Chapter 69 – The profound heritage of the Academy is unfathomable

“I don’t know.”

After a long pause, Yu Chenran answered softly.

Once you enter the Abyss of Demons, life and death are uncertain.

Yu Chenran greatly admired the past sages of the Mystic Azure Sect. They knew that it was a dead end ahead, but still adhered to the ancestral legacy and willingly faced death.

“Master, is the Mystic Azure Sect hiding a secret? Do you know?”

Chen Qingyuan always felt that there was something unusual about the sect. For example, other sects have retired ancestors who hide in the dark, but the older generation of the Mystic Azure Sect has all disappeared, leaving only graves behind.

As the new generation of disciples grew up, the older generation all perished in a short period of time. Why is that so coincidental?

“You are not qualified to know these things yet.”

Yu Chenran did not reveal the history of the Mystic Azure Sect, and pondered, “When you reach that step, you will understand everything. Even if I tell you now, you won’t comprehend it.”

The founding ancestor of the Mystic Azure Sect created a secret art. If a person with exceptional talent appears later, it will activate the inherited memories, revealing everything about the Abyss of Demons and the location of the formation eye.

Moreover, the will of the past sages will instill spiritual qi in the inheritor, allowing them to grow rapidly in a very short time.

Most of the inheritors of the Mystic Azure Sect can only perceive the ancestral pulse of the sect and comprehend everything when they reach the later stage of the Tribulation Crossing Realm.

“What step do I need to take?”

Chen Qingyuan was very interested in the secrets of the Mystic Azure Sect and also wanted to know where his grandmaster Shangguan Rong had gone, and whether he was still in the world.

“At the very least, you need to step into the Tribulation Crossing Realm!”

Yu Chenran had chatted with Shangguan Rong for a while and roughly knew these things.

“I understand. Thank you for guiding me, Master.”

At present, Chen Qingyuan’s cultivation level is only at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, still a far cry from the Tribulation Crossing Realm.

“Let’s not talk about these things.” Yu Chenran changed the subject, and with a flip of his hand, a dark ring appeared in his palm, which he handed to Chen Qingyuan. “This is a gift from me to you. Keep it!”

“Thank you, Master.”

Chen Qingyuan accepted the ring without hesitation, smiling and thanking him profusely.

“In the future, don’t disgrace me, or else I’ll break your legs.”

This was the first time Yu Chenran had taken on a disciple. If this matter spread, it would definitely shake the entire Dao Yi Academy.

Over the years, Yu Chenran had seen countless top evildoers and had never entertained the idea of taking on a disciple. Only this time did he make an exception.

Only by becoming Chen Qingyuan’s master could Yu Chenran have enough reason to protect him in the future.

Yu Chenran considered himself inferior to the countless heroes of the Mystic Azure Sect, but he couldn’t let the sect’s descendants suffer humiliation.

This era was subtly different from the past, and it was very likely that the secrets of the Mystic Azure Sect would be uncovered.

By then, countless forces that the Mystic Azure Sect had offended would come seeking revenge.

Although the Mystic Azure Sect had suppressed the Abyss of Demons for countless years and performed immeasurable merits, when everything was exposed, how many people would truly appreciate the Mystic Azure Sect?

Most of the top forces in the Imperial Province treated the Mystic Azure Sect as a useful plaything, sending the sect’s strongmen to suppress the Abyss of Demons and reaping the benefits.

It was already good enough that these forces didn’t trample over the Mystic Azure Sect.

“Yes, disciple will definitely not disgrace Master.”

Chen Qingyuan clasped his fists.

“Go away!” Yu Chenran waved his hand, indicating that Chen Qingyuan could leave.

“Master, where should I go?”

Chen Qingyuan had just arrived at the Dao Yi Academy and was completely unfamiliar with the place, so he had nowhere to go and could only stand still.

“I almost forgot.” Yu Chenran suddenly realized, and pointed his index finger at the empty space beside him, creating a passage to an unknown destination. “You can go now.”

“Alright, you take your time to enjoy your tea, old man.”

With that, Chen Qingyuan stepped into the circular passage and arrived at a very elegant place.

This was an estate, with a three-meter-high wall built of white stones and coated with a smooth layer of white paint, without any gaps.

Through the open gate, one could see more than ten bamboo houses inside, with a clear pool on one side, several willow trees by the water, and stone tables and chairs underneath.

The deepest bamboo house had three floors and should be the resting place, while the other bamboo houses each had their own uses.

“Residence of Yun Xi.”

Above the gate hung an exquisite plaque.

Every corner here seemed to be filled with the refined atmosphere of a scholar, isolated from the world, like a paradise.

“Kid, you will live here from now on, and in five years, I will assign you a duty position.”

Yu Chenran’s voice reached Chen Qingyuan’s ears, reminding him to quickly improve his strength in the near future, or he would definitely be beaten later.

If the other examinees of the same period found out that Chen Qingyuan had taken a shortcut, they would definitely come to demand an explanation.

As for the squabbles between the younger generation, as long as they didn’t cause too much trouble, the higher-ups of the academy would not interfere.

“Yes, Master.” Chen Qingyuan walked into the Residence of Yun Xi.


Suddenly, a token appeared in Chen Qingyuan’s hand, engraved with the words “Yun Xi.”

The moment he grasped the token, Chen Qingyuan bound the rules of the token, understanding its usage and the purpose of each bamboo house in the Residence of Yun Xi.

“Seal!” Holding the token in his hand, Chen Qingyuan’s thoughts moved, and an invisible barrier sealed the Residence of Yun Xi, preventing outsiders from entering.

Each bamboo house seemed ordinary, but as long as one entered, they would step into a mysterious space.

Every cultivation cave in the Dao Yi Academy was like this, with mysterious rules that ordinary people couldn’t comprehend.”Scripture Pavilion, let’s take a look inside.”

Walking along the cobblestone path, Chen Qingyuan arrived at the entrance of a simple thatched bamboo hut. He used his token to unlock the prohibition and pushed the door open.


As the door opened, a white vortex appeared before him.

Chen Qingyuan hesitated for a moment, then took a step forward.

Instantly, an unforgettable scene unfolded before Chen Qingyuan’s eyes.

Looking ahead, it seemed like an endless corridor, three meters wide, with towering bookshelves on both sides. One level of shelves held yellowed ancient tomes, another was filled with jade slips, and yet another contained fragments and broken pieces.

The books here encompassed the history of the Northern Wilderness and other Star Domains, including the Imperial Province, ranging from the life stories of powerful figures to the extraordinary deeds of ordinary cultivators.

Tomes on weapon forging, jade slips of Dao Law, insights on array formations, techniques for puppet crafting, methods of pill concoction, and so on.

With a cursory glance, Chen Qingyuan estimated that the total number of books and jade slips here would not be less than a million.

Moreover, this was only the collection that Chen Qingyuan was free to browse. The core materials were certainly located in another part of the Academy.

“Is this the foundation of the Academy?” Chen Qingyuan’s throat tightened, hardly able to believe it.

Even with a photographic memory, watching day and night, it would take hundreds of years to finish reading all these books!

To deeply understand and integrate the knowledge, one could only choose a small portion to study.

“What about the other bamboo huts?”

Chen Qingyuan, for the time being, did not continue to browse the books. He exited the Scripture Pavilion, his gaze filled with curiosity as he looked towards the other huts nearby.

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