Chapter 73 – The matter of the Demon’s Lair is not yet resolved, a strange dream

“Girl, do you know what you’re talking about?”

Yao Susu walked up to Bai Xixue, looking worried and asked anxiously.

“I know.” Bai Xixue nodded slowly, at a loss: “Being able to pass this test is not due to my ability, but luck.”

“In this world, luck is also part of one’s strength,” Yao Susu said.

Bai Xixue did not answer, she turned to look into the distance, in the direction of the Mystic Azure Sect. Her eyes shimmered with tears, and her heart felt like it was being pricked by needles.

Perhaps, she really admired him!

Perhaps, she had hoped that he would come back alive!

In the past, she was an inconspicuous ordinary woman. After meeting Chen Qingyuan, she became the darling of the heavens in people’s eyes, attracting the attention of many.

“I was wrong, I didn’t fulfill my promise to you. There is probably no fate between us in this lifetime.”

Could it be that Bai Xixue’s memory was flawed, so she didn’t react much to Chen Qingyuan’s return?


It can only be said that Bai Xixue’s love for Chen Qingyuan was mixed with too many interests.

That day, when Bai Xixue met the returned Chen Qingyuan, she was still a little ashamed and self-blaming. But when she confirmed that Chen Qingyuan had become a useless person, the guilt in her eyes disappeared in an instant, becoming very plain, as if he were a stranger.

Were all the memories of Bai Xixue and Chen Qingyuan sealed by Yao Susu?

How is that possible?

To seal the memories of a specific person without harming the sealed person’s body and foundation, if Yao Susu had this ability, she wouldn’t just be an inner sect elder, she would probably be able to dominate the world.

In other words, it was because of Bai Xixue, not the fault of others.

She knew that Qin Yutang did not treat her sincerely, but she still agreed to the marriage for the sake of climbing up the Heavenly Jade Sect and gaining benefits from it.

“Master, have you heard any news about Chen Qingyuan recently?”

Bai Xixue turned to look at Yao Susu, and her voice trembled slightly when she mentioned his name.

“Well…” Yao Susu hesitated, not knowing how to speak.

The sect master Du Ruosheng stepped forward to answer: “According to reliable sources, Chen Qingyuan is still one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness. Not long ago, he fought with Qin Yutang and used his cultivation level in the Heavenly Spirit Realm to defeat Qin Yutang, who is still recovering from his injuries.”

Upon hearing this, Bai Xixue’s delicate body trembled slightly.

Sure enough, he was still as outstanding as he was back then, and ordinary mortals could not compete with him.

I have severed the karmic ties with him, perhaps it was destined!

Someone like me is not qualified to accompany him. Moreover, it’s my own fault for not holding on, I deserve this outcome.

Thinking of this, Bai Xixue smiled, laughing at her own ignorance and lack of loyalty.

After enduring countless hardships and suffering, Bai Xixue couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Take her down to rest, she must not suffer any harm.”

Du Ruosheng looked at the fallen Bai Xixue and gave the order.

Immediately, an elder went to check Bai Xixue’s body and took her back to the sect for treatment.

From this day on, Bai Xixue became the saintess of the Eastern Joy Palace, with a noble status, surpassing many elders.

The disciples who had entered the sect with Bai Xixue were all surprised to hear this news.

Back then, Bai Xixue was just an ordinary inner sect disciple, and in the blink of an eye, she had become a saintess. It was unbelievable!

In recent days, the situation in the Demon’s Lair in the Flow Star Domain had become extremely tense. There were clear signs of demonic energy emanating from the depths of the Demon’s Lair, causing dozens of disciples of the Heavenly Jade Sect to be demonized, neither human nor ghost.

The Heavenly Jade Sect mercilessly wiped out all the demonized disciples to prevent a catastrophe.

“Quickly inform the sect masters of all sects to come to the Heavenly Jade Sect immediately to discuss the matter of the Demon’s Lair.”

