Chapter 72 – I am not worthy of being the Holy Maiden

The Northern Wilderness, Flow Star Domain.

After the battle between Chen Qingyuan and Wu Junyan, countless people were left confused.

After some investigation, it was discovered that Wu Junyan had long left the Flow Star Domain, and the various geniuses no longer had any scruples and began to provoke.

“Chen Qingyuan, are you afraid to fight?”

“The Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness are nothing special.”

“Someone as timid as you, how can you qualify to be one of the Ten Heroes?”

Many people began to loudly discuss, and all kinds of unpleasant remarks reached the ears of the higher-ups of the Mystic Azure Sect.

Some disciples of the Mystic Azure Sect were angry and wanted to step forward to resolve the matter.

However, this behavior was suppressed by the elders: “They are all the top figures of the younger generation, and you are not their match.”

Although the disciples were angry, it was a fact, and they hated themselves for being so weak.

“Work hard in your cultivation! One day, you will surpass those guys and stand in a higher position.”

With the pressure from the outside world, the elders encouraged the disciples within the sect, making them deeply aware of the importance of strength.

Of course, the Mystic Azure Sect still had a few outstanding disciples who were not sent out to fight.

Because it was unnecessary, those people were here for Chen Qingyuan, and if the young disciples of the Mystic Azure Sect were not capable of suppressing all of them, winning one or two would be useless, and the final result would be nothing but humiliation.

“Chen Qingyuan is not in the Mystic Azure Sect, everyone, please leave!”

An elder stepped out and said.

As for whether the geniuses of various forces would believe it, that was up to them.

“Wu Junyan suddenly left, maybe Chen Qingyuan has really left. But, we have been surrounding the Mystic Azure Sect, when did Chen Qingyuan run away?”

In secret, Yan Qianling pondered this matter. Based on his understanding of Wu Junyan, it was impossible for him to disappear without a word, there must have been an accident.

After thinking it through, Yan Qianling left the Flow Star Domain, ready to go to a suitable place to seclude himself and further improve his strength.

“Chen Qingyuan, you may be able to hide for a while, but can you hide for a lifetime?” Before leaving, Yan Qianling deeply gazed in the direction of the Mystic Azure Sect and murmured, “We will meet one day, and then I will see the ability of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness.”

At the same time, at the Heavenly Jade Sect.

Since the battle between Qin Yutang and Chen Qingyuan, Qin Yutang’s Golden Elixir foundation was destroyed, and he was completely disheartened, without his former vigor.

“How is he?”

The Sect Master Qin Yang looked at the dozen or so physicians in front of him and asked in a deep voice.

“The young sect master’s Golden Elixir has been shattered, and there is a demon in his heart. We are powerless.”

A physician sighed lightly and stepped forward to speak.

“Is there no chance at all?”

Qin Yang had cultivated Qin Yutang for many years, and who knew that Qin Yutang would die before he matured, he couldn’t accept it.

“If the Ghost Doctor takes action, there is definitely a chance to turn things around.”

The physicians all agreed with this view.

Qin Yang fell silent. It was said that the Ghost Doctor had a good relationship with the Mystic Azure Sect, and had even come forward to help Chen Qingyuan last time. If they wanted the Ghost Doctor to take action, the hope was slim.

“Damn it!”

Qin Yang dismissed the group of physicians and looked at Qin Yutang lying on the bed, full of anger, muttering under his breath.

When Qin Yutang caused trouble for Chen Qingyuan, Qin Yang did not stop him, because he thought that with Qin Yutang’s strength, nothing would happen, but who knew the result would be like this.

On the other side, at the Eastern Joy Palace.

The high-level members of the sect were discussing important matters when suddenly they heard a bell ringing. Everyone stood up and looked in the same direction, their eyes filled with surprise.

“The bell of Goose Snow City.”

“Our Eastern Joy Palace finally has someone who has passed the test of Goose Snow City, is it that girl Xixue?”

“The ancient bell rings, indicating that the will of the ancestors has been recognized.”

Bai Xixue had entered Goose Snow City for a long time, and if it weren’t for her Soul Lamp still being lit, the people in the sect would have thought she was dead long ago.

“Go and take a look!”

The Sect Master Du Ruosheng, dressed in a blue long dress, covered a hundred miles in one step and headed straight for the secret realm of Goose Snow City.

At the end of Goose Snow City stood a black ancient bell.

