Chapter 67 – The old one in black clothes, with a mysterious identity

Chen Qingyuan hesitated for a moment, and walked through the barrier of the Yumen Road, slowly making his way to the depths of the Dao Yi Academy.

Along the way, Chen Qingyuan didn’t encounter anyone, and the thick fog on both sides only allowed him to see the road ahead.

After walking for the time it takes an incense stick to burn, Chen Qingyuan still hadn’t reached the end of the road.

The Old One was a little impatient with Chen Qingyuan’s slow speed, so he used a secret art to make Chen Qingyuan break through the space and land in a courtyard with beautiful scenery.

There was a small bridge over flowing water, and the flowers were in full bloom.

Sometimes the gentle breeze brushed his face, and sometimes the birds chirped.

On the lakeside, there were hundreds of willow trees, and countless willow branches hung over the water. The gentle breeze moved the willow branches, causing countless ripples on the water’s surface.

There was an ancient pavilion by the lake, and an old man in black cloth sat there, savoring the fragrance of strong tea, looking very content.

Chen Qingyuan suddenly appeared outside the ancient pavilion, and after a moment of surprise, he bowed to the old man in black inside the pavilion, “Junior Chen Qingyuan pays his respects to Elder.”

“Come in and sit down!”

The old man in black was very kind, and turned to Chen Qingyuan with a slight smile.


Chen Qingyuan did not refuse, and slowly walked into the ancient pavilion, carefully sitting opposite the old man in black.

After sitting down, Chen Qingyuan dared to look directly at the old man in black and asked softly, “Elder, why don’t I have to take the assessment? Do you not intend to let me become a student of the Dao Yi Academy, or is there another reason?”

“From the moment you broke that token, you became a student of the Dao Yi Academy.”

The old man in black did not act like a top powerful figure, but rather like a kind elder. He personally poured a cup of tea for Chen Qingyuan and gently pushed it in front of him.


Chen Qingyuan was surprised, with an incredulous look in his eyes.

He became a student of the Dao Yi Academy for no reason? Wasn’t he supposed to take the assessment? What’s going on?

Chen Qingyuan was dumbfounded, and it took him a while to calm down a bit and say, “Elder, are you joking with me?”

“What do you think?”

The corners of the old man’s mouth turned up, and his eyes were as deep as an abyss as he asked.

“A powerful figure like Elder has no reason to joke with a junior like me. It’s just…” Chen Qingyuan paused, deciding to voice all his doubts: “It’s just that I became a student without doing anything, and I feel a little uneasy.”

“You indeed didn’t do anything, but someone did it for you.”

The old man in black smiled meaningfully.

“Someone did it for me?”

Upon hearing this, the look of doubt on Chen Qingyuan’s face deepened.

Suddenly, Chen Qingyuan thought of his cheap Master.

The token and the letter about the Dao Yi Academy were left by his cheap Master.

Could this have something to do with his Master?

In fact, Chen Qingyuan had never truly met his Master in his life, only seen his portrait.

“Please enlighten me, Elder.”

Chen Qingyuan immediately got up and respectfully asked for guidance.

“No need for formalities!” The old man in black pressed down from a distance, letting Chen Qingyuan sit back in his original place. “First, bow to me as your Master, and then I will enlighten you.”

“Bow to you?” Chen Qingyuan’s pupils dilated, his body trembling slightly, and he stammered, “Elder, you should be well aware of my background. I already have a Master.”

“I know.” The old man in black chuckled, “Two hundred years ago, I met your Master and talked about you. At that time, I already explained that if I had a connection with you, I could take you as my disciple, and your Master would not object.”

“You met my Master?”

Chen Qingyuan was very surprised. Two hundred years ago was just when he was born and he didn’t remember anything.

“Of course, that was the first and last time I met him.”

Speaking of this, the old man in black sighed deeply, feeling a sense of regret and a hint of pity and sigh.

“You’re not lying to me, are you?”

Chen Qingyuan muttered quietly.

“I’m old enough, is there a need to lie to you?”

The old man in black snorted lightly.

