Chapter 46 – The mysterious origin of Han Shan, a true local tycoon

“Junior Master, you are so naughty.”

Thinking of the trick played on Han Shan, Liu Lingran couldn’t help but smile.

“I am an upright person, don’t make random judgments,” Chen Qingyuan said, walking confidently towards the reception hall.

Having promised Chen Qingyuan to handle the matter, Liu Lingran couldn’t slack off. She had to think carefully about what to say and prepare herself mentally.

As time passed in the Mystic Azure Sect’s reception hall, Han Shan became increasingly excited and couldn’t sit still.

Looking up, Han Shan saw Chen Qingyuan arriving on a cloud, and exclaimed, “Brother Chen!”

Having settled things with Liu Lingran, Chen Qingyuan walked over confidently.

“Brother Chen, when will the Fairy arrive?” Han Shan asked with a flattering smile.

“Wait and see!” Chen Qingyuan walked into the reception hall and sat down on a nearby chair.

Han Shan followed eagerly and sat down beside him. “You have to tell me who it is! Otherwise, I won’t be at ease.”

“Have you heard of the three fairies of the Flow Star Domain?” Chen Qingyuan hinted instead of directly revealing.

“I’ve heard of them. It is said that the three fairies of the Flow Star Domain are all beautiful women, with unparalleled looks,” Han Shan joined in on the topic of beautiful women.

“This time, I’m introducing you to the Fairy Lingran of the Mystic Azure Sect. She is the goddess in the hearts of countless young talents, unattainable,” Chen Qingyuan praised.

“This…” Han Shan was so excited that he couldn’t speak for a long time. He then grabbed Chen Qingyuan’s hand and said, “Brother Chen, I misunderstood you! You really went all out for me and didn’t just find someone to deceive me.”

“Let go.” Chen Qingyuan shook off Han Shan’s hand, showing a look of disdain on his face. “We are half-brothers with different mothers. I can’t deceive you.”

“You’re right,” Han Shan nodded heavily.

“Although I introduced you to Fairy Lingran, whether there will be any results depends on your own abilities. Don’t be too stingy on your first meeting. Prepare a decent gift,” Chen Qingyuan encouraged.

“Yes, the gift for the first meeting must be generous. The first impression is very important,” Han Shan agreed wholeheartedly.

“And one more thing,” Chen Qingyuan cleared his throat and hinted with his eyes. “I’ve been running around for you and it’s been exhausting.”

Han Shan instantly understood and took out a Heaven and Earth Bag, generously handing it to Chen Qingyuan. “Brother Chen, take it!”

Since the hardship fee was delivered to him, Chen Qingyuan had no reason to refuse. He took the bag and said politely, “This is too much trouble, it’s just a token of appreciation. Please don’t give too much.”

Then, Chen Qingyuan opened the Heaven and Earth Bag and probed it with his divine sense.

At first glance, he was shocked. “A medium-quality Spirit Vein!”

If fully developed, there would probably be ten thousand medium-quality Spirit Stones. As long as the source of the Spirit Vein was not damaged, it could continue to produce endlessly over time.

What a generous gift!

When the Eastern Joy Palace sent Chen Qingyuan away, they only gave him a medium-quality Spirit Vein. Compared to Han Shan, the Eastern Joy Palace, as a first-class power, was really stingy.

Chen Qingyuan suddenly looked up at Han Shan with a look of shock and disbelief. “Old Han, when did you become so wealthy? Although we are greedy for money, a gentleman knows the proper way to acquire it and wouldn’t resort to dishonest means.”

“Where do you think I got it from? This is all my own money, and it’s clean, at least a hundred times cleaner than yours,” Han Shan snorted.

“I’ve been trapped in the Sky Abyss for over a hundred years. What have you been up to?” Chen Qingyuan asked.

To be honest, if it was a legitimate business, Chen Qingyuan really wanted to get involved. After all, earning money with his brother was not a bad idea.

