Chapter 58 – The Murong family came to express their gratitude, the new list of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness

Chen Qingyuan used his divine sense to check and found that it was an inner disciple on duty. He transmitted, “What’s the matter?”

“Junior Master, the Murong family from the North Cang Star Domain has come to express their gratitude to you.”

The inner disciple reported.

“Oh, I see.”

Chen Qingyuan muttered to himself. The Murong family had come from far away in the North Cang Star Domain, so they shouldn’t just be here to express their thanks verbally!

In the guest hall, Lin Changsheng personally entertained the distinguished guests from the Murong family, and the table was filled with fine wine and delicacies.

The Murong family still had a strong background in the North Cang Star Domain, and Lin Changsheng couldn’t afford to be neglectful.

“Thank you for the hospitality of the Mystic Azure Sect.”

This time, the Murong family sent a very powerful clan elder and more than ten core figures, including Murong Wenxi.

“It’s only right.”

Lin Changsheng was polite and smiling.

Before long, Chen Qingyuan strolled over.

“Is this Elder Chen Qingyuan?” The clan elder of the Murong family immediately stood up, put aside his status, and greeted Chen Qingyuan with a respectful salute. “On behalf of the Murong family, I thank Elder Chen for his help.”

If it weren’t for Chen Qingyuan’s help, the Ghost Doctor would never have lent a hand. As a result, the Murong family would face great trouble.

One of the Murong family’s old ancestors had fallen into a demonic state in his cultivation and could lose his life at any moment.

Looking around the various star domains, only the legendary Ghost Doctor had the ability to save him.

In order to heal the old ancestor’s injuries, the Murong family sent out many people to seek a solution. A group of them went to the Death Domain and met Chen Qingyuan.

During that trip to the Death Domain, the Murong family lost most of their people, suffering heavy losses. As for Murong Wenxi, if it weren’t for Chen Qingyuan’s protection, she would have surely met her end.

“You’re welcome.”

Chen Qingyuan politely replied.

“To show our gratitude, the Murong family has prepared a modest gift. Please don’t refuse it, Elder Chen.”

With that, the clan elder took out a spatial ring and handed it to Chen Qingyuan across the air.

Although he didn’t know what treasures were inside the ring, the Murong family was a first-class family and wouldn’t be stingy.

Chen Qingyuan didn’t stand on ceremony and put the ring in his pocket, his smile becoming very bright as he quickly thanked them, “The Murong family is really too kind. Since this is a token of the Murong family’s goodwill, I will shamelessly accept it.”

“You brat…”

Lin Changsheng, who had been watching the whole time, covered his forehead and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Elder Chen is indeed generous, worthy of being a young hero.”

The clan elder sincerely praised, feeling that Chen Qingyuan was good in every way.


The group from the Murong family burst into laughter, toasting Chen Qingyuan one after another to show their gratitude. They gave Chen Qingyuan a lot of face, making him feel a bit at a loss and hurriedly returning the gesture.

After three rounds of drinks, Chen Qingyuan sat in the side hall under a tree, enjoying the cool breeze.

“Hey! You didn’t even say a word to me just now. Isn’t that a bit too much?”

Suddenly, a resentful voice reached Chen Qingyuan’s ears.

Chen Qingyuan turned to see that it was Murong Wenxi.

Today, Murong Wenxi was wearing a light blue long dress that trailed on the ground, showcasing her beautiful figure. Her light yellow hair was tied with a light red rope, and her high nose and well-defined features made her look like a fallen elf.

“I don’t have much to talk to you about.”

Chen Qingyuan pursed his lips, unconcerned about offending her.

“Stinky man, move over.”

Murong Wenxi lightly kicked Chen Qingyuan’s back and coldly hummed.


Chen Qingyuan turned and asked.

“I think your current position is very nice, suitable for enjoying the scenery.” Murong Wenxi gave a reason.

“It’s all the same.”

Chen Qingyuan said casually.

“Aren’t you going to move?”

Seeing that Chen Qingyuan didn’t move, Murong Wenxi’s tone turned cold.

A good man doesn’t argue with a woman.

Chen Qingyuan obediently shifted over a meter to the side.

So, Murong Wenxi sat in Chen Qingyuan’s original spot, still able to feel a trace of residual warmth. Her cheeks turned slightly red, and she discreetly covered it up.

The two fell silent for a while, and Murong Wenxi put on a cold and indifferent expression. “I heard that with your cultivation at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, you defeated an opponent at the peak of the Golden Elixir Realm. Is that true?”

“False.” Chen Qingyuan answered without hesitation.


You dog of a man, can’t you hold a conversation?

Murong Wenxi took a deep breath to keep herself calm and not get angry. “I inquired, and it’s not false.”

“I know it’s not false, so why are you asking? Are you crazy?”

Chen Qingyuan turned to look at Murong Wenxi, his eyes carrying a hint of pity.

“Chen Qingyuan, do you believe I’ll beat you to death?” With that, Murong Wenxi lost her composure and directly grabbed a tree branch from the ground, threatening him.

“Let’s talk nicely, don’t get angry.”

Chen Qingyuan awkwardly smiled.

“Hmph!” Murong Wenxi snorted lightly, not knowing what was wrong with herself. She had actually come to talk to Chen Qingyuan, and it was really asking for trouble. “If you dare to tease me again, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

Sigh! I’m really having a hard time.

Chen Qingyuan sighed inwardly.

“Miss Murong, is there nothing else you want to talk about?”

The two fell silent for a long time, and Chen Qingyuan broke the silence, asking softly.

“There is.” Murong Wenxi’s tone was cold, “But I don’t want to talk about it now.”

“Come on! I was wrong just now, I shouldn’t have spoken like that. Can we let it go?”

The two of them sat close together under the tree, with a breeze blowing in from time to time, carrying a hint of fragrance that was intoxicating. “I was wrong just now, can we let it go?””Seeing as you’ve acknowledged your mistake, this lady will enlighten you!”

Murong Wenxi just needed an excuse to step down; after all, she was a girl with a thin skin, not shameless like Chen Qingyuan.

“I’m all ears.”

Chen Qingyuan said.

“A hundred years ago, you were named one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness. Although there were rumors of your death in the Sky Abyss, your title was never officially revoked, but it became meaningless. Recently, news of the new Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness has been announced, and the former eminent figures have been removed, with new candidates selected.”

Murong Wenxi’s expression turned solemn as she spoke, with a hint of worry.

“What does this have to do with me?”

Chen Qingyuan’s brows furrowed slightly.

“Of course, it’s related, and the connection is not minor.” Murong Wenxi turned to look at Chen Qingyuan, pondering, “Your name is prominently listed.”

“What did you say?”

Hearing this, Chen Qingyuan was dumbfounded, suspecting he had heard wrong.

“At first, I didn’t believe it either, but after multiple confirmations, you are indeed on the list of the new Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness.”

Murong Wenxi was also puzzled; Chen Qingyuan was clearly a spent force, and even considering his strength after re-cultivation, he couldn’t possibly hold the title of one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness!

Yet, such an absurd thing had happened.

“Which bastard made this list? Are they trying to get me killed?”

Chen Qingyuan cursed loudly.

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