Chapter 47 – I look down on your nouveau riche face

The senior brothers blocked Chen Qingyuan, who stood awkwardly in place. “Senior brothers, is there something you need?”

“You made a big profit, don’t you think you should share some with your senior brothers?”

The senior brothers were straightforward in stating their intentions.

“Oh, I see. No problem.”

Chen Qingyuan pretended to suddenly understand.

“We all lent you our Heaven and Earth Bags, so we expect some interest in return.”

It’s not that the senior brothers were stingy, they really didn’t have any money!

The senior brothers present had lived for thousands of years, but they were short on resources and always seemed to be struggling. If it weren’t for their tight financial situation, they wouldn’t have asked Chen Qingyuan for spirit stones.

Glancing at the senior brothers, most of them had families and it wasn’t easy for them to save up some private stash.

One of the senior brothers was wearing a Dao robe with a patch on it, which made Chen Qingyuan shudder inwardly and think, “I’m an elder of the Mystic Azure Sect, a powerful figure in the Divine Transformation Realm. I shouldn’t be in such a sorry state.”

The Mystic Azure Sect didn’t encroach on the resources of other sects, nor did they engage in theft and robbery. Despite the high cultivation levels of these senior brothers, they didn’t have much to their name.

The Flow Star Domain’s secret realm had been almost completely mined, and there were rarely any new secret realms appearing, which made life difficult for the senior brothers.

Fortunately, the sisters-in-law were in charge of the finances and seemed to have foreseen this day. They provided the senior brothers with enough resources for cultivation at regular intervals. However, they absolutely refused to provide spirit stones for drinking and revelry.

“Take it!”

Chen Qingyuan had just made a fortune from Han Shan and all the senior brothers present received a share.

One of the senior brothers looked at the medium-quality spirit stones in his hand and then at the generous Chen Qingyuan, saying in a fierce tone, “Junior brother, I can’t stand your nouveau riche attitude. If you have the guts, give me more spirit stones to death.”


Everyone glanced at the senior brother and cursed him for being shameless.

“It’s not that I’m bragging, but a thousand years ago, I wouldn’t even bother looking at your measly spirit stones. Even if they fell on the ground, I wouldn’t bother picking them up because it’s too much effort.”

“We’ve been consuming a lot of resources in recent years, and there’s nowhere to earn money. Our monthly salary is so little, it’s really tough!”

“In fact, our Mystic Azure Sect isn’t poor. The treasure trove is full of good things. However, we need to maintain the spirit formations and be prepared for any eventuality, so we can only live frugally.”

“Junior brother, how about I act as your protector for a while, and you can pay me a hardship fee every month.”

The senior brothers spoke one after another, expressing their hardships in recent years.

In fact, as cultivators with high cultivation levels, they had many ways to earn spirit stones. However, they didn’t want to leave the Mystic Azure Sect or become offerings to certain commercial associations. They relied on their monthly salary to make a living, which made them look so destitute.

In summary, they were lazy!

They wouldn’t go out to earn money unless absolutely necessary.

“That’s enough to keep you entertained for a while.”

Chen Qingyuan wasn’t worried about the senior brothers’ cultivation resources, as the sisters-in-law knew what they needed. When they received spirit stones, they would use them to buy fine wine or visit lively places.

“How stingy.”

After receiving benefits from Chen Qingyuan, everyone left but not without grumbling a bit.

Chen Qingyuan didn’t mind and just shook his head with a smile.

Afterward, Chen Qingyuan gave some spirit stones to his senior sister, kept some for himself, and put the rest in the mission hall to increase the rewards for sect disciples after completing missions.

The missions in the hall were quite normal, such as dealing with robbers who were killing and looting in a certain area, with the disciples who were confident in their abilities taking on the tasks.

This not only enhanced the reputation of the Mystic Azure Sect but also allowed the disciples to gain practical combat experience and earn additional resources for their cultivation. It was a win-win situation.

Chen Qingyuan had established this mission hall, greatly improving the overall level of the sect’s disciples.

In addition, Chen Qingyuan had also created many things to gradually increase the sense of belonging among the disciples.

An hour later, Han Shan arrived at Chen Qingyuan’s cultivation cave.

“How did it go?”

Chen Qingyuan poured a cup of tea for Han Shan and asked with a smile.

“Sigh! It’s not quite right.”

Han Shan sighed lightly.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Qingyuan was curious.

“Fairy Lingran is excellent in every way, but there’s one regret.” Han Shan sighed, “I wanted to find a Dao companion who likes jasmine flowers, but Fairy Lingran doesn’t like jasmine, she prefers roses.”

“And then?” Chen Qingyuan asked.

“Then I left. It ended this destined but unfulfilled relationship.”

Han Shan felt it was a pity, but he had no regrets.

“You’re something else.”

Chen Qingyuan gave him a thumbs up, admiring him.

“A Dao companion is a lifelong partner, and it can’t be taken lightly. If two people’s interests don’t align, their future life won’t be happy.”

At first, Liu Lingran didn’t know how to refuse, but Han Shan took the initiative to say that they weren’t quite suitable, apologized, and left, leaving Liu Lingran sitting in the room looking confused.

Han Shan had high requirements for a Dao companion, not only in terms of talent and appearance but also in terms of shared interests.

“Old Han, I hope you find the right Dao companion in your heart.”

Chen Qingyuan patted Han Shan on the shoulder, feeling sincere.

“Fate is something that can’t be forced. Let it be natural!”

In fact, Han Shan felt that Liu Lingran was excellent in every way, but he couldn’t muster the kind of love at first sight feeling. At most, it was just an appreciation of a beautiful woman.

“Good point,” Chen Qingyuan said.

“I came to say goodbye, I’m going back.”

After saying this, Han Shan waved his hand and left.

“I won’t see you off.”

Watching Han Shan leave, Chen Qingyuan felt a little guilty, after all, he had taken advantage of his own brother.

Not long after, Chen Qingyuan’s mood improved considerably.Occasionally pranking a brother is no big deal; Han Shan isn’t someone who hasn’t pranked Chen Qingyuan before. They understand each other. When it comes to dangerous matters, both sides know their limits and wouldn’t joke around recklessly.

Meanwhile, as the powerful figures from various Sects returned to their respective forces, the news of the Ghost Doctor’s personal visit to the Mystic Azure Sect spread to every corner of the Flow Star Domain, causing a stir.

“The Ghost Doctor, rumored to be a woman?”

“It’s said that the Ghost Doctor has a peculiar temperament. Why would she take such a special interest in Chen Qingyuan and personally come to the Mystic Azure Sect to support him?”

“It is rumored that Chen Qingyuan calls the Ghost Doctor ‘sister,’ and she has tacitly agreed. To deter the heroes, the Ghost Doctor effortlessly suppressed the Protecting Sect Elder of the Eastern Joy Palace, forcing her to kneel and beg for mercy, narrowly escaping with her life.”

“This time, the pressure from the various Sects on the Mystic Azure Sect not only failed to extract useful information about the Sky Abyss but also resulted in a complete loss of face.”

The matter was the talk of the town everywhere, creating quite a buzz.

The revelation that Chen Qingyuan could cultivate also suddenly came to light, sending a shiver through the hearts of many Cultivators. Bai Xixue of the Eastern Joy Palace, dressed in a plain long dress, gazed into the distance, lost in thought.

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