“It’s complicated,” Han Shan recalled and sighed.

“Tell me!” Chen Qingyuan couldn’t wait.

“In short,” Han Shan didn’t want to hide anything, as he prepared the gift with his back to Chen Qingyuan. “I was picked up and raised by my master since I was young. A hundred years ago, I suddenly encountered a group of mysterious people who said I was the young master of a certain power and had accidentally ended up here.”

“I thought they were too ugly, at least not as handsome as me, so they must have had ulterior motives. I didn’t go back with them. Then, they said the family could understand and gave me a few businesses to manage, as a kind of test.”

“If I fail the test, I have to go back and inherit part of the family business. They said a lot, but I didn’t pay much attention. Later, those people introduced me to the managers of the businesses, and it was a great opportunity that I couldn’t miss.”

“…” Chen Qingyuan listened to this and felt a bit confused.

If the business failed, he had to go home and inherit the family business. What kind of nonsense was this!

Was this guy learning a few tricks from me and trying to deceive me?

Chen Qingyuan looked at Han Shan with a hint of suspicion, constantly assessing him.

On second thought, if it wasn’t as Han Shan said, how could he be so wealthy?

However, what Han Shan said was too far-fetched! It was hard to believe!

“Old Han, what kind of businesses are they?” Chen Qingyuan asked in a low voice.”According to the rules they set, I can’t disclose anything, otherwise, I’ll be deemed a failure and they’ll forcibly take me somewhere. At that time, I was too busy looking at the ledger and all the treasures in the room, I didn’t listen carefully, but it was something like that!”

Han Shan replied.

“You little rascal… you’ve suddenly become so asking for a beating!”

Chen Qingyuan’s curiosity was piqued, yet he couldn’t get an answer, which was truly frustrating.

“You can’t beat me now, if you try to make a move, I’ll end up giving you a beating instead.” Han Shan turned his head to lock eyes with Chen Qingyuan, revealing a smile that was just asking for a punch: “If things work out between me and Fairy Liu Lingran, I’ll give you a big red envelope.”

“Get lost!” Chen Qingyuan kicked Han Shan.

Han Shan lightly dusted off his clothes, not caring in the least.

An hour later, dusk fell.

Liu Lingran came walking over from Jade Bamboo Peak, dressed in a snow-white long dress with a hem about three meters long, fluttering gracefully. She wore a plain veil and had her long hair tied behind her, with strands falling along her waist against the white dress.

Seeing Liu Lingran approaching with lotuses blooming at her every step, Han Shan’s eyes nearly popped out, each step touching his heart.

Truly worthy of being one of the three Fairies of the Flow Star Domain, her reputation was well-deserved.

“What are you looking at? Go over and show some courtesy.”

When Liu Lingran reached the entrance of the side hall, Han Shan was still dazed, so Chen Qingyuan, standing by, hurriedly spoke up.

Han Shan snapped back to reality, suppressed the excitement in his heart, and with a polite bow, smiled and said: “Greetings, Fairy Liu Lingran. I am Han Shan, I believe Brother Chen has already mentioned me to you.”

“Dao Friend Han Shan, you are too kind.”

Liu Lingran bowed slightly in return, as a sign of respect.

“This is a token of my appreciation, please accept it.”

Han Shan took out an exquisitely crafted Heaven and Earth Bag, his heart pounding nonstop.

“Thank you.” Liu Lingran accepted it without any pretense.

“Let’s go inside and talk!”

Han Shan gestured towards the hall, making an inviting gesture.


Liu Lingran walked in and winked at Chen Qingyuan inside the room.

Brother, it’s not that I’m betraying you, it’s just that I really have no choice!

Chen Qingyuan made up an excuse and quickly slipped away. Inside the side hall, only Liu Lingran and Han Shan were left chatting.

“Junior Brother, stop right there!”

Just as Chen Qingyuan was about to head back, many Senior Brothers, having finished cleaning the main hall, started to appear.

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