Chapter 60 – Girl, never fall in love with me

“Is this something a senior brother should say? Do you really want me to jump into the fire pit like this?”

The top evildoers of the Northern Wilderness are not comparable to those in the Flow Star Domain. There are many Elemental Infant Realm cultivators among them. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Chen Qingyuan’s current cultivation level is too weak. Others can easily suppress him.

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t leave the Mystic Azure Sect, those people can’t just barge in, right?”

Lin Changsheng couldn’t let Chen Qingyuan go. If an envoy from the Daoist Academy came, he wouldn’t be able to explain it.

“That’s what you say, but it’s still too dangerous. Let me go out and cultivate for a few hundred years, then come back and suppress them all.”

Chen Qingyuan wasn’t afraid of losing face in the short term, he was just afraid of not having the chance to turn things around.

Cultivators shouldn’t care about current honor and dignity, they should have a longer-term perspective.


After thinking for a moment, Lin Changsheng shook his head and refused again.

“Senior brother, don’t force me.”

There was a hint of threat in Chen Qingyuan’s words.

“Oh? What do you want to do?”

Lin Changsheng was not afraid at all, provocatively asking.

“If you don’t let me go, I’ll pester Xiaoyanzi every day and corrupt your precious son.”

Chen Qingyuan thought for a long time, and it seemed like this was the only way.

“Fine, go ahead!”

What did I expect? Is that all?

Lin Changsheng’s heart just “clanged” a moment ago, thinking he had done something that Chen Qingyuan had caught onto.

“Don’t regret it,” Chen Qingyuan said.

“I won’t regret it,” Lin Changsheng nodded.


After that, Chen Qingyuan turned and stepped into the house, closing the door heavily and shutting Lin Changsheng out.

Many years later, Lin Changsheng often regretted the events of today, and even began to miss the kind and gentle Lin Pingyan.

In the following days, Chen Qingyuan often played with Lin Pingyan, imparting his money-making experience without reservation.

Lin Pingyan was no longer the kind boy he used to be, he became more calculating and cunning.

Many elders noticed Lin Pingyan’s change in character and found it hard to believe.

For many years, the high-level members of the Mystic Azure Sect repeatedly taught Lin Pingyan not to be soft-hearted and to have a certain means in order to become a leader and lead the Mystic Azure Sect forward.

However, at that time, Lin Pingyan was unyielding and couldn’t change.

Following Chen Qingyuan over the years, Lin Pingyan seemed to have changed, fooling some of the elders.

“We can’t let Pingyan follow the junior brother all the time, it’s easy to corrupt the child.”

A certain elder suggested.

“It shouldn’t be necessary!”

Most of the elders didn’t believe that Lin Pingyan would go bad, after all, Lin Pingyan’s image as a good boy had already taken root in people’s hearts.

“In my opinion, it would be a good thing if Pingyan really went bad. When the time is right, we can assess Pingyan and let him take on the position of the Young Sect Master.”

Elder Dong Wenjun, the sect’s protector, stroked his beard and expressed his opinion.

“Although the junior brother is greedy, he never does anything out of line. Even if Pingyan follows him and goes bad, he won’t cross the line, so there’s no need to worry too much.”

For the matter of Lin Pingyan and Chen Qingyuan, the elders held a meeting that lasted for three two-hour sessions.

The guests from the Murong family stayed in the Mystic Azure Sect for half a month and were preparing to leave.

Before leaving, Murong Wenxi came to Chen Qingyuan’s residence.

“Hey! I’m about to leave, aren’t you going to come out and see me off?”

Murong Wenxi looked at the tightly closed cave door and called out loudly.

“You’re not without legs, do you need me to see you off?”

Chen Qingyuan’s voice came faintly.

“Chen Qingyuan, if you dare to talk to me like that again, I won’t tell you any news in the future.”

Honestly, if it were someone else, Murong Wenxi would have already taken action. Sometimes she was also unclear, clearly finding Chen Qingyuan very annoying, but she found it hard to feel disgust, at most just a little annoyed.


The door opened.

Chen Qingyuan walked out slowly. “Do you have any new information?”

“Hmph!” Murong Wenxi gave Chen Qingyuan a cold look, very unhappy, and snorted without speaking.

“We’ve been through life and death together, can’t we even make a joke?”

Seeing Murong Wenxi getting angry, Chen Qingyuan had to give her a way out, smiling and saying.

“Wang Choushan of the Tianxi Star Domain, and Yan Qianling of the Moxu Star Domain, they were both part of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness a hundred years ago. Because of the appearance of the new list, they were removed. If someone really wants to deal with you, these two are definitely your big enemies.”

Don’t hold grudges against small people, Murong Wenxi no longer remained silent, speaking seriously.

“Why didn’t you tell me about such an important matter last time?”

Chen Qingyuan knew these two people, both of them were well-known evildoers in the Northern Wilderness, and their cultivation levels were at least at the Elemental Infant Realm.”Last time I hadn’t finished speaking and you ran off, and now you have the nerve to blame me.”

Murong Wenxi glared at Chen Qingyuan with annoyance and pouted.

“Is there any other important news?”

Due to Lin Changsheng’s intervention, Chen Qingyuan couldn’t leave the Mystic Azure Sect, otherwise he would have slipped away long ago.

“No more.”

Murong Wenxi said.

“Alright then!” Chen Qingyuan turned and walked towards the house.

“You…” Watching Chen Qingyuan turn so decisively, Murong Wenxi kicked a pebble on the ground, flicking it onto Chen Qingyuan’s back.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Qingyuan turned his head to look at Murong Wenxi, feigning confusion.

“It’s nothing.”

Murong Wenxi bit her red lip, her expression cold, and turned to leave.

After Murong Wenxi had left, Chen Qingyuan dropped his indifferent facade and muttered to himself, “Girl, you better not fall for me, it won’t be good for you.”

The reason Chen Qingyuan treated Murong Wenxi this way was precisely to avoid her developing feelings for him, to maintain a certain distance.

At least Chen Qingyuan was clear about this point; he couldn’t delay her life.

After pondering for a long time, Chen Qingyuan stepped into the secluded and quiet palace, where Gongsun Nan resided.

Only Chen Qingyuan knew about Gongsun Nan staying in the Mystic Azure Sect.

“Ghost Doctor Sister, have you been living comfortably lately?”

Chen Qingyuan said with a sycophantic smile.

“You wouldn’t come to the Three Treasures Hall without a reason. Spit it out, what do you want from me?”

Gongsun Nan, sitting in the courtyard with her eyes closed in meditation, slightly curved her lips upward, teasing.

“Truly worthy of the Ghost Doctor whose fame spreads across realms, you saw right through me. I’m impressed.”

Chen Qingyuan smoothly delivered a compliment.

“You want me to help you leave the Mystic Azure Sect, no way.”

Before Chen Qingyuan could state his purpose, Gongsun Nan bluntly pointed it out.

With Gongsun Nan’s strength, it was too easy to know about the recent events.

“Don’t be like that!” Chen Qingyuan became somewhat anxious, stepping forward a few paces: “Sister, do you really want to see me get bullied?”


Gongsun Nan nodded.

“…” Chen Qingyuan.

Just as Chen Qingyuan was about to plead further, Gongsun Nan suddenly opened her eyes and said with a light laugh, “Kid, it’s too late for you to want to leave now.”

In that instant, Gongsun Nan had sensed many extraordinary presences appearing near the Mystic Azure Sect, and nine times out of ten, they were coming for Chen Qingyuan.

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