Chapter 61 – Heaven’s Pride from all over gathered at the Mystic Azure Sect, as the storm is approaching

Through Gongsun Nan’s account, Chen Qingyuan roughly understood the situation near the Mystic Azure Sect, where many top-notch Heaven’s Pride with strong cultivation had arrived.

Now there was no chance to slip away.

Chen Qingyuan’s head started to ache.

At this moment, going out would definitely be intercepted by those unfriendly people.

If he didn’t want to fight, the only way was to stay indoors.

After leaving Gongsun Nan’s residence, Chen Qingyuan locked himself in the house, not seeing anyone.

“Oh, I forgot something important.”

While sorting out his belongings, Chen Qingyuan found an IOU, and the borrower was Murong Wenxi.

When Murong Wenxi was seriously injured in the Dead Domain, she needed spirit stones to recover. So, Chen Qingyuan lent her some spirit stones and drew up an IOU.

“Why didn’t I ask her for it last time? I was careless!”

Because of the recent troubles, Chen Qingyuan forgot to ask for the money.

Although the Murong family gave a lot of thanks, it was just a formality and couldn’t be confused with the loan.

“Did she forget too? Or does she want to use this as an excuse to come to me again?”

Chen Qingyuan really didn’t want to have too much contact with Murong Wenxi, and sighed lightly.

Although he was very handsome, don’t fall for him, or you’ll be the one who gets hurt.

He put away the IOU for the money and stopped thinking about the issue.

The debt had to be repaid, and he would find a chance to ask Murong Wenxi for it in the future!

A few days later, a duty disciple came to the door and knocked gently, “Junior Master, there is someone outside who wants to see you.”

“Who?” Chen Qingyuan didn’t open the door, and his voice reached outside.

“He claims to be from the Mo Xu Star Domain and is called Yan Qianling,” the duty disciple said.

“I’m in seclusion, no time, not seeing anyone.”

Chen Qingyuan decisively said.

“Understood.” The duty disciple didn’t ask any more and left.

Inside the house, Chen Qingyuan lay on the rocking chair, looking lazy.

“Such a nuisance,” Chen Qingyuan muttered, not wanting to go out and get beaten up.

Who is Yan Qianling?

A top-notch evildoer who was once on par with Chen Qingyuan, one of the top ten evildoers of the Northern Wilderness a hundred years ago.

This time, the new list of top ten evildoers had been replaced by a certain Heaven’s Pride.

When Yan Qianling learned that Chen Qingyuan, who had become a useless person, was still on the list, he was very dissatisfied and came from far away, just to have a showdown with Chen Qingyuan.

Why didn’t Yan Qianling and many other evildoers go to trouble the other top ten evildoers?

Because from the current situation, only Chen Qingyuan was relatively easy to bully.

After all, there weren’t many stepping stones like Chen Qingyuan, and this kind of opportunity to become famous couldn’t be missed.

Outside the Mystic Azure Sect’s gate, a young man in a sky-blue brocade robe stood in mid-air, hands behind his back, exuding a heroic air.

The young man in blue was Yan Qianling, and he was the only one who showed his face, while the other top-notch Heaven’s Pride hid in the dark to watch.

Since Yan Qianling took the lead, those people naturally couldn’t steal the limelight and just watched quietly.

“Please leave, sir!” The duty disciple shouted to the outside, “Junior Master is in seclusion and has no time to receive visitors.”

“It’s okay, I can wait until he comes out of seclusion.”

Before coming, Yan Qianling had thought of many possibilities and expected that Chen Qingyuan might be a coward.

After inquiring, Chen Qingyuan was definitely staying near the Mystic Azure Sect and hadn’t gone anywhere.

As long as he stayed near the Mystic Azure Sect, Yan Qianling believed that Chen Qingyuan would show up, unless Chen Qingyuan didn’t plan to go out for the rest of his life.

“This guy is not an ordinary person. Junior Brother is probably in big trouble.”

In the Council Hall, the elders gathered all the information about Yan Qianling, and their faces were solemn.

“The Holy Son of the Morning Sparrow Holy Mountain, with a cultivation level in the Elemental Infant Realm.”

This kind of cultivation level could be competent for many first-class forces, even becoming the leader of third-class forces.

“Yan Qianling was once one of the top ten evildoers in the Northern Wilderness, and his strength and talent surpassed countless Heaven’s Pride in the Northern Wilderness. Due to the emergence of several strong evildoers in the past hundred years, the list of top ten evildoers has changed slightly, and Yan Qianling has been pushed down. Even so, Yan Qianling’s strength is not to be underestimated.”

