Chapter 53 – Prepare to battle Qin Yutang

In the face of Chen Qingyuan’s sarcasm, Qin Yutang and others were livid with anger.

This is the territory of the Mystic Azure Sect, and no one dared to act directly. After discussing, they made a decision. No one wanted to bear the entire cost of the bet alone, so each person contributed a portion to gather ten thousand pieces of medium-quality spirit stones.

“Who will fight?”

Hundreds of people looked at each other, and only one person could be chosen to compete with Chen Qingyuan, taking this opportunity to teach him a lesson.

“I’ll go!”

Qin Yutang volunteered, holding a grudge against Chen Qingyuan for a long time.

“We won’t doubt the strength of Sect Master Qin, but Chen Qingyuan is not a simple character. We must not be careless.”

Someone glanced at Chen Qingyuan, feeling a bit uneasy.

Chen Qingyuan was so confident, perhaps hiding some trump cards. Moreover, as everyone observed Chen Qingyuan, they did not discover his specific level of cultivation, causing them to feel apprehensive.

With the protection of the jade bracelet, Chen Qingyuan’s body was shrouded in a layer of white mist, making it impossible for anyone to see through.

“I understand everyone’s concerns. This time, I will definitely suppress Chen Qingyuan.”

As the Young Sect Master of the Heavenly Jade Sect, Qin Yutang’s talent was naturally exceptional. A hundred years ago, he encountered the extremely abnormal Chen Qingyuan and was suppressed at every turn, finding it difficult to display the brilliance he should have as a Heaven’s Pride.

In fact, a hundred years ago, Qin Yutang had already reached the Golden Elixir Realm, and he was currently at the peak of the Golden Elixir Realm. He had not advanced to the Elemental Infant Realm not because of insufficient resources and talent, but because of unresolved issues in his Dao Heart.

Only by defeating Chen Qingyuan could Qin Yutang achieve clarity in his Dao Heart and step into the Elemental Infant Realm.

Today was a rare opportunity, and Qin Yutang had to seize it.

“In that case, we entrust this battle to Sect Master Qin.”

After some consideration, everyone agreed.

Among this group of people, Qin Yutang’s strength was considered top-notch, and it was believed that he would not lose to Chen Qingyuan, who had just re-cultivated his Dao Body.

Even if Chen Qingyuan was an evildoer, it was impossible for him to cultivate to the Elemental Infant Realm in just a few years!

Qin Yutang threw a Heaven and Earth Bag filled with over ten thousand pieces of medium-quality spirit stones at Chen Qingyuan, his eyes sharp as a knife: “Take it!”

Chen Qingyuan also took out an equal amount of spirit stones and placed the two Heaven and Earth Bags to the side: “Whoever wins can take them.”

“Now, are you ready to fight?”

Qin Yutang was indifferent to the spirit stones. His only concern now was to defeat Chen Qingyuan with all his might and humiliate him by trampling him underfoot.

“First, I want to ask, is this a no-rules fight to the death, or a fair fight at the same level of cultivation?”

Chen Qingyuan could feel the hostility in Qin Yutang’s eyes.

“The cultivation world is extremely cruel, where is there any fairness to speak of?”

The implication was that in an unregulated fight to the death, it was only natural to die.

Qin Yutang would rather lose face than fight Chen Qingyuan at the same level, as it would be easy to capsize. He could use the advantage of his cultivation to crush his opponent, so there was no need to suppress his level of cultivation.

If it was a friendly sparring match between friends, it would be understandable.

However, Qin Yutang and Chen Qingyuan were enemies, and suppressing his level of cultivation would be foolish.

“I understand your meaning.”

Chen Qingyuan did not show much emotional change, a meaningful smile lingering on his lips.

Regardless of the method Qin Yutang chose, it would not affect Chen Qingyuan.

A fight at the same level of cultivation would mean that Qin Yutang had no chance of winning. That was why he did not make this foolish choice.