That’s hard to say. The older you get, the more cunning you become, and it’s impossible to find any flaws in your lies.

Chen Qingyuan only dared to think this in his heart and wouldn’t say it out loud.

“That makes sense.” Chen Qingyuan said something against his will.

From the subtle changes in Chen Qingyuan’s expression, the old man in black could tell that Chen Qingyuan definitely didn’t believe it, and continued, “Your Master came to the Dao Yi Academy once and took away a token. When the token is broken, it’s time for you to go to the Dao Yi Academy.”

“I see.” Chen Qingyuan didn’t doubt this point, because it was a fact.

“This is the letter and the special Dao imprint of the Mystic Azure Sect left by your Master. Take a look!”

The old man in black took out a jade slip and a letter.

With a curious and doubtful heart, Chen Qingyuan first opened the letter, and the handwriting was indeed that of his Master, exactly the same. Chen Qingyuan had seen his cheap Master’s portrait and calligraphy, so he could tell.

Then, a wisp of his thoughts entered the jade slip, where the Dao imprint of the core secret art of the Mystic Azure Sect was depicted. That was the great supernatural power of the former Mystic Azure Sect, and even the Dao Yi Academy couldn’t fake it.

The content of the letter was very simple: if a powerful figure of the Dao Yi Academy wants to take you as a disciple, agree to it, it’s harmless.

“Have you finished reading?”

The old man in black looked at Chen Qingyuan, his voice hoarse.

“I have.”

Chen Qingyuan came to his senses and nodded gently.

Could it be fake?

Looking at the letter and the jade slip in front of him, Chen Qingyuan had thought about it more than once.

However, Chen Qingyuan thought again, the old man in front of him had no need to deceive him. If he really wanted to deceive him, there was no need to go to such lengths.

“If you don’t mind my dull aptitude, then I am willing to bow to you as my Master.”

With that, Chen Qingyuan performed the ritual of kneeling and bowing.


After bowing, Chen Qingyuan waited for the old man in black’s response.

“From today, you are my disciple.”

The old man in black stroked his beard and smiled with satisfaction.Subsequently, the black-robed Old One reached out through the air to help Chen Qingyuan to his feet, finding him more and more pleasing to the eye.


Chen Qingyuan bowed slightly, calling out in a soft voice.

“Mm.” A look of gratification appeared in the eyes of the black-robed Old One.

At that moment, the black-robed Old One thought back to the events of years past, as vivid as if they had occurred only yesterday.

Two hundred years ago, Shangguan Rong arrived at the Dao One Academy, exuding a terrifying pressure that forced the black-robed Old One to reveal himself.

“Who might Dao Friend be?”

The black-robed Old One inquired.

“Let’s fight first, talk later.”

As soon as the words were spoken, Shangguan Rong made his move.

To avoid causing too much of a stir, the two went to a secret realm to duel, battling for a full three days.

As for the outcome, it was a draw.

Exhausted, Shangguan Rong revealed his name and his affiliation with the Mystic Azure Sect from the Flow Star Domain.

“Why have I never heard of Dao Friend’s formidable strength before?”

The black-robed Old One was puzzled. With the capabilities of the Dao One Academy, it was surprising that they had not detected such a powerful presence in a remote Star Domain of the Northern Wilderness.

“You may not know of the Mystic Azure Sect, but have you heard of the Mystic Azure of the Imperial Province?”

Shangguan Rong had no intention of concealing his identity and spoke frankly.

“You are a descendant of the Imperial Province’s Mystic Azure!”

Upon hearing this, the black-robed Old One was shocked, immediately filling in the blanks of that forgotten history in his mind.

After some conversation, the black-robed Old One confirmed Shangguan Rong’s identity and treated him with great respect.

“Dao Friend must have come here for a reason!”

The black-robed Old One said.

“I wish for the Dao One Academy to protect someone.”

Shangguan Rong, dressed in light-colored clothes, with white hair and a youthful face, exuded the aura of an immortal Dao Bone.


The two looked at each other, the black-robed Old One’s expression turning solemn and serious.

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