Chapter 64 – The day of the scheduled battle is approaching, and a representative from the Academy is coming

“Literal meaning.”

Hearing this, Wu Junyan turned to face Yan Qianling, and said coldly.

“I have never heard of not allowing peers to compete. Are you trying to protect him?”

Yan Qianling was very wary of Wu Junyan and said in a deep voice.

“He is my opponent,” Wu Junyan said bluntly. “Before I fight with me, no one can disturb him.”

“Fight with you?” Yan Qianling was stunned. “You have always been one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, a top evildoer in the world. Is the current Chen Qingyuan qualified to be your opponent?”

“The weak will not understand.”

Wu Junyan did not explain anything about this matter, it was meaningless.

Upon hearing this, Yan Qianling’s face became extremely ugly.

The cultivators who were watching on the side also widened their eyes. Yan Qianling was a well-known figure in the Northern Wilderness, with extremely high talent and strong strength. If someone like him is considered weak, then what are we?


Everyone felt that they were being mocked, but they were powerless to refute.

“You are indeed very strong, and you have the capital to be arrogant. However, there are many people in this world who are stronger than you.”

This statement also came from Wu Junyan’s mouth. If it were an ordinary cultivator, they would have already been trampled underfoot by Yan Qianling.

“There are indeed many people stronger than me, I do not deny that,” Wu Junyan said with hands behind his back, his voice calm. “At least you are not one of them.”

“You!” Yan Qianling gritted his teeth and wanted to compete with Wu Junyan.

However, Yan Qianling did not have the confidence, and even the hope of winning was very slim.

Controlling his emotions, Yan Qianling did not plan to fight with Wu Junyan for the time being. When he had stepped on Chen Qingyuan first and became stronger in a few years, he would definitely consider Wu Junyan as the next target.

“A person like you only knows to consider those temporarily weaker than you as opponents, enjoying the feeling of being in control. No matter how far you go in the future, you will never become a true strong person.”

Wu Junyan never bullied the weak. In his eyes, there were only higher peaks to conquer.

If he fought with Chen Qingyuan at the same level, Wu Junyan did not have the confidence to win, everything was unknown. It was this unknown that made Wu Junyan constantly consolidate his foundation, always thinking about becoming stronger in order to face the unknown.

Listening to Wu Junyan’s words, Yan Qianling’s face turned iron blue, and he did not reply.

“Don’t stand too high, be careful of falling down.”

Wu Junyan continued.

After thinking for a while, Yan Qianling no longer stood in the void above the gate of the Mystic Azure Sect, and turned to the ground, staying in a nearby city, waiting for the right opportunity.

If Yan Qianling did not leave, he would probably be attacked by Wu Junyan the next moment.

After driving away those who were blocking the gate, Wu Junyan found a comfortable place at the foot of the Mystic Azure Sect’s mountain, sat down, and closed his eyes to rest.

No one dared to ignore Wu Junyan’s words among the peers.

In the following four years, anyone who dared to challenge Chen Qingyuan and disturb his life would definitely have a very tragic end.

“When did the relationship between the junior brother and Wu Junyan become so good?”

The elders of the Mystic Azure Sect looked at each other, not understanding the situation.

“Young people’s affairs should be resolved by young people. When Wu Junyan appeared, the territory of our Mystic Azure Sect instantly became quiet, without any noise.”

Many elders sighed, truly a top Heaven’s Pride among the Ten Heroes, with great deterrent power.

“Is Wu Junyan going to fight the junior brother? Can the junior brother handle it?”

Many elders felt a sense of crisis for the first time, feeling that Chen Qingyuan might not be able to bear it. There was no way, the pressure brought by Wu Junyan was too strong.

“Both are among the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, why does our junior brother look so inferior!”

Elder Dong Wenjun of the Protecting Sect complained, looking at Wu Junyan. With just a few words, no one among the peers dared to defy him. In contrast, everyone wanted to come and trample on Chen Qingyuan, eager to be one step ahead of others.

In the next four years, the Mystic Azure Sect was calm, and no Heaven’s Pride dared to challenge Chen Qingyuan.

