Chapter 66 – Go through the back door? No need for assessment?

Lin Changsheng sighed and, after careful consideration, decided to reveal the matter of Dao Yi Academy.

This matter was extremely important, so Lin Changsheng sealed off the surrounding void and only allowed the core figures of the sect to enter, to prevent certain forces from eavesdropping.

“Do you know about Dao Yi Academy?” Lin Changsheng scanned the crowd, his expression serious.

The elders looked at each other and shook their heads one after another.

Then, Lin Changsheng began to explain the ins and outs of the matter.

At the same time, many foreign cultivators appeared within the territory of the Mystic Azure Sect, all wanting to cause trouble for Chen Qingyuan and make a name for themselves.

Despite spending a great deal of effort to investigate, they still couldn’t figure out why Chen Qingyuan didn’t fight Wu Junyan.

After much thought, they decided to wait a while longer.

However, even if they waited for another two years, it would be useless, because Chen Qingyuan had already left the Flow Star Domain.

Chen Qingyuan’s body was out of control, being taken by the white-clothed youth to a broken void fissure, using extremely powerful strength to cross the starry sea, advancing at a speed faster than many top forces’ large teleportation arrays.

Three hours later, Chen Qingyuan arrived at a place that was like a fairyland.

Here, countless towering mountains were connected, with a faint mist drifting in every corner, adding a sense of mystery to the place. The land was lush green, the lakes were clear, and occasionally, spirit fish leaped out of the water, leaving behind a beautiful arc in mid-air.

Looking into the distance, it seemed that there was a huge palace suspended in the center surrounded by the mountains, indestructible.

“Don’t just stand there, let’s go!” The white-clothed youth released the prohibition on Chen Qingyuan and took a step forward.

“Oh.” Chen Qingyuan came to his senses and followed the white-clothed youth’s footsteps.

As they walked, Chen Qingyuan admired the scenery of this mysterious space, as if it were a paradise.

“Old Wu, it’s really not that I want to break my promise. I will definitely have a good fight with you next time we meet.”

Thinking of Wu Junyan’s extremely serious gaze, Chen Qingyuan sighed deeply in his heart and said to himself.

Chen Qingyuan knew that Wu Junyan valued promises more than life itself, so he never thought of running away and was prepared to fight with all his might. What he never expected was that the people from Dao Yi Academy suddenly arrived, once again missing the showdown.

At the foot of the mountain, there was a jade stone staircase leading to a high place, each step floating independently in mid-air, surrounded by thick fog, as if stepping on clouds, straight to the sky.

The white-clothed youth walked ahead, leading Chen Qingyuan to the top.

From a close distance, a huge palace came into Chen Qingyuan’s view, leaving him in awe.

Above the palace, there were faintly carved two large characters—Dao Yi.

Whether it was the palace or the buildings inside, most of them were made of precious white jade.

The entrance to the academy gate was about thirty meters high, and there was a transparent barrier at the entrance, occasionally with a few strands of faint golden Dao marks flowing, mysterious and profound.

At the entrance, there were hundreds of young people with extremely high talent, half of them male and half female.

These people came from various places, and Chen Qingyuan didn’t know any of them, so they definitely weren’t from the Flow Star Domain or its surroundings.

These people were destined to Dao Yi Academy and had obtained the qualifications for the entrance examination.

Every thousand years, Dao Yi Academy would select suitable candidates, and only the top ten would be chosen to enter the academy, making the competition extremely fierce.

Just as Chen Qingyuan arrived here, he heard an ancient voice echoing throughout the void: “Time’s up, the examination officially begins.”

The white-clothed youth leaped to a high place, hands behind his back, overlooking the hundreds of examinees.

Then, the white-clothed youth flicked his finger to the side, and a dark vortex appeared, leading to an unknown secret realm.

“Enter the secret realm and begin the examination.”

The white-clothed youth was the examiner for this entrance test, and with a flick of his finger, a bright light appeared on the foreheads of the examinees, instantly understanding the specific rules of the examination.

This examination could test each person’s nature, talent, perseverance, character, and so on.

The secret realm contained many trials, and rankings were based on points.

The top ten with the highest points would eventually become students of Dao Yi Academy, and the examination would last for five years.


Some people didn’t hesitate at all and plunged into the secret realm, looking forward to the upcoming examination content.

When Chen Qingyuan was about to enter, he was suddenly blocked by a gentle force: “What’s wrong?”

“Little guy, you don’t need to take the examination.”

A kind voice reached Chen Qingyuan’s ears, unheard by others.

“Hmm? Why not?”

Chen Qingyuan was slightly startled and guessed that this voice definitely came from a powerful figure in Dao Yi Academy, asking softly.

In the void, the white-clothed youth had already sent the other examinees into the secret realm, leaving only Chen Qingyuan.

When the white-clothed youth saw the Dao marks floating around Chen Qingyuan, he immediately understood who was intervening and looked towards the depths of the academy, as if questioning.

“Yi Chuan, this person doesn’t need to take the examination.”

A sentence echoed in the white-clothed youth’s ear.

“Why?”Zhao Yichuan, the name of the young man in white. His status in the Academy was not low; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to serve as an examiner.

“He is from the Mystic Azure Sect of the Imperial Province, is that reason enough?”

An old one from the Academy transmitted his voice.

Hearing this, Zhao Yichuan’s pupils dilated slightly, and a trace of undisguised astonishment appeared between his brows. Then, looking down at Chen Qingyuan, his gaze softened a bit.

“It’s enough.”

Having received the answer, Zhao Yichuan agreed that Chen Qingyuan need not participate in the assessment, and he harbored no doubts in his heart.

The Mystic Azure Sect of the Imperial Province had fallen and become the Mystic Azure Sect of the Northern Wilderness’ Flow Star Domain.

The higher-ups of the Academy were all well aware of the great contributions the Mystic Azure Sect had made for the peace of the world in the past.

Long ago, as the Mystic Azure Sect gradually declined, the Holy Lord of that era did not wish for the sect’s legacy to end. He made a choice, abandoning all resources in the Imperial Province, gathering the sect’s remaining foundation, severing the causal ties with the world, and making the Mystic Azure Sect vanish from the eyes of the people. No one could know the whereabouts of the Mystic Azure Sect.

Years passed, and countless people in the Imperial Province believed the Mystic Azure Sect had perished, with only a very few top powers aware that it still existed, just without the fetters of causal laws, unable to locate the sect’s current position.

Little did they know, the Mystic Azure Sect had been renamed and was located in a rather remote Star Domain of the Northern Wilderness.

“No wonder you wanted me to personally receive this lad; so that’s how it is.”

All the doubts in Zhao Yichuan’s mind dissipated. He gave Chen Qingyuan a deep look and turned to head towards the assessment secret realm to prevent any accidents.

Chen Qingyuan stood in place, his face full of confusion. What’s going on?

“Little fellow, follow this road and come inside!”

The voice of the old one once again reached Chen Qingyuan’s ears.

As soon as the words were spoken, the clouds and mist parted to both sides, forming a white cloud path leading deep into the Academy.

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