However, did Qin Yutang really think that he could defeat Chen Qingyuan by relying on the advantage of his cultivation level?

Chen Qingyuan dared to accept the challenge today because he had confidence and would not rashly agree.

“If you dare not, perhaps I will agree if you beg for mercy and take your Dao Friends to leave the Mystic Azure Sect.”

Qin Yutang sneered.

Everyone stared at Chen Qingyuan, their faces filled with the joy of victory, as if they had already seen Chen Qingyuan defeated.

“Qin Yutang, you were defeated by me many times in the past, and you still haven’t learned your lesson!” Chen Qingyuan lightly shook his head, sighing, “Alas! You’ve brought this upon yourself for me to slap you in the face.”

“Everyone, please step back.”

Qin Yutang turned to the young people of the various sects, and a sword appeared in his hand.

As the battle was about to begin, everyone immediately stepped back, standing in the void, watching intently without turning away.

Chen Qingyuan slowly walked out, dressed in a green robe, his ink-black hair tied back with a thick rope, and his slender fingers lightly touched the void at his side.


The void twisted slightly, like ripples on water, extending all the way to Qin Yutang.

With each step Chen Qingyuan took forward, his momentum changed, and his level of cultivation gradually became apparent.

Postnatal Realm, Prenatal Realm, Yellow Spirit Realm…

Until he reached the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, his cultivation level no longer changed.

Everyone was shocked to feel Chen Qingyuan’s fluctuating level of cultivation.

“Calculating the time, Chen Qingyuan’s injuries were healed by the Ghost Doctor Predecessor, and yet, in just five or six years, why has he already re-cultivated to the Heavenly Spirit Realm?”

Not only were the Heaven’s Pride of the various sects astonished, but even the people of the Mystic Azure Sect were also taken aback, their expressions changing suddenly.

“Junior Brother, when did you cultivate to this level? Does anyone know?”

In a certain palace of the Mystic Azure Sect, Lin Changsheng looked at a group of Elders, hoping someone could give him an answer.

“I don’t know.”

The Elders all shook their heads.

Five years ago, when Chen Qingyuan returned, he displayed the level of the Earth Spirit Realm. Later, Chen Qingyuan continued to hide his growth with special means, not allowing others to discover his rate of progress.In just five short years, Chen Qingyuan had leaped from the Earth Spirit Realm to the pinnacle of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, which truly astonished Sect Master Lin Changsheng and the others.

“Junior Brother’s cultivation speed is even faster than in the past, it’s terrifying!”

The Elders secretly marveled.

At the sect’s gate, after the initial surprise, the Heaven’s Prides of various sects came up with a reasonable explanation: “Chen Qingyuan’s talent was extraordinary to begin with, and he already had a foundation, so it’s not difficult for him to recover to this step in a short time.”

Qin Yutang, with a stern face, stood high above, looking down at Chen Qingyuan, who was slowly approaching, as if everything was under his control.

Qin Yutang was a cultivator at the pinnacle of the Golden Elixir Realm, and no matter how exceptional Chen Qingyuan’s methods were, he couldn’t escape the palm of his hand.

“The humiliation of the past must be cleansed today.”

After glancing at Chen Qingyuan, Qin Yutang thought to himself, gripping the treasure sword in his hand. The sword’s momentum whipped up a fierce wind, heading straight for Chen Qingyuan.

The sword’s force was immense, bearing down on him.

Chen Qingyuan did not dodge or retreat, but kept moving forward.


With a flick of his sleeve, Chen Qingyuan directly blasted away Qin Yutang’s powerful sword momentum.


Seeing this, many changed their expressions dramatically, disbelieving.

Although no one had thought that Chen Qingyuan would be suppressed by a mere sword force, he was only a cultivator of the Heavenly Spirit Realm. How could he so easily dispel the pressure of a cultivator at the pinnacle of the Golden Elixir Realm!

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