Chapter 68 – The Vice Dean of the Academy, A Promise from Two Hundred Years Ago

“I just took in a disciple.”

When he said this, a complex expression appeared in Shangguan Rong’s eyes.

“Dao Friend, why do you want me to come to the Dao Yi Academy to protect your disciple? Can you explain?”

The black-clothed old man had fought with Shangguan Rong and knew how terrifying his strength was. If even Shangguan Rong couldn’t solve the trouble, then the Dao Yi Academy would be in trouble too.

“I am going to the Abyss of Devils.”

Originally, Shangguan Rong didn’t want to get involved in this matter, but he already knew the belief that the previous generations of the Mystic Azure Sect had carried. He couldn’t just sit back and do nothing, so he ultimately set foot on the same path as his junior brother.

Shangguan Rong’s junior brother was the current Holy Lord of the Mystic Azure Sect.

One hundred thousand years ago, the Holy Lord of the Mystic Azure Sect had exhausted all of its heritage. Not only did he sever the karmic ties with the Imperial Province, but he also moved the sect to the Flow Star Domain and sealed the sect’s inheritance technique. This way, the descendants wouldn’t have to inherit the wishes of their ancestors and could live in peace.

Although this move was somewhat selfish, the previous Holy Lord had no choice. If he didn’t do this, the Mystic Azure Sect would probably not even be able to preserve a single drop of bloodline.

However, the situation that followed was completely different from what the previous Holy Lord had predicted.

Perhaps the heavens were unwilling to let go of the Mystic Azure Sect, or perhaps the sect’s disciples in the past were too extraordinary.

Every ten thousand years or so, the Mystic Azure Sect would produce disciples with extremely high talent, who would break through the invisible seal with their own strength and activate the memories of the inheritance.

After receiving the baptism of the inheritance memories, they would be able to rapidly increase their cultivation level and comprehend the myriad of laws.

In the previous era, the Holy Lord of the Mystic Azure Sect, Feng Changxuan, had activated the inheritance memories and in just a hundred years, had reached an astonishing level of cultivation.

So, Feng Changxuan faked his death and distanced himself from the Mystic Azure Sect, going to the Imperial Province under the alias of Cang Xuan Daoist. Before suppressing the Abyss of Devils, Cang Xuan Daoist first dealt with many forces in the Imperial Province, feeling that it was not worth it for the ancestors of the Mystic Azure Sect.

Finally, he discovered that the seal of the Abyss of Devils was somewhat loose and rushed over without hesitation.

Now, Shangguan Rong, like Feng Changxuan, had awakened the inheritance memories and chosen this path.

Before leaving, what Shangguan Rong was most worried about was the Mystic Azure Sect.

So, Shangguan Rong came to the Dao Yi Academy, hoping that the academy could protect the Mystic Azure Sect based on the merits accumulated over countless years.

“I guarantee that I will not let the Mystic Azure Sect decline, and I will take good care of your disciple.”

The black-clothed old man understood the ins and outs of the matter and his respect for the Mystic Azure Sect increased even more.

In endless years, how many forces could achieve what the Mystic Azure Sect had done?

At the beginning, the Abyss of Devils was suppressed by the top sects of the Imperial Province. As time passed, the leaders of the various sects refused to sacrifice themselves, and all the pressure fell on the Mystic Azure Sect.

If it weren’t for the ancestors of the Mystic Azure Sect, the seal of the Abyss of Devils would have been broken long ago, and countless living beings would have died.

“In the future, if that child enters the academy, let him cultivate on his own, and do not interfere with his path of cultivation. Also, the karmic ties of that child are very frightening.”

Shangguan Rong kindly reminded.

“The Dao Yi Academy has been in existence for a longer time than the Mystic Azure Sect where Dao Friend is, and we are not afraid of any karmic ties.”

The black-clothed old man said confidently.

“Believe it or not.”

There were some things that Shangguan Rong couldn’t say.

