Chapter 55 – Chen Qingyuan began to take it seriously, and the battle intensified

The golden elixir phenomenon, like a scorching sun, with a diameter of about ten miles, the golden lines flow, dazzling.

Qin Yutang no longer concealed his own golden elixir, so that everyone could see his true strength. Most importantly, if the golden elixir phenomenon is damaged, it will damage Qin Yutang’s foundation.

At this moment of battle, Qin Yutang only wanted to kill Chen Qingyuan, willing to bear the risk of damaging his foundation.

“Is Sect Master Qin going to fight him to the death!”

The geniuses of various sects instantly understood, their hearts tightening.

“The undamaged golden elixir is a superior foundation. Sect Master Qin’s strength is indeed terrifying, far beyond my own.”

A young man felt inferior, his eyes filled with astonishment.

“Chen Qingyuan is ultimately just a cultivator in the Heavenly Spirit Realm, and will not be able to withstand Sect Master Qin’s next attack.”

Postnatal Realm, Prenatal Realm, Yellow Spirit Realm, Mystic Spirit Realm, Earth Spirit Realm, Heavenly Spirit Realm.

These are the six realms of the physical body, laying the foundation.

The later realms of the Golden Elixir Realm and Elemental Infant Realm are the path to transcendence, capable of changing fate and possessing mysterious and unpredictable power.

Entering the Golden Elixir Realm can extend life by a thousand years. Entering the Elemental Infant Realm can extend life for tens of thousands of years.

If one can cultivate to the realm of great achievement, with many treasures and resources, one might live for thirty thousand years.

“Do you want my life?”

Chen Qingyuan felt the killing intent in Qin Yutang’s eyes, unable to hide it.

Inside the Mystic Azure Sect, a group of elders looked solemn, not wanting the situation to get out of control.

“Sect Master, let me stop this battle!”

A female elder looked at Lin Changsheng, hoping that Chen Qingyuan would not come to any harm.

“Qin Yutang is going all out, clearly intending to kill Junior Brother. With Junior Brother’s current cultivation level, it’s probably difficult to resist.”

The elders all expressed their concerns.

Lin Changsheng had been observing Chen Qingyuan’s changing expression, pondering for a long time: “Junior Brother is not an ordinary person, let him handle it himself! If he can’t even handle this little trouble, how can he reach greater heights in the future.”

In fact, Lin Changsheng was also very worried, but he just didn’t show it.

For the past few years, Lin Changsheng had been concerned about the matters of the Dao Companion Academy. If Chen Qingyuan couldn’t withstand the pressure brought by Qin Yutang, it would be even more difficult for him to go to the Dao Companion Academy in the future.

It’s not that Lin Changsheng is heartless, but he can only trust Chen Qingyuan.

In addition, Lin Changsheng also had a guess that the envoy of the Dao Companion Academy might have already come to the territory of the Mystic Azure Sect, secretly observing Chen Qingyuan’s performance.

If Chen Qingyuan’s performance was too poor, it might affect his chances of becoming a student of the Dao Companion Academy.

With Lin Changsheng’s words, the elders, even if they wanted to stop the battle, could not take any action.

In an elegant hall, Gongsun Nan used a secret method to project the battlefield scene in front of her.

“A contest that spans a great realm, how will you handle it?”

Gongsun Nan was very interested in Chen Qingyuan’s talent and strength, secretly paying attention.

In the battlefield, Qin Yutang made another move.

The sharp edge of the sword, like a thunderbolt, tore through the sky, slashing towards Chen Qingyuan’s Heavenly Spirit.

The power of the golden elixir phenomenon continued to assail, distorting the void around Chen Qingyuan, creating a heavy atmosphere.

Facing Qin Yutang’s attack, Chen Qingyuan tightened his grip on the jade sword in his hand and lightly swung it.


The sword light flickered, and the residual force spread in all directions.

“I originally wanted to play with you, but it’s a pity you’ve gone too far.”

Chen Qingyuan’s expression became unusually serious, a rare sight.

All along, Chen Qingyuan gave the impression of being crafty and carefree, like a naive playboy. But when he got serious, he was ruthless and unforgiving.

It was clear that Qin Yutang intended to take Chen Qingyuan’s life, full of killing intent.

In response, Chen Qingyuan would no longer toy with Qin Yutang, wanting to make him understand what true despair and the gap between them meant.

“Swords are not used like this.”

Chen Qingyuan murmured, his eyes extremely sharp.

Suddenly, Chen Qingyuan no longer focused on defense, but took a step towards Qin Yutang, and the sword intent flooded the space like a tide.

For over a hundred years, the red-dressed girl forced Chen Qingyuan to read countless ancient texts and secret techniques, making him familiar with all kinds of weapons, even reaching the level of mastery.

If Chen Qingyuan did not fulfill the red-dressed girl’s requirements, he would be thrown to the bottom of a bottomless abyss, shrouded in endless darkness and loneliness, to reflect and contemplate. Or he would have his meridians broken by the red-dressed girl, reconnected, and endure inhuman pain.

Because Chen Qingyuan had suffered for many years, when the red-dressed girl said she wanted to become Dao Companions with him, he was terrified. A hundred years of torment was long enough, and the thought of becoming Dao Companions was terrifying.

So, under the “kind” request of the red-dressed girl, Chen Qingyuan had to fulfill nine agreements in order to resolve the karma between them.

“To control the sword with the heart is the superior way.”

Although Chen Qingyuan couldn’t communicate with the jade sword in his hand, he could sense the path of the sword’s Dao Mark, and then magnify it, displaying a special sword technique.


At that moment, Chen Qingyuan appeared in front of Qin Yutang, only a kilometer away.

Chen Qingyuan thrust his sword, without any flashy sword techniques or oppressive momentum.

A simple move, like an ordinary person wielding a sword.

Qin Yutang had fought Chen Qingyuan many times and knew that Chen Qingyuan was not as simple as he appeared on the surface. He didn’t dare to be careless, switching from offense to defense and raising his sword to block.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Qingyuan’s sword pierced Qin Yutang’s chest. Fortunately, Qin Yutang had prepared for the defense in advance and blocked the blow with his sword.

At the moment when the two swords touched, Qin Yutang realized how correct his decision was.


What seemed like a simple attack was actually the true essence of swordsmanship. When it touched a physical object, it would unleash its rightful brilliance.

The jade sword in Chen Qingyuan’s hand erupted with a terrifying sword intent, like a mountain exploding, overturning the void and pushing Qin Yutang back dozens of miles.

“Junior Brother’s swordsmanship has reached the realm of returning to the basics, this…”

“In my impression, Junior Brother is not a sword cultivator!”

“Don’t look at me, I don’t know either.”The Elders were all dumbfounded, with no one clear about the current situation.

Under normal circumstances, only sword cultivators who have practiced for over a thousand years and possess extremely high talent could reach such a realm.

However, Chen Qingyuan was previously a cultivator proficient in magical techniques, with little exposure to the Sword Dao.

“Could it be…”

Everyone suddenly thought of the Sky Abyss Restricted Zone, exchanging glances with each other, hesitant to speak.

“Don’t say what shouldn’t be said, just watch carefully!”

Lin Changsheng warned.

The crowd understood the importance of this matter, their expressions solemn. If the outside world were to learn that Chen Qingyuan had previously been ignorant of the Sword Dao, it would certainly lead to much speculation and endless trouble.

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