Chapter 65 – The scheduled battle is forced to be delayed, heading to the Academy of Dao Yi

The young man in white looked at Chen Qingyuan with a calm gaze, temporarily stopping his steps and shaking his head slowly. “The time for the assessment has come, and you cannot be late.”

“Can’t you make an exception?” Chen Qingyuan pleaded again.

“The rules of the academy cannot be broken. If you are even a moment late, you will lose your qualification for the entrance assessment.”

The young man in white refused Chen Qingyuan’s request and explained the seriousness of the situation.

“But…” Chen Qingyuan hesitated, not knowing what to do.

After thinking for a while, Chen Qingyuan tried a different approach. “Elder, can I speak to a friend for a moment? It won’t take up much time, I promise.”


If Chen Qingyuan passed the assessment, he would become a member of the Dao Yi Academy. Considering the possibility of being fellow disciples, the young man in white nodded in agreement.

As long as it didn’t delay the main business, it was okay for Chen Qingyuan to bid farewell to his friend.

“Please allow me to restore my mobility.”

A hint of joy appeared on Chen Qingyuan’s face.


The young man in white flicked his finger at Chen Qingyuan’s body, releasing the prohibition.

Immediately after, Chen Qingyuan took out the sound transmission law that he had with Wu Junyan and said to him, “Lao Wu, come over here.”

Wu Junyan, who was standing at the foot of the Mystic Azure Sect, heard the familiar voice and a hint of doubt flashed in his eyes.

Chen Qingyuan’s voice? Why was it not within the Mystic Azure Sect?

With this doubt, Wu Junyan followed the guidance of the sound transmission and headed to a deep mountain near the Mystic Azure Sect.

“Where did Wu Junyan go?”

The cultivators surrounding them began to stir, noticing Wu Junyan suddenly heading in a certain direction without knowing the situation.

After entering the deep mountain, the young man in white closed off the void, preventing outsiders from using their divine sense to probe.

“Why are you here?”

Wu Junyan saw Chen Qingyuan standing under a big tree, frowned, and questioned.

“This… it’s a long story. We’ll talk slowly in the future. I’m here to tell you that our battle will probably be postponed.”

As he said this, Chen Qingyuan smiled awkwardly.

It wasn’t that he wanted to stand Wu Junyan up, but he had no choice!

For years, Chen Qingyuan had been preparing diligently, never expecting the situation to turn out like this. It was really a coincidence that a member of the Dao Yi Academy appeared just two days before their scheduled battle.

“What did you say?”

Upon hearing this, Wu Junyan’s eyes narrowed, emitting a chilling light that caused the temperature around them to drop.

“Lao Wu, I’m really sorry about this. I plan to have a good fight with you in the future. If you’re not satisfied, we can fight a few more times until you are.”

In fact, Chen Qingyuan also wanted to have a battle with Wu Junyan at the same realm to fulfill this wish. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and it was really unfortunate.

“Chen Qingyuan, you should know my character. Promises are more important than life.”

Wu Junyan’s expression became extremely stern, and his tone was filled with sharpness, exuding a strong pressure.

Last time, Chen Qingyuan couldn’t fulfill the agreement due to being in a dangerous situation, and Wu Junyan could understand, so he forgave him. This time, however, Wu Junyan couldn’t tolerate Chen Qingyuan standing him up again, and his anger soared.

“I understand, so I plan to have a good fight with you. But then, something unexpected happened. Sigh!”

To be honest, Chen Qingyuan also felt uncomfortable, feeling guilty in his heart.

“Unexpected? Is that your excuse?”

Wu Junyan didn’t believe it.

“Really, I have no reason to lie to you!”

Chen Qingyuan nodded heavily, indicating that his words were absolutely true.

“Hmph.” Wu Junyan sneered.

“If I wanted to escape, why would I still transmit my voice to you?”

Hearing that Chen Qingyuan had no chance to fulfill the agreement this time, Wu Junyan was directly angered and didn’t believe a word of what Chen Qingyuan said.

Just as Chen Qingyuan was about to explain, a cold voice came from not far away. “Time’s up, it’s time to go.”


When he came just now, Wu Junyan didn’t notice the trace of a third person, only seeing Chen Qingyuan. The sudden voice made Wu Junyan’s heart sink, and he tensed up, becoming extremely vigilant.

The young man in white had been standing by Chen Qingyuan’s side all along, using a mysterious technique to conceal his body and hide his aura.

“Elder, can you give us a little more time?”

Chen Qingyuan turned to look at the young man in white.

“There’s no time, we can’t.”

It wasn’t that the young man in white lacked compassion, but there really wasn’t much time left, and they had to go to the Dao Yi Academy as soon as possible to avoid delaying important matters.

As he said this, the young man in white revealed his true form, finally letting Wu Junyan see him.

“Who are you?”

Wu Junyan looked at the suddenly appearing young man in white, and his soul trembled inexplicably, giving off an extremely dangerous signal. Even so, Wu Junyan remained calm, showing no sign of fear on his face.

The young man in white glanced at Wu Junyan but did not answer.

Just a glance made Wu Junyan’s body suddenly sink, as if it was being pressed down by countless mountains, almost falling to the ground.

“Lao Wu, can you understand my difficulties now?”

Chen Qingyuan smiled bitterly, feeling helpless.

How could such a terrifying figure appear in the Flow Star Domain?

Wu Junyan struggled to lift his head with all his might, imprinting the rough figure of the young man in white in his mind, and waves of shock surged in his heart.

“I can understand, but you still broke your promise.”

The first half of Wu Junyan’s words touched Chen Qingyuan, thinking that the matter could be resolved peacefully.The latter half of the sentence made Chen Qingyuan’s heart tighten, giving rise to a trace of unease: “The next time we meet, I will not give you any excuse to quibble. The day we encounter each other will be the time for battle.”

“You can’t blame me for this! Don’t hold a grudge against me.”

Chen Qingyuan was quite helpless.

Staring deeply at Chen Qingyuan, Wu Junyan remained silent.


The young man in white didn’t want to waste time; with a point of his finger towards Chen Qingyuan, he vanished.

In the depths of the mountains, only Wu Junyan was left, and that inexplicable, terrifying pressure slowly dissipated.

After catching his breath a few times, Wu Junyan looked into the distance, his eyes resolute: “Upon our next meeting, a battle is inevitable.”

Such a terrifying existence, Chen Qingyuan indeed had no power to resist.

However, Wu Junyan understood, but he was still angry.

A promise, no matter what, must not be broken.

This was the belief Wu Junyan held for his entire life.

After resting for a while, Wu Junyan silently left the Flow Star Domain, his destination unknown.

Cultivators from various Star Domains were still waiting for Chen Qingyuan to show up, looking forward to his battle with Wu Junyan.

However, when the day of the agreed battle arrived, both of them were nowhere to be seen, leaving countless people baffled and at a loss.

“Senior Brother, where has Junior Brother gone?”

The Elders looked at Lin Changsheng, their faces filled with concern.

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