“I don’t understand. Our Junior Brother just returned from the Sky Abyss, and not long ago, he rebuilt his Dao body and spiritual root. The hidden forces behind the list should know everything about the Northern Wilderness and shouldn’t have left Junior Brother’s name on it!”

“Don’t look at me, I don’t understand either. I’m also confused.”

“Young people are competitive and definitely won’t trust Junior Brother. They want to remove Junior Brother from the list and gain fame.”

The people discussed the matter, frowning.

The new generation of evildoers was a matter for the younger generation, and the older generation had no reason to intervene.

Therefore, faced with Yan Qianling’s provocation outside the gate, the Mystic Azure Sect really couldn’t drive him away and could only pretend not to see.Chen Qingyuan’s inclusion in the list of the Ten Heroes had not only dumbfounded the members of the Mystic Azure Sect but also left the powerhouses of the major Star Domains bewildered and at a loss.

“Since ancient times, anyone who has made it onto the list of the Ten Heroes has started at the Elemental Infant Realm. Chen Qingyuan indeed had the qualifications before, with his exceptional talent and formidable strength that convinced the common people. But now, does he deserve it?”

“This is outrageous, could there be some foul play with this list?”

“Some time ago, Chen Qingyuan, with his cultivation at the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, defeated Qin Yutang, who was at the pinnacle of the Golden Elixir Realm. Overcoming an enemy across a major realm is indeed extraordinary, but is that reason enough to be listed among the Ten Heroes?”

“It is said that the top Heaven’s Prides of the various Star Domains are dissatisfied with this and are preparing to challenge Chen Qingyuan. It seems our Flow Star Domain is about to get lively.”

The list of the Ten Heroes had already spread throughout the Northern Wilderness’s Star Domains, causing quite a stir.

The Sects of the Flow Star Domain, upon seeing the name “Chen Qingyuan” on the list, fell into silence.

Chen Qingyuan’s currently demonstrated cultivation was only at the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, yet he had become one of the Ten Heroes, which was hard for many to accept. Such an occurrence was unprecedented in countless years.

“Why not let Junior Brother leave early, Sect Master? Given enough time to cultivate, he will surely be able to shut the mouths of the common people.”

An Elder raised this question.

“The Sect Master has his own plans.”

Lin Changsheng could not disclose the matter of the Dao Academy, as the cause and effect were too significant, and the fewer people who knew, the better.

“While Junior Brother staying within the Sect poses no danger, constantly avoiding battle and not showing himself might lead to ridicule and affect his Dao Heart. Moreover, our Mystic Azure Sect won’t have peaceful days either.”

The Elders were more troubled than the next; this matter was too difficult to handle and not easy to resolve.

Of course, if Chen Qingyuan were to defeat all challengers, then all would be well.

However, the idea of a cultivator at the Heavenly Spirit Realm defeating numerous top Evildoers of the Elemental Infant Realm seemed preposterous, like a wild fantasy. At least, such an event had not occurred in nearly a hundred thousand years.

More than ten days passed, and Yan Qianling still stood at the entrance of the Mystic Azure Sect, eyes closed, absorbing the Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth.

He was waiting for Chen Qingyuan to come out and was also cultivating.

“Worldly affairs are of no concern to me.”

Inside his cultivation cave, Chen Qingyuan had sealed the room, so he could no longer hear the idle chatter from outside.

“Only a fool would go out to court death.”

Chen Qingyuan was confident in dealing with Heaven’s Prides within the Golden Elixir Realm but was helpless against Elemental Infant cultivators. After all, his own cultivation level was too weak, and the gap was too great.

“If I become stronger in the future, I must find out who is behind this and seek my revenge.”

The list of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness had pushed Chen Qingyuan to the crest of the wave, unable to extricate himself.

More and more Heaven’s Prides gathered within the territory of the Mystic Azure Sect; some came to watch the excitement, while others sought the opportunity to defeat Chen Qingyuan for fame and profit.

In short, many unfamiliar faces appeared within the territory governed by the Mystic Azure Sect, and any random individual plucked from the crowd was likely to have a significant background.

One day, a man dressed in a light-colored robe appeared at the entrance of the Mystic Azure Sect, causing countless cultivators to exclaim in surprise, their hearts surging and struggling to remain calm.

The newcomer was none other than Wu Junyan, one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness.

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