Sect Master Qin Yang issued the order, feeling extremely anxious.

At this rate, the Demon’s Lair would erupt in a few years, and the consequences would be unimaginable.

About ten years ago, the Heavenly Jade Sect invited a formation master and powerful individuals from various sects to solve the problem of the Demon’s Lair. They set up various large formations, thinking that these formations could effectively suppress the laws of the Demon’s Lair, but they had little effect.

Now, the interior of the Demon’s Lair was undergoing significant changes, and there were several cracks in the surrounding large formations, with a crisis looming.

A few days later, the top forces of the Flow Star Domain were discussing the matter of the Demon’s Lair, and the air was filled with a heavy and oppressive atmosphere.

“Once the Demon’s Lair erupts, it is very likely that a vast amount of demonic energy will surge out, causing countless creatures to become demons. If that’s all, I’m worried… that there is a terrifying demon lord hidden inside the Demon’s Lair.”

A senior elder of the Mystic Azure Sect expressed his opinion with a worried look on his face.

“If we want to truly solve the problem of the Demon’s Lair, we must enter the depths of the Demon’s Lair and destroy its interior. However, the danger of doing so is too great. Not to mention whether it will be successful, entering it is likely to be a one-way trip.”

In fact, many people were well aware of this. If they wanted to completely solve the problem of the Demon’s Lair, they could only enter the tiger’s den, there was no other way.

“We thought that the large formation we set up last time could temporarily suppress the Demon’s Lair, but who knew that it would become turbulent after just ten years. A great disaster is imminent!”

However, the experts of the Heavenly Jade Sect were unwilling to risk their lives to deal with this matter, and the other sects were even less likely to do so.

Sacrificing oneself for the greater good sounds good, but after actually doing it, who knows how many people would secretly curse the fool.

“Senior Brother, what do you think we should do?”

Dong Wenjun looked up at Lin Changsheng, who was sitting in a high place.

All the senior elders turned their heads, hoping that Lin Changsheng could come up with a reasonable solution.

Once the Demon’s Lair erupts, it will inevitably affect everyone in the Flow Star Domain, and the Mystic Azure Sect cannot avoid it.

“Let’s see what the Heavenly Jade Sect plans to do first!”

Lin Changsheng did not voice his thoughts.If it really came to the point where one must venture into the tiger’s den, and others were unwilling to court death, Lin Changsheng was willing to stake his life on a gamble. He did it not for the Heavenly Jade Sect, but for the Mystic Azure Sect and the innocent beings of the Flow Star Domain.

In recent years, Lin Changsheng often felt drowsy and would start to dream. He dreamed of a place countless times larger than the Demon’s Lair of the Heavenly Jade Sect, where cultivators clad in Mystic Azure Sect garb bravely charged into that place, one after another.

The scenes in the dream were blurry, making it difficult for Lin Changsheng to see clearly.

Every time Lin Changsheng awoke, he would inexplicably shed two lines of tears.

He didn’t understand what was happening to him. Was he possessed by a demon? Or had something gone awry in his cultivation?

Lin Changsheng was a cultivator at the fifth realm of Tribulation Crossing, with the highest talent among his peers in the Mystic Azure Sect. As his cultivation level slowly increased, the frequency of his dreams also grew.

No matter what method Lin Changsheng used, he couldn’t prevent the dreams from coming.

At first, he thought he was going mad, but gradually he realized something was amiss. Because in his dreams, he saw a rather vague figure, unclear though it was, he was certain that person was an ancestor of the Mystic Azure Sect.

Because he had seen a portrait of this ancestor in the ancestral hall, there was absolutely no mistake.

“Master, Uncle-Master, have you truly passed away?”

One day, Lin Changsheng had the same dream again, but this time the images were a bit clearer. Upon waking, he began to harbor doubts about the sudden passing of his Master and Uncle-Master.

Thus, after much turmoil, Lin Changsheng made a bold decision.

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