Even figures like Yan Qianling needed to temporarily avoid Wu Junyan’s sharpness and give him some face. If it were an ordinary Heaven’s Pride, they would not dare to be so presumptuous.

Indoors, Chen Qingyuan was stabilizing his cultivation, further solidifying his foundation.

He did not plan to break through to the Golden Elixir Realm for the time being, and would wait until after the battle with Wu Junyan.

“Only ten days left.”

Calculating the time, Chen Qingyuan was already prepared for the battle, and his spirit had reached an excellent state.

At the foot of the mountain, Wu Junyan slowly opened his eyes and muttered to himself, “This time, I will definitely determine the outcome with you.”

Whether it was victory or defeat, Wu Junyan would consider it as settling a matter of the heart, and would be able to take a step forward and become even stronger.

Eight days later, there were only two days left until the agreed battle date.

Suddenly, a guest arrived at the Mystic Azure Sect.

A young man eight feet tall, dressed in a white robe with a pattern of a Nirvana flower embroidered on the left chest.

The young man was elegant, avoiding the gaze of countless people, and walked straight into the gate of the Mystic Azure Sect, ignoring the barrier.

The gatekeeper elder and disciples of the Mystic Azure Sect did not perceive the presence of the young man and passed by him.

The next moment, the young man arrived at the depths of the back hall and walked slowly to Lin Changsheng’s side.

It was only when the young man approached within ten meters of Lin Changsheng that Lin Changsheng noticed him, and turned his head as if startled, with a few strands of cold sweat appearing on his forehead. “Who?”

At such a close distance, Lin Changsheng only reacted at this moment.

If the young man wanted to take Lin Changsheng’s life, he could do so in an instant.”Tao Yi Academy.”

The youth’s body was somewhat translucent, as if he was not in this space, his features obscured by a layer of white mist, making it difficult to discern his face clearly.

Upon hearing this, Lin Changsheng’s body trembled slightly, and his expression changed dramatically.

Immediately after, Lin Changsheng bowed with his hands clasped: “So it is an envoy from the Academy, my apologies for the disrespect.”

“Where is the person to be assessed?”

Since it was Lin Changsheng who had crushed the token, the youth in white could pinpoint the location accurately.

“He is at the Yunxia Hall, a hundred miles to the west.”

Lin Changsheng pointed in a direction.

“I will take the person with me.” The tone of the youth in white was calm, but brooked no defiance.

Before Lin Changsheng could reply, the figure of the youth in white had vanished.

Shortly thereafter, the youth in white arrived at Yunxia Hall and saw Chen Qingyuan, who was meditating with his eyes closed.

“Time’s up, it’s time to go.”

A mysterious voice came, awakening Chen Qingyuan, who had his eyes closed.

“Who are you?”

Chen Qingyuan, seeing the youth in white suddenly appearing before him, was extremely vigilant, with every hair on his body standing on end.

“A person from Tao Yi Academy.”

The youth in white replied.

After a moment of shock, Chen Qingyuan still did not relax his guard and said, “Do you have any proof?”

“Nonsense.” The youth in white couldn’t be bothered to explain, and with a flick of his finger, he sealed the Spiritual Qi within Chen Qingyuan’s body, rendering him immobile.

Then, the youth in white took Chen Qingyuan away from Yunxia Hall, passing through the Mystic Azure Sect’s Protecting Sect Barrier like a ghost, unnoticed by anyone.


Gongsun Nan, who was originally sitting inside the house, suddenly opened her eyes, her face changing dramatically: “Where is Chen Qingyuan?”

It was only after Chen Qingyuan had been taken away from the Mystic Azure Sect that Gongsun Nan realized he was gone, as if evaporated from the world, leaving no trace to be found.

“Is this a blinding spell from the Mystic Azure Sect, or is it man-made?”

If it was a blinding spell, Gongsun Nan could somewhat accept it, after all, the former Mystic Azure Sect was a colossal entity, leaving behind some heritage.

If it was man-made, then Gongsun Nan dared not imagine what kind of existence it was, her heart unable to calm for a long time.

“Elder, I have a very important duel coming up, can I finish it before I leave?”

Chen Qingyuan’s body could not move, but he could still speak, pleading.

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