Chapter 45 – Junior Master, you’re such a dog, your change of face is too fast

“Junior Master, isn’t this matchmaking a bit inappropriate?”

When she said this, Liu Lingran’s eyes narrowed and her tone was unfriendly.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a pretense, it won’t damage your reputation. Besides, Little Ran is so beautiful, gentle, and understanding. It’s not right to let that jerk take advantage of her.”

Chen Qingyuan knew that this was not quite right, but in order to avoid damaging their brotherly bond and becoming a disloyal person, he had to resort to this plan.

“If it’s a matchmaking with Junior Master, I might consider it. But not with anyone else.”

Liu Lingran said with a smile that was hard to read, leaving the truth of her words uncertain.

“Um, don’t tease me, just do me a favor! Please.”

Chen Qingyuan put aside his own dignity and pleaded softly.

“Junior Master, do you think Little Ran is beautiful?”

Seeing Chen Qingyuan’s anxious look, Liu Lingran’s anger dissipated by half.

“Of course she’s beautiful, there’s no one in the world who can compare to you.”

Guilty, guilty, Chen Qingyuan prayed in his heart, hoping that this insincere statement wouldn’t bring disaster upon him.

Although Liu Lingran was indeed stunning, she was still a step below the most beautiful. At least in Chen Qingyuan’s memory, there were a few people who were stronger than Liu Lingran in various aspects.

“Why would you let Little Ran go on a blind date with someone else?”

Liu Lingran pressed.

“It’s just acting, don’t take it seriously.”

Chen Qingyuan emphasized.

“Even if it’s acting, it shouldn’t be like this. I heard that men are possessive, even if it’s not theirs, they shouldn’t let others take advantage. If you really think Little Ran is beautiful, you wouldn’t do such a thing. Unless…”

At this point, Liu Lingran deliberately paused, her lips slightly upturned, her eyes playful. “Unless Junior Master’s nature has changed and he’s no longer a normal man.”

“What are you trying to say?”

The more Chen Qingyuan listened, the more strange it sounded.

“Junior Master, is it because of Bai Xixue that you’ve changed, and you’re no longer interested in women?” Liu Lingran deliberately looked surprised. “No wonder you’ve been getting so close to Senior Brother Lin Pingyan recently, is there something going on between you two?”

At the sound of this, Chen Qingyuan’s face changed instantly, and he shouted angrily, “Nonsense, you brat, stop talking nonsense, or I’ll beat you.”

“Junior Master, you can’t beat me now, so drop the idea!”

Liu Lingran was fearless, her red lips smiling like a hundred flowers in bloom.

“You…” Chen Qingyuan was speechless.

As it turned out, it’s best to discipline a child early, or else they’ll grow up in the blink of an eye and it’ll be too late to discipline them.

After drinking a cup of tea, Chen Qingyuan calmed down and decided to make a big sacrifice.

Originally, Chen Qingyuan planned to have Liu Lingran act as a favor, while he earned a commission, