Chapter 59 – Revenge is never too late

“I advise you to be cautious. The list of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness has been around since ancient times, and the forces behind it have extraordinary abilities.”

So far, no one knows who issued the list of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness. The power behind it is extremely mysterious. What terrifies people is that in every era, there is a similar list, all from the same force, with ancient heritage and unfathomable depth.

“My life is just too difficult!”

Chen Qingyuan wanted to live a peaceful life for a few years, but why is it so difficult?

“I heard that many people want to come to the Flow Star Domain to find you and have a battle with you. If they can defeat you, they can step on you as a stepping stone to the list of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness.”

This time, when Murong Wenxi rushed to the Flow Star Domain, it was to express gratitude and to remind Chen Qingyuan to be careful and be prepared in advance.

“Why do they want to challenge me?”

Chen Qingyuan couldn’t help but ask in dissatisfaction.

“What do you think?” Murong Wenxi gave Chen Qingyuan a meaningful look.

Except for Chen Qingyuan, all the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness are top evildoers, none of them are good people, which is convincing.

Only Chen Qingyuan, who used to be an evildoer, is now just a useless person, not even qualified in the eyes of the geniuses of the major star domains.

Many people want to teach Chen Qingyuan a lesson and gain fame at the same time. After all, anyone with talent is young and arrogant, unwilling to admit defeat. They fear the other members of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, but they are not afraid of Chen Qingyuan at all.

“My life is too tragic, and even the simplest peaceful life is out of reach.”

Chen Qingyuan complained.

“Chen Qingyuan, in a while, many evildoers will definitely come looking for you. Take care of yourself!”

Murong Wenxi couldn’t help Chen Qingyuan, so she could only silently pray.

During these days, Chen Qingyuan had not left the Mystic Azure Sect, so he naturally didn’t know the latest news from the outside world.

However, according to the investigation of the Mystic Azure Sect, they should know about the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, but it is estimated that Lin Changsheng and the others are unwilling to inform Chen Qingyuan to avoid causing him distress.

“Can I remove myself from the list of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness?”

Chen Qingyuan really didn’t want to be chased by a group of people. Just thinking about it made his scalp tingle.

“Do you know who made the list?” Murong Wenxi asked.

To this, Chen Qingyuan shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know.

“If you don’t even know who is behind it, how can you remove yourself?”

Seeing Chen Qingyuan’s frustrated look, Murong Wenxi’s mouth slightly curled up, feeling a bit of schadenfreude.

This is retribution for arguing with me just now.

In her heart, Murong Wenxi hummed proudly, but the worry between her eyebrows became more intense. If something really happened to Chen Qingyuan, Murong Wenxi would definitely feel uneasy.

“No, I have to leave quickly. I can’t stay in the Mystic Azure Sect.”

Chen Qingyuan didn’t want to sit and wait for death. When in a difficult situation, it’s best to leave.

“Hey! Why are you so cowardly!” Murong Wenxi was speechless. “You can defeat an enemy across a major realm. Can’t you have a little dignity?”

“It’s easy for you to say. At this point, what dignity do I have left? When a group of evildoers beat me up, will I have dignity then?”

Chen Qingyuan rolled his eyes.

“Although that’s true, but you are now one of the newly appointed Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness. If you retreat without a fight, it will be very embarrassing.”

Murong Wenxi said.

“Embarrassment is not scary. Being beaten up by others is scary.”

If Chen Qingyuan had the cultivation level of the Elemental Infant Realm now, he would be able to suppress all of them without retreating. However, he only has the cultivation level of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, and he has no chance of winning against the group of top evildoers from the Northern Wilderness.

A hundred years ago, many of those top evildoers had already stepped into the Elemental Infant Realm. After a hundred years, who knows how much their strength has increased. They are countless times stronger than Qin Yutang of the Heavenly Jade Sect.

“You’re right. It’s better to avoid the limelight for now and show up again when you’re stronger.”

After thinking about it, Murong Wenxi felt that Chen Qingyuan’s words made sense. If he didn’t leave now, it would be too late when he was surrounded and attacked.

“Quickly pack up and run away. Revenge is never too late.”

Chen Qingyuan said fiercely.

After saying that, Chen Qingyuan ran back to his cave like a wisp of smoke, leaving Murong Wenxi standing under the tree in a daze.

“Such a coward! He runs so fast!”

Murong Wenxi muttered to herself as she watched Chen Qingyuan leave.

Then, Murong Wenxi looked down at the spot where she was sitting, lightly touched it with her fingertips, and her cheeks turned red. At first, she didn’t think much and sat in the place where Chen Qingyuan had been, feeling the warmth from his body.

“What’s wrong with me?”

After a while, a gust of wind blew on her face, waking Murong Wenxi from her daze. She shook her head slightly, no longer indulging in wild thoughts.

At this moment, inside the cave.

Chen Qingyuan packed up all his belongings and prepared to leave.

As soon as he pushed the door open, he bumped into Lin Changsheng who had come to see him. “Big Senior Brother.”

“Junior Brother, what are you doing?”

Looking inside through the open door and seeing that it was empty, Lin Changsheng immediately asked.

“I’m going out to experience for a while.”

Chen Qingyuan lied.

“Right now?” Lin Changsheng frowned and lowered his voice. “Have you forgotten about the matter of the Dao One Academy?”

“I haven’t forgotten. When the time is right, I will come back.”

Things were urgent, and Chen Qingyuan didn’t want to deal with this matter now. He would deal with it later.

“Nonsense.” Lin Changsheng reprimanded sternly. “This is the wish of our Master. If you leave, and the envoy of the academy arrives, how can I explain?”

“This… Big Senior Brother, you said that the Dao One Academy has great supernatural powers. When the time comes, they will definitely be able to find my whereabouts.”

Chen Qingyuan forced a smile.

“Even so, I can’t let anything go wrong with this matter.”Lin Changsheng shook his head, rejecting the proposal.

“Big Senior Brother, have you heard about the recent list of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness?”

With no other choice, Chen Qingyuan had to tell the truth.

“I just found out not long ago.”

Since Chen Qingyuan had made it clear, Lin Changsheng could no longer hide it and nodded slightly.

“I don’t know which bastard made the list, pushing me into the fire pit. If I don’t slip away quickly, I reckon there won’t be any peaceful days ahead.”

Chen Qingyuan loathed the person who had made the list.

“So it’s because of this.” Lin Changsheng actually knew the reason, but pretended to have an epiphany.

The credibility of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness was extremely strong. Young people were proud and arrogant, especially those with extraordinary talents, the so-called evildoers, who did not want to be seen as weaker than others.

Looking at the entire list of heroes, only Chen Qingyuan was easy to bully, someone they could step on to climb higher.

Such an opportunity was coveted by many.

“Big Senior Brother, you wouldn’t want to see me get beaten up by others, right?”

Chen Qingyuan gave a wry smile.

“To be honest, I’m actually quite looking forward to it.”

Lin Changsheng coughed softly and muttered under his breath.

“Huh?” Chen Qingyuan was confused, staring with wide eyes.

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