Chapter 54 – Amazing strength

Chen Qingyuan lightly dispelled the sword’s might, leaving many people feeling shocked and astonished.

Many had thought that Chen Qingyuan would struggle, but who knew it would be so effortless.

Qin Yutang’s eyes narrowed slightly, not daring to underestimate Chen Qingyuan, planning to go all out and not give any chance.

“You think this kind of pressure can harm me? Ridiculous.”

Inadvertently, Chen Qingyuan thought of his hundred years in the Sky Abyss, which truly felt like an eternity!

The red-dressed girl often threw Chen Qingyuan into terrifying secret realms, tempering his character and overcoming fear. Or she made Chen Qingyuan endure an unknown and terrifying pressure with his physical body, training his endurance.

In short, despite leaving the Sky Abyss in a disabled state, Chen Qingyuan’s gains were indescribable.

“Though tricky, it’s not enough to give me a headache.”

Since Chen Qingyuan fused with that golden Dao Bone, he had never truly made a move. This time, he planned to battle Qin Yutang, not only to deter various small factions, but also to verify his true strength.

In the death domain of the Northern Cang Star Domain, Chen Qingyuan obtained a silver spear, which he had been studying for days without any clue.

The only thing he was certain of was that the silver spear was an unparalleled Dao Treasure, not to be easily revealed unless absolutely necessary, to avoid attracting others’ covetousness.

In the battle against Qin Yutang, Chen Qingyuan didn’t plan to use all his trump cards, just a slight display.

“Everyone’s watching the excitement. Whoever is convenient, lend me a weapon.”

Chen Qingyuan turned to look at the fellow disciples standing near the mountain gate and said loudly.

“Junior Master, this is my sword, you can use it!”

“This is the Profound Ice Blade, a spiritual treasure I obtained in a secret realm.”

“Use mine!”


The core disciples and inner disciples threw their weapons into the air, competing to offer them.

The battle between Junior Master and the Young Sect Master of the Heavenly Jade Sect attracted everyone from the Mystic Azure Sect. Except for those elders and disciples who had to be on duty, everyone was watching eagerly.

“Junior Master and Qin Yutang can be considered rivals! Many people will definitely pay attention to today’s battle.”

“Our Junior Master, apart from being a bit greedy and sharp-tongued, is simply perfect!”

“Bai Xixue of the Eastern Joy Palace is blind to not appreciate our Junior Master. If Junior Master wins this time, he will definitely be able to hold his head high and make the Eastern Joy Palace regret it!”

“I heard that when the Heavenly Jade Sect and the Eastern Joy Palace were engaged, Junior Master gave a white umbrella. Do you think Junior Master still likes Bai Xixue?”

“Impossible, Junior Master is not a bootlicker, he wouldn’t waste his time for an ungrateful woman.”

No matter where, there was no shortage of people who liked to gossip.

The disciples of the Mystic Azure Sect used to discuss in secret, but now they were discussing openly. Even some elders joined in, starting to gossip.

Looking at the thousands of spiritual treasures in the void, Chen Qingyuan glanced over them and selected a jade sword, about three feet long, crystal clear, like a perfect work of art.

“It’s my sword! Yes!”

A certain inner disciple was overjoyed.

“Junior Master, beat up Qin Yutang without mercy.”

Everyone shouted loudly.

“Yes! Junior Master, let the world know how formidable you are.”

Surprisingly, Chen Qingyuan’s reputation in the Mystic Azure Sect was quite significant, and everyone was looking forward to seeing him display his skills.

The disciples of the Mystic Azure Sect looked excited, but deep down, they were somewhat worried.

Even if Chen Qingyuan was so extraordinary, he was still just a cultivator in the Heavenly Spirit Realm for the time being. Could he really win against Qin Yutang, who was at the peak of the Golden Elixir Realm?

Chen Qingyuan held the jade sword and faced off against Qin Yutang.

“Let’s change the location, don’t disturb the Mystic Azure Sect’s mountain gate.”

After a moment of stalemate, Chen Qingyuan said this and ran towards a nearby open space.

Qin Yutang immediately chased after, afraid that Chen Qingyuan would slip away.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on them. Some people used Dao techniques to watch, while others took out spirit mirrors to project the battlefield’s image.

“Chen Qingyuan, you’re as good as dead.”

Suddenly, Qin Yutang let out a cold laugh.


Chen Qingyuan didn’t tolerate Qin Yutang, and directly slashed with his sword.


A sword light emerged from the jade sword and fell to where Qin Yutang was standing.

Qin Yutang blocked with his sword, unscathed.

“You’re using someone else’s sword to fight me, unable to fully unleash the power of this sword. You’re seeking death.”

Weapons have spirits, and Chen Qingyuan and this jade sword had no soul contract, equivalent to holding a rather sharp ordinary soldier, with little killing power.Chen Qingyuan smiled without a word, deliberately doing so to let Qin Yutang taste true despair, to make him regret being his enemy for the rest of his life.


Qin Yutang’s sword thrust forth like a dragon, tearing a long gash in the void before him, as the sea of clouds churned, spreading for ten thousand miles.

Chen Qingyuan defended in the simplest of ways, effortlessly blocking Qin Yutang’s powerful strike without sustaining any damage.

“How can this be!”

Seeing Chen Qingyuan standing with his sword, Qin Yutang was shocked. He had channeled all his Spiritual Qi into that strike, believing that even the Heaven’s Prides of the same realm would struggle to withstand it.

“Too weak.”

Chen Qingyuan sneered with contempt.

“Could it be that his cultivation level is beyond the Heavenly Spirit Realm?”

Qin Yutang couldn’t help but speculate.

However, when Chen Qingyuan made his move, he exuded the genuine aura of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, which shouldn’t be possible to fake!

“I didn’t understand her meaning before, but now I might have some clue.”

As if in a trance, the words of the Red-Dressed Girl echoed in Chen Qingyuan’s ears. Shattering his Foundation, dispersing his Cultivation Level, all was for Chen Qingyuan’s sake, to lay down a new, Imperfectionless Foundation.

A towering building rises from the ground; to reach greater heights in the future, the foundation must be solid, without any flaws.

“It must be an illusion.”

Qin Yutang steadied his heart and attacked once more.


Suddenly, the battle intensified, with Qin Yutang on the offensive and Chen Qingyuan on the defensive.

No matter how fierce Qin Yutang’s attacks were, Chen Qingyuan could handle them with ease.

After half a Time, Qin Yutang had used most of his trump cards and still couldn’t suppress Chen Qingyuan, causing some panic in his heart.

From beginning to end, Chen Qingyuan maintained a calm and collected demeanor.

“You’re forcing my hand.”

Qin Yutang had initially only wanted to teach Chen Qingyuan a lesson, but now he changed his mind, pouring out all his strength without reservation.


A resonant Dao melody echoed through the heavens.

Qin Yutang’s body radiated golden light, with the phantom of a Golden Elixir hovering above his head, dazzlingly bright.

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