Chapter 57 – Unrivaled elegance, shocking the world

Chen Qingyuan’s strength amazed everyone.

Qin Yutang used all his tricks, but still couldn’t defeat Chen Qingyuan. Naturally, no one else dared to fight him.

In the deep pit below, Qin Yutang’s eyes were dull, his Golden Elixir shattered, and he developed a heart demon. Today’s battle completely shattered his pride, leaving him deeply feeling the taste of despair.

“Chen Qingyuan, you are ruthless!”

At this time, an old man appeared, the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Jade Sect.

The Grand Elder had been hiding in the rear to watch the battle, thinking that Qin Yutang’s full force would surely defeat Chen Qingyuan. However, the situation developed in the opposite direction, leaving the Grand Elder confused for a long time.

Chen Qingyuan’s finger shattered Qin Yutang’s Golden Elixir foundation, and his speed was too fast for anyone to stop.

“What?” Chen Qingyuan fearlessly confronted the Grand Elder, indifferently saying, “Is it only allowed for your Heavenly Jade Sect to kill, while others cannot resist?”

This was the territory of the Mystic Azure Sect, and the Grand Elder dared not speak harshly. He deeply looked at Chen Qingyuan and, with the already dull and numb Qin Yutang, left the area.

“You all still here, do you want me to invite you for tea?” Chen Qingyuan glanced at the talented individuals of each sect, saying coldly, “The tea of the Mystic Azure Sect is not cheap. Can you afford it?”

This sentence from Chen Qingyuan not only disgusted hundreds of talented individuals with ill intentions, but also once again trampled the faces of the strong from each sect on the ground.

“Let’s go!”

The crowd’s faces turned pale, and they left without daring to be as arrogant as before.

After everyone left, Chen Qingyuan immediately collected the two Heaven and Earth Bags near the mountain gate, and his cold and indifferent expression disappeared in an instant, replaced by a satisfied smile.

Then, Chen Qingyuan picked up the jade sword that had fallen to the battlefield and returned it to its original owner, giving some spirit stones as a gift. “Thank you.”

“Junior Master, you were so cool just now.”

Taking the jade sword, this female disciple looked at Chen Qingyuan with admiration, her eyes shining with starlight.

“Speaking the truth.” Chen Qingyuan was happy in his heart and gave her some more spirit stones as a reward. “For you.”

“Junior Master, I want some too.”

Some exceptionally beautiful female disciples ran over, smiling and reaching out their hands.

“What? What sound? I can’t hear it.”

Chen Qingyuan quickly pretended to be deaf and looked up at the sky.

“With the cultivation level of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, you crippled the peak of the Golden Elixir Realm of Qin Yutang. Junior Master, you are really abnormal!”

The disciples of the Mystic Azure Sect exclaimed in admiration, their awe of Chen Qingyuan growing even stronger.

“Junior Master…”

Many people called out to Chen Qingyuan, chattering and lively.

Chen Qingyuan couldn’t stand this kind of scene, so he found an excuse and slipped away.

Most importantly, Chen Qingyuan was afraid that the spirit stones he had just earned would be divided among a group of girls. Just thinking about it gave him a headache, so it was better to leave first.

“As expected, the only direct disciple accepted by Senior Brother before his death, with such high talent, none of us can compare!”

An inner sect elder sighed.

“As long as we can protect Junior Brother and help him grow, the future of the Mystic Azure Sect will surely be renowned and prosperous.”

The elders began to fantasize about the future, full of anticipation.

“This kid has many secrets!”

Lin Changsheng thought to himself.

Whether it was the sword intent displayed by Chen Qingyuan or the finger technique that destroyed Qin Yutang’s foundation, these were all means that had never been shown before.

According to Lin Changsheng’s speculation, these abilities should be closely related to the Sky Abyss Restricted Zone.

However, in order to protect Chen Qingyuan’s safety, Lin Changsheng and the others fabricated many lies to deceive the world.

A certain elder of the Sword Pavilion intentionally or unintentionally boasted to his disciples that Chen Qingyuan had practiced swordsmanship with him for several months when he was young, and his talent in the Sword Dao was extraordinary, astonishing everyone.

As he spoke, the elder of the Sword Pavilion even believed it himself, taking pride in it.