Bai Xixue stood there in a white dress, her face showing no joy, her eyes very complex, filled with shame, regret, pain, and a hint of longing.

During the test, Bai Xixue had actually been in danger several times and had a hard time escaping. With her talent, she could at most be considered outstanding, and she couldn’t even reach the level of an ordinary genius.

After cultivating for hundreds of years, Bai Xixue had not been able to break through to the Golden Elixir Realm with her own strength, and still needed the help of elixirs.

When facing death, a mysterious light surged out from within Bai Xixue, protecting her Dao foundation and saving her from disaster.

She smelled a familiar scent, it was the aura of Chen Qingyuan’s Dao Law.

At that moment, the memories that she had forcibly sealed flooded into her mind.

“I left a Dao imprint in your body, which will gradually change your physique and protect you once.”

A hundred years ago, Chen Qingyuan said this in a calm tone, but in reality, it cost him a great deal.

Another scene appeared in Bai Xixue’s mind, it was a conversation between her and Chen Qingyuan.

“Qingyuan, why won’t you help me improve my cultivation?”

“Your talent has not reached an excellent level, you need to spend more time stabilizing your foundation. Blindly pursuing the speed of breakthroughs is not good for the future.”

“Qingyuan, you are the top evildoer of this generation, and I am just an ordinary disciple. Are you really willing to become Dao companions with me?”




At first, Chen Qingyuan only saw Bai Xixue as a stranger who resembled someone he knew. Later, Bai Xixue developed an admiration for Chen Qingyuan and followed him closely.

The two gradually became familiar with each other and developed a romantic relationship.

Not long after, Bai Xixue was taken in as a direct disciple by an elder named Yao Susu. With Bai Xixue’s talent, she didn’t have the qualifications for this at all.

Yao Susu’s willingness to take her as a disciple was entirely due to Chen Qingyuan’s face.

The two sects were aware of the relationship between the two, and a verbal marriage contract was made, waiting for a suitable day to get married.”Xixue, I might have to go to a dangerous place, and I don’t know if I can come back alive.”

“Must you go?”

“Yes, I must.”

“I’ll wait for your return.”

“If I happen to die by accident, you must live well.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, no matter what happens, I will wait for you. A thousand years, ten thousand years, until death.”

A hundred years ago, when Chen Qingyuan was preparing to go to Sky Abyss, he met with Bai Xixue.

“When I come back, let’s get married officially! If I can’t return, you should find a good match and live a good life.”

Chen Qingyuan was drawn by an inexplicable force and had to make a trip to Sky Abyss.

Without becoming Dao Companions, naturally, they did not consummate the relationship.

When Chen Qingyuan was with Bai Xixue, he often used spiritual medicine to lay her Foundation, forcibly elevating her talent by several levels.

“If you die, I will guard your grave, never leaving your side.”

At that time, Bai Xixue said with teary eyes.

However, when it came time to face the test, Bai Xixue went back on her word.

After Chen Qingyuan returned, he did not blame her. He could understand, but not forgive.

This marriage was destined to be fated but not meant to be!

“All that I have is given by him.”

Looking back at the perilous trials, Bai Xixue’s eyes shimmered with tears, and her heart ached.

That year, when the news of Chen Qingyuan’s demise came, she was devastated. Her Master, Yao Susu, couldn’t bear to see her in such pain and forcibly sealed a part of her memories, which slowly helped her recover.

Only with a solid Foundation can one qualify to strive for higher Realms and see more beautiful scenery.

It was only now that Bai Xixue understood the meaning of this phrase.

Without Chen Qingyuan’s help, Bai Xixue’s Foundation would have had many flaws, and she could not have passed this trial.

“Xixue, you really succeeded!”

At this moment, the higher-ups of Eastern Joy Palace arrived.

Seeing Bai Xixue with tears in her eyes, everyone was puzzled, but their faces were still filled with joy that they could not hide. Especially her Master, Yao Susu.

“According to ancestral rules, those who pass the Goose Snow City trial will become the Holy Maiden of Eastern Joy Palace!”

Yao Susu was very excited. Once Bai Xixue became the Holy Maiden, her status as a Master would surely rise.

“Sect Master, Master, I am not worthy of being the Holy Maiden.”

Looking at the high-ranking officials, Bai Xixue recognized her own abilities and laughed at herself.


The expressions of everyone changed dramatically.

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