“According to the rules of the Dao Yi Academy, those who enter the academy must study under a teacher. If Dao Friend’s disciple comes to the Dao Yi Academy in the future, it will be the same.”

The black-clothed old man stated in advance that this was not poaching a disciple, but following the rules.

“If you are not afraid of bearing the karmic ties, then take him in! I have no objections.” Shangguan Rong said, “Although this karmic tie is frightening, there is a possibility that it could turn into a great fortune.”

“Oh? Then I am looking forward to meeting your disciple.”

The black-clothed old man’s interest was piqued.

Later, the black-clothed old man and Shangguan Rong chatted for a while, and Shangguan Rong left behind a letter and a jade slip before leaving.

After waiting for two hundred years, the token finally broke, and the black-clothed old man was quite looking forward to it.

When he saw Chen Qingyuan for the first time, the black-clothed old man began to observe, trying to figure him out.

For some reason, every time the black-clothed old man felt that he had seen through Chen Qingyuan’s details, a layer of impenetrable mist would appear before his eyes, which was very strange.

This kid is indeed extraordinary!

The black-clothed old man thought to himself, looking forward to Chen Qingyuan’s future.

Back in reality, Chen Qingyuan had gained another cheap master and asked somewhat uncomfortably, “Master, I still don’t know how to address you.”

“I am called Yu Chenran, the vice dean of the Dao Yi Academy.”

The black-clothed old man introduced himself.

“You are the vice dean of the academy.”

Chen Qingyuan was taken aback, realizing that the teacher he had just worshipped had such a terrifying background!

Vice dean, just this title alone was very impressive.

“Keep a low profile, keep a low profile.”Yu Chenran stroked his beard while looking at Chen Qingyuan’s surprised expression, feigning modesty.

“Master, can you now resolve the doubts for your disciple?”

Chen Qingyuan bowed with his hands clasped and asked.

“Back then, your master… that is, Shangguan Rong, came to the Dao Yi Academy two hundred years ago.”

Yu Chenran then roughly explained the events of that year.

However, he did not mention anything about the Mystic Azure Sect’s predecessor, the Imperial Province Qing Sect. The Qing Sect’s entanglements were vast, and telling Chen Qingyuan now would only add to his burdens.

For countless years, although the Mystic Azure Sect had suppressed the Demon Abyss, it had also offended many forces, especially the Demon Race. If the specific origins of the Mystic Azure Sect were to be exposed, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Thank you, Second Master, for resolving my confusion.”

Chen Qingyuan understood the ins and outs of the matter. It turned out that his grandmaster, Shangguan Rong, had forcefully taken a token wooden plaque and then left it to him.

“Eh? What do you mean by ‘Second Master’?”

Yu Chenran’s face was stern.

“Well, I have two masters, so it’s easier to distinguish by calling you that.”

Chen Qingyuan grinned and explained.

“It’s awkward, drop the ‘Second’.”

Yu Chenran said seriously.

“Yes, Master.”

Chen Qingyuan dared not argue.

“Let’s sit and talk!” Yu Chenran nodded in satisfaction.

Yu Chenran was actually a mischievous old man. Initially, he wasn’t too interested in Chen Qingyuan, but Shangguan Rong repeatedly emphasized that Chen Qingyuan had a great destiny, which piqued Yu Chenran’s interest, and he was determined to take him as a disciple.

The things you don’t allow me to do, I insist on doing.

Just that capricious.

Sitting on the stool, Chen Qingyuan slowly relaxed and took a sip of the tea in front of him.

Suddenly having an additional master, life is indeed unpredictable!

“Master, is my grandmaster still alive?”

This question had always troubled Chen Qingyuan. He couldn’t believe that Shangguan Rong had just passed away so suddenly; it was too strange.

Yu Chenran looked into the distance, his expression solemn, his eyes revealing complex emotions, including admiration, self-reproach, a hint of worry, and more.

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