In order to cover up the fact that Chen Qingyuan had mastered so many Dao techniques, the first thing to do was to deceive their own people.

As a result, many disciples of the Mystic Azure Sect were instilled with the story of Chen Qingyuan’s hard training from a young age, and they worked hard with Chen Qingyuan as their goal.

In reality?

Chen Qingyuan had never really practiced when he was young, often pulling the beard of the elder of the Protecting Sect, Dong Wenjun, or stealing the spiritual fruits of the senior sisters from the medicine garden, or making slingshots to shoot the windows of the senior brothers’ houses.

In short, Chen Qingyuan had nothing to do with diligent study and practice.

Because Chen Qingyuan was the only disciple left by the Supreme Ancestor, and he was cute, the senior brothers and sisters doted on him and rarely hit him, at most scolding him.

If it were someone else, their butt would probably have been beaten black and blue, how could they be so mischievous.

In the Flow Star Domain, various sects.

“Chen Qingyuan is so terrifying, it’s unbelievable.”

“Even if the Ghost Doctor cured him, I heard he had to re-cultivate. But, it’s only been a few years! Why can he display such terrifying strength and directly cripple the young master of the Heavenly Jade Sect?”

“Back then, Chen Qingyuan was hailed as one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, and his reputation was well-deserved!”

This battle had a great impact, causing a storm and sparking countless discussions.

Chen Qingyuan, who had been ignored by the world, once again stepped onto the stage, showing signs of regaining his former glory.

Looking across the Flow Star Domain, among his peers, there were probably few who could match Chen Qingyuan in battle.

“He’s really a freak.”

The cultivators who had once competed with Chen Qingyuan heard about this battle, and after being stunned for a long time, they sighed deeply.

Even though Qin Yutang was crippled, the Heavenly Jade Sect did not send anyone to cause trouble at the Mystic Azure Sect.

First, in a battle among peers, if you lose, you lose. There’s no reason to go looking for trouble. Second, the matter of the Demon’s Lair underground has not been resolved, and the Heavenly Jade Sect dare not cause trouble with the Mystic Azure Sect.

In order to solve the problem of the Demon’s Lair underground, the Heavenly Jade Sect not only invited a very famous master of the Formation Dao, but also went to other star domains for help, spending all their savings.Although the foundation has been depleted, if the Heavenly Jade Sect can survive this crisis, there are ways to acquire resources.

Relying on the resources within the Demon’s Lair, the overall strength of the Heavenly Jade Sect has rapidly improved. As long as the people are still there, there is always hope.


Many people from the Eastern Joy Palace, upon hearing the news of Chen Qingyuan’s resurgence, fell silent for a very long time, their silence turning into a long sigh.

“Fortunately, Xixue has already stepped into the secret realm. Otherwise, hearing this news, I’m afraid her Dao Heart might be disturbed, with unpredictable consequences.”

Yao Susu is Bai Xixue’s Master and was the one who wholeheartedly arranged the marriage alliance between the Heavenly Jade Sect and the Eastern Joy Palace.

However, due to the incident in the Demon’s Lair, the marriage alliance between the two sects failed.

Bai Xixue entered Goose Snow City and there has been no news from her since. If she can return alive from the secret realm of Goose Snow City, she will be the holy maiden of the Eastern Joy Palace, eligible to receive the inheritance and her status will soar.

In fact, Chen Qingyuan has never hated Bai Xixue. At that time, the common people all thought that Chen Qingyuan had died in the Sky Abyss; one couldn’t expect Bai Xixue to remain alone for life!

It can only be said that they were fated but not destined, and the love was not deep enough.

Having severed the karma with Bai Xixue, Chen Qingyuan felt much more relaxed, free from a troubling matter.

However, Chen Qingyuan still had a worried and pained expression, feeling quite a headache.

The matter of the Dao Yi Academy and the challenge from Wu Junyan.

Wu Junyan, one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, the number one evildoer of the Northern Cang Star Domain.

The last time Chen Qingyuan encountered Wu Junyan, they agreed to a contest of equal realms in ten years’ time, determined to settle the outcome.

“Sigh! Why bother fighting, I am a person who truly loves peace!”

Chen Qingyuan sat inside the house, emitting a series of light sighs.

Thump, thump, thump!

Suddenly, there was a knocking sound outside the cave dwelling.

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