”

“Let’s talk inside!”

Yu Chenran sized up Chen Qingyuan and noticed the aura of a top-grade Golden Elixir, thinking to himself that this young man had quite a few secrets, even capable of deceiving his own eyes.

Seeing the solemn expression on Yu Chenran’s face, Chen Qingyuan slowly nodded and respectfully welcomed him in.

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