Chapter 48 – Bai Xixue stepped into Goose Snow City, so confused

Bai Xixue heard that Chen Qingyuan had once again embarked on the path of cultivation, and her heart was filled with mixed emotions.

Since the cancellation of the marriage alliance between the Eastern Joy Palace and the Heavenly Jade Sect, Bai Xixue’s situation had become awkward, and she often heard rumors that made her feel uncomfortable.

Even so, Bai Xixue had no regrets about her decision, because she believed that even without the appearance of Qin Yutang from the Heavenly Jade Sect, she and Chen Qingyuan would have had a difficult future.

Although Bai Xixue was not the top Heaven’s Pride of the current generation, she still had a bright future ahead of her. As for Chen Qingyuan, who had become a useless person, his life was already doomed.

Having thought this through, Bai Xixue refused to dwell on the past with Chen Qingyuan, insisting on her choice with a heart as firm as iron and no regrets.

However, at this moment, Bai Xixue’s heart was filled with different emotions as she looked into the distance with a complex glint in her eyes.

She remained silent, tightly gripping her clothes, revealing her inner turmoil.

She bit her red lips, refusing to release her teeth even after they drew blood.

After some time, she finally averted her gaze, her eyes becoming more resolute as she murmured to herself, “Even if he can embark on the path of cultivation again, he definitely won’t reach the heights of the past. The Heaven’s Prides who were once trampled under his feet have already left him far behind.”

Bai Xixue still refused to back down, not believing that she had made a mistake.

“I will reach a higher position and watch you climb step by step. Even without your help, I can still carve out a place for myself and see a more beautiful world.”

Bai Xixue could not deny her choice, as it would affect her Dao Heart and cause her soul to be in turmoil. No matter what, she could not admit to this mistake and would see it through to the end.

She understood Chen Qingyuan’s temperament very well, and their cause and effect had already been severed, never to return to the past. Since she couldn’t go back, she could only make herself even more outstanding to avoid feeling regret and self-abandonment.

“You already know about the recent events in the Mystic Azure Sect, right?”

At this moment, Yao Susu arrived, landing beside Bai Xixue.

“Master,” Bai Xixue bowed and said as she stood up, “Disciple is already aware.”

“Chen Qingyuan has joined forces with the Ghost Doctor, and his Spiritual Root has been restored. His luck is truly extraordinary. If you still have lingering feelings for him, you can try to reconnect with him,” Yao Susu said softly.

Upon hearing this, Bai Xixue did not hesitate at all and firmly refused, “Please refrain from speaking about this again, Master. I have no connection with Chen Qingyuan anymore.”

“Alright!” Seeing Bai Xixue’s resolute appearance, Yao Susu was taken aback, not expecting such a strong reaction from Bai Xixue.

“Master, I want to enter the Goose Snow City.”

Following this, Bai Xixue made a decision.

“Are you out of your mind?” Yao Susu frowned, surprised.

“Disciple is not out of her mind, she just wants to give it a try,” Bai Xixue wanted to make herself stronger, and this was the only path to take.

The Goose Snow City was a secret place within the Eastern Joy Palace, filled with numerous traps and extreme danger. Since the establishment of the Eastern Joy Palace, the founding ancestor had set a rule that only those who passed the test of the Goose Snow City could become the Holy Son or Holy Daughter of the Eastern Joy Palace.

Calculating the time, it had been over three thousand years since the last Holy Son and Holy Daughter were established in the Eastern Joy Palace.

Many core disciples’ bodies were piled up inside the Goose Snow City, and very few managed to walk out alive.

“It’s not that I look down on you, but the Goose Snow City is extremely dangerous, not a place to be taken lightly!” Yao Susu advised.

“I have made up my mind. Please help me report to the sect, Master,” Bai Xixue’s gaze was resolute.

Rather than enduring the whispers and gossip of others in secret, she would rather risk her life and make a bet. Either she would overcome all the difficulties and ascend to the position of Holy Daughter, or she would die in the Goose Snow City, which was better than enduring the torment in her heart.

Bai Xixue had finally stabilized her Dao Heart, not allowing herself to feel regret. However, she was afraid that if this continued for too long, she would not be able to bear it and would ultimately become the laughingstock of others.


Looking at Bai Xixue’s determined eyes, Yao Susu seemed to understand why Bai Xixue was like this and did not try to dissuade her any longer, nodding heavily.

Several days later, under the watchful eyes of the high-level members, Bai Xixue stepped into the secret Goose Snow City.

“One wrong step, and it’s all over.”

The Holy Lord of the Eastern Joy Palace, Du Ruosheng, who had once broken out of the Goose Snow City, had a deep understanding of the level of danger in the Goose Snow City and believed that Bai Xixue’s chances of survival were slim.

“No one expected that Chen Qingyuan would be able to embark on the path of cultivation again. Not only that, but he also gained the favor of the Ghost Doctor and is willing to protect the Dao for him,” a senior elder sighed, causing a sense of regret.

“Without my orders, no one is allowed to deal with the Mystic Azure Sect and Chen Qingyuan. Those who violate this order will be punished according to the sect’s rules,” Du Ruosheng sensed a hint of unease, fearing that the elder Lui Ruoyi, who was protecting the sect, would be humiliated and seek revenge on Chen Qingyuan, causing trouble for the Eastern Joy Palace.

“Yes!” Everyone accepted the order and dared not go against the will of the Holy Lord.

In a certain place in the Flow Star Domain, after the Ghost Doctor left the Mystic Azure Sect, he did not immediately return to the Melody Sea Domain, but instead went to a more remote city.

Sword Immortal Changgeng was in seclusion here, and the Ghost Doctor came to pay his respects.

The last time they met, Sword Immortal Changgeng had told the Ghost Doctor about his place of residence, allowing the Ghost Doctor to come find him if necessary.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

The Ghost Doctor stood outside the door, feeling slightly excited, and gently knocked.

“Come in!”

Sword Immortal Changgeng knew that the visitor was the Ghost Doctor and opened the door with a single thought.

Entering the courtyard, the Ghost Doctor saw Sword Immortal Changgeng, dressed in simple clothes, holding a rusty broken sword and chopping dried wood.

“Elder.” The Ghost Doctor bowed.

“Do you have something to discuss?” Sword Immortal Changgeng did not look up, continuing with his work.”I’ve helped Chen Qingyuan with a problem before, and since I’ve come to the Flow Star Domain, I thought I should pay my respects to the Elder.”

The Ghost Doctor had nothing much to do.

“Has Young Master Chen encountered any trouble?”

Sword Immortal Changgeng had been locking himself in his room, not making any effort to inquire about the outside world. Unless Chen Qingyuan was in life-threatening danger, Sword Immortal Changgeng would not be aware of it.

“It’s like this…”

Next, the Ghost Doctor briefly explained the situation and also mentioned the invitation Chen Qingyuan had extended to him to become an Elder.

“You refused?”

From the way the Ghost Doctor spoke about the “Elder” position, Sword Immortal Changgeng deduced this point.

“Mm.” The Ghost Doctor nodded.

“Foolish.” Sword Immortal Changgeng put down what he was working on, slowly lifted his head, exchanged a glance with the Ghost Doctor, and sighed lightly.

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