Chapter 62 – Wu Junyan appeared, are you trying to cause trouble?

The list has been changed, but Wu Junyan’s name still remains, without any movement.

The Northern Cang Star Domain was not very famous in the Northern Wilderness, but because of Wu Junyan, the two characters “Northern Cang” caught the attention of many people.

Wu Junyan’s life is extremely legendary, like a myth.

It is rumored that when he was young, he was carried away by a fairy crane and disappeared for three whole years.

Three years later, Wu Junyan returned to the Northern Cang Star Domain, leaving his peers far behind. His strength was so strong that his peers looked up to him and admired him.

“You’re here too.”

Yan Qianling, who had been meditating with closed eyes, opened his eyes and looked at Wu Junyan not far away, with a complex expression in his eyes.

Wu Junyan turned his head and glanced at Yan Qianling, remaining silent.

Yan Qianling had heard of Wu Junyan’s aloofness and did not feel any resentment. Moreover, Wu Junyan had the qualifications to be proud, which made people not feel any anger, thinking it was only natural.

“I can’t believe that even Wu Junyan has come. Is he here at the Mystic Azure Sect for Chen Qingyuan?”

“When did Chen Qingyuan offend Wu Junyan? This is going to be interesting.”

“It is said that Wu Junyan obtained the inheritance of an ancient powerhouse and has never been defeated since he entered the world.”

“He is one of the real Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, incredibly strong.”

The onlookers were shocked and dumbfounded as they looked at Wu Junyan’s figure.

The high-level members of the Mystic Azure Sect learned of the news and felt that the situation was getting out of hand and becoming difficult to handle.

A monster like Wu Junyan would be a distinguished guest in any sect and needed to be treated well.

As long as Wu Junyan did not die, he would definitely become one of the top powerful figures in the Mahayana Realm in the future, free and at ease between heaven and earth.

“What should we do?”

The high-level members of the sect were discussing, and if they were to reject him, it would be very disrespectful.

“I’ll handle it!”

The Grand Elder volunteered.

“Okay, it’s up to you.”

Lin Changsheng nodded in agreement.

So, the Grand Elder, dressed in plain clothes, walked to the entrance of the sect and greeted Wu Junyan with clasped hands, “Wu young friend, what brings you to our Mystic Azure Sect?”

“To have a battle with Chen Qingyuan.”

Wu Junyan’s expression was indifferent, and he spoke sparingly.

As expected!

The hearts of many cultivators who were watching tightened, guessing correctly.


The Grand Elder felt anxious and had a headache.

After pondering for a moment, the Grand Elder said, “Since Wu young friend is not here as a guest, then there is nothing special that our Mystic Azure Sect can offer.”

Wu Junyan remained silent, standing aloof in the sky like an unattainable snow-capped mountain.

Although the Mystic Azure Sect did not want to offend a future top powerhouse, compared to Chen Qingyuan’s safety, these things were not important.

With Wu Junyan’s arrival, the Mystic Azure Sect became a focus of the world, attracting countless gazes.

Chen Qingyuan, who was still unaware of the situation as he was sealed in the cave by the barrier, was meditating to stabilize his foundation and break through to the Golden Elixir Realm at the right opportunity.

“Kid, Wu Junyan, one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, has come. You have another opponent.”

Gongsun Nan ignored the power of the barrier and transmitted her voice, with a hint of schadenfreude in her tone.

Upon hearing this, Chen Qingyuan suddenly opened his eyes and smiled slightly.

If it were any other of the Ten Heroes, Chen Qingyuan would definitely feel uncomfortable.

But since it was Wu Junyan, things would be much easier.


Chen Qingyuan directly lifted the barrier and stepped out of the cave.

Before long, Chen Qingyuan stood at the entrance of the Mystic Azure Sect, where many people saw him.

“It’s him!”

“Chen Qingyuan has actually shown up. Is he planning to accept the challenge?”

“The show is about to begin. It’s really exciting!”

“This guy only has the cultivation level of the Heavenly Spirit Realm. Why is he ranked as one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness? I really don’t understand.”

Since his own cultivation level had already been exposed, Chen Qingyuan no longer concealed the power of the law of the jade bracelet and displayed it openly.

Many people were excited to see Chen Qingyuan’s appearance and sat on small stools to watch.

Yan Qianling’s expression was cold, and his eyes shot out sharp glints, full of fighting spirit. “Chen Qingyuan, do you dare to fight me?”

Chen Qingyuan directly ignored Yan Qianling’s invitation to battle.

You say fight, then let’s fight. What a joke.

Of course, Chen Qingyuan only muttered this in his heart and did not say it out loud.

“Hey, old Wu, you’re really here to join in the fun.”

Chen Qingyuan looked at Wu Junyan and greeted him with great joy.

“In a few years, it will be the time for our battle. I came early to wait for you, so you wouldn’t run away.”

The last time Chen Qingyuan went to the Death Domain, he was blocked by Wu Junyan on his way back. Then, under Wu Junyan’s coercion, the two of them set a ten-year deadline for a battle.

Because Chen Qingyuan was currently in the limelight, Wu Junyan was worried that Chen Qingyuan would run away or be defeated by someone else. So, Wu Junyan came a few years early to prevent any mistakes.

For Wu Junyan, this was an extremely important battle and there could be no room for error. He had wanted to battle Chen Qingyuan for many years, but unfortunately, Chen Qingyuan had gone to the Sky Abyss at the time and missed the appointment.

“I am a very trustworthy person.”

Chen Qingyuan said.

“Is that so?” Wu Junyan had a somewhat skeptical attitude towards this statement.

“Don’t look at me with that suspicious look. We’ve known each other for so many years. If it weren’t for an accident, I definitely wouldn’t break my word.”

Under Wu Junyan’s gaze, Chen Qingyuan felt a little uneasy.

“Okay.” Wu Junyan chose to believe and nodded slowly.”A few more years until the day of our agreed battle. Come in for a drink and a chat.”

Chen Qingyuan extended the invitation.

Upon hearing this, Wu Junyan fell silent, pondering.

“What’s the matter, afraid I’ll drug your drink?” Chen Qingyuan taunted, “Come or not, just say the word.”

“Lead the way.” Wu Junyan let down his guard and took a step forward.

According to the intelligence gathered by various forces, Wu Junyan was a loner with no friends.

Yet, in front of countless onlookers, Wu Junyan was not only willing to engage in normal conversation with Chen Qingyuan but also seemed ready to drink and chat like friends.

Many were dumbfounded, unable to grasp the situation.

Listening to their recent exchange, they were supposed to be opponents with a battle arranged. Why then did they seem so amiable, not at all like adversaries locked in competition?

From the beginning to the end, Chen Qingyuan paid no attention to Yan Qianling and the throng of Heaven’s Pride that had come from all over.

As long as he stayed indoors, those Heaven’s Pride could do nothing to him.

As for reputation, what use was it? Could it be eaten like food?

Chen Qingyuan never cared for empty fame; if he could choose, he would have long since discarded the title of one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness.

In the courtyard of the mansion, Chen Qingyuan took out some fine liquor and personally poured a drink for Wu Junyan: “Old Wu, this is a treasured brew from my Mystic Azure Sect. Give it a taste.”

“Chen Qingyuan, are you up to no good?”

Wu Junyan felt that Chen Qingyuan was overly enthusiastic, his eyes narrowing slightly as he questioned.

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