Chapter 56 – Stand at a high place and overlook peers

“When my junior brother was young, he followed me to practice swordsmanship for several months. He is truly a rare talent, and his achievements today have not disappointed me.”

A senior sword cultivator, who had practiced swordsmanship for many years, began to fabricate stories, stroking his beard with a look of contentment.

“Mm.” The other elders nodded knowingly.

Outside, the various sects’ Heaven’s Pride watched in shock as Chen Qingyuan earnestly wielded his sword, their faces turning pale.

“Chen Qingyuan is actually a top-notch sword cultivator. Why have we never heard of him before?”

Everyone was astonished, seeing this for the first time.

Naturally, all of these abilities were forced upon Chen Qingyuan.

Back then, Chen Qingyuan was on the verge of collapse. Why?

The red-dressed girl made him learn so many things, so much that he couldn’t even list them all. Then one day, the red-dressed girl suddenly made a move and slowly abolished Chen Qingyuan’s cultivation, leaving him in despair.

“I don’t believe it!”

Qin Yutang had staked his own foundation and still couldn’t crush Chen Qingyuan. His emotions fluctuated greatly as he muttered under his breath.

“Ignorant.” Chen Qingyuan’s expression was indifferent as he released the jade sword in his hand, allowing it to move freely and exude a terrifying sword aura.

Both sides fought without backing down.

A round of golden elixir visions, like a scorching sun, flickered, causing Qin Yutang’s strength to gradually increase, and also making Chen Qingyuan keenly feel a significant pressure, as if his soul was suffocating.


Chen Qingyuan didn’t want to delay any longer. He manipulated the jade sword, causing it to stab towards Qin Yutang.

“Ding, dong, long…”

Qin Yutang was temporarily held back by the jade sword, unable to approach Chen Qingyuan. His golden elixir’s might had little effect on Chen Qingyuan, as if it didn’t exist at all.

Little did he know, Chen Qingyuan had been mobilizing the power of the hidden golden dao bone in his body all along, in order to bridge the gap in their realms.

The golden dao bone was covered with extremely complex ancient patterns, with a large part of the dao marks concealed by a layer of white mist, only a few lines flashing with golden light, nourishing Chen Qingyuan’s body and making the spiritual qi inside him become exceptionally pure, naturally enhancing his strength by a lot.

“If it were the previous body, it would have been impossible.”

Chen Qingyuan sighed in his heart, marveling at the benefits of rebuilding his foundation.

Although the former Chen Qingyuan was an evildoer, the gap between him and the various Heaven’s Pride was not too large, making it difficult to cross a major realm and fight.

“The appearance of the golden elixir can be shattered with a snap of the fingers.”

Chen Qingyuan controlled the sword with his mind, putting Qin Yutang in a defensive state for a short time.

Following that, Chen Qingyuan circulated the spiritual qi in his body, silently reciting a mantra, gathering the power at the tip of his right index finger.


After a moment, Qin Yutang’s jade sword was knocked away, and he found a dense spiritual qi vortex under Chen Qingyuan’s feet, feeling uneasy.

Qin Yutang quickly rushed towards Chen Qingyuan, not wanting any accidents to happen.

As Qin Yutang approached, a terrifying aura had already covered the space where Chen Qingyuan was, and the ground below had cracked like a spider web, extending up to hundreds of miles, resembling a ruin.

“Without the sword in his hand, he’s like a lamb to the slaughter.”

Many people were watching this battle, believing that Chen Qingyuan would definitely not be able to confront Qin Yutang head-on after losing his precious sword.

Just as Qin Yutang was about to reach Chen Qingyuan, Chen Qingyuan suddenly looked up at the golden elixir sun hanging in the sky.


Chen Qingyuan snapped his fingers, and a white light flashed, landing on the golden elixir sun at an imperceptible speed.

“Just with you, you want to harm my foundation? Dream on!”

Qin Yutang didn’t feel anything unusual for the time being, and he sneered loudly.


A sharp sound of a sword rang out, particularly piercing.

Qin Yutang didn’t stop, and a sword pierced towards Chen Qingyuan’s forehead.


At the critical moment, Chen Qingyuan’s body leaned to the side, avoiding the sword while reaching out his right hand, pinching the incoming sword between his index and middle fingers.

Just as Qin Yutang was about to use another sword move and cut off Chen Qingyuan’s right hand, an anomaly occurred.

The scene of the golden elixir sun hanging high in the sky actually cracked.

Qin Yutang’s body suddenly sank, and when he turned around, his face turned pale, his eyes wide open in disbelief. “No… it’s impossible.”

Just now, Chen Qingyuan’s finger clearly struck the barrier of the golden elixir vision, so how could it have harmed the vision?

Qin Yutang couldn’t accept this.

Seeing the crack becoming longer and spreading to many parts of the golden elixir vision, Qin Yutang clearly felt that something was wrong with his body and began to panic.


Chen Qingyuan pinched the sword and gave it a slight flick, causing the sword to emit a trembling sound.

Qin Yutang immediately let go of the sword in his hand, afraid that the residual force would harm himself.

Seizing this opportunity, Chen Qingyuan slapped Qin Yutang with his left hand.Qin Yutang did not hesitate and threw a punch as well.

At first, the two were at a stalemate, but as the cracks in the Golden Elixir’s manifestation grew more numerous, it directly affected Qin Yutang’s foundation. He spat out blood, his breath became erratic, and he was sent flying tens of thousands of meters, crashing heavily into the ground.

With a “thud,” a deep pit appeared, and Qin Yutang lay in the crater, his body riddled with numerous wounds, bleeding profusely.

The Golden Elixir’s manifestation in the void began to wobble and gradually became blurry.

In just a few breaths, the vision disappeared.

Qin Yutang’s foundation was damaged, his face deathly pale.

From above, Chen Qingyuan tossed the treasured sword he had seized towards the ground, where it stabbed into the earth beside Qin Yutang. He looked down from his elevated position, his gaze cold and detached, exuding a chilling aura that caused the surrounding temperature to plummet.

Qin Yutang had lost.

He was defeated by Chen Qingyuan, whose cultivation level was only at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, and moreover, his Golden Elixir had cracked, damaging his foundation.

Everyone witnessed this scene, dumbstruck.

“Young Sect Master Qin actually lost.”

The Heaven’s Prides of various sects couldn’t believe it, their expressions rich with emotion.

“Why did this happen?”

Many found it hard to accept, looking up at Chen Qingyuan, who stood high above the clouds. His silhouette seemed particularly glaring, too harsh to look at directly.

“It’s impossible to lose, impossible…”

Qin Yutang had lost all face, repeating this sentence over and over, unable to bear it in his heart.

Previously, Qin Yutang had lost to Chen Qingyuan, which had created a mental block. This time, losing to Chen Qingyuan, whose cultivation level was far inferior to his own, transformed that block into a demon in his heart.

If Qin Yutang did not eliminate this inner demon in the future, he would never be able to take another step forward in his life; his cultivation level would be stuck here forever.

“The Junior Brother, when serious, is really handsome!”

The Elders of the Mystic Azure Sect were also shocked; they had never imagined that the battle would end in such a manner.

They thought that even if Chen Qingyuan had used his strongest trump card, at best he would only be able to fight Qin Yutang to a draw. They never expected Chen Qingyuan to dominate Qin Yutang throughout the fight, his strength far exceeding the scope of his cultivation realm.

“Do any of you still want to try?”

Chen Qingyuan turned his gaze to the Heaven’s Prides of the various sects. Wherever his gaze went, no one dared to meet his eyes.

The people of the various sects bowed their heads, overwhelmed by Chen Qingyuan’s aura, and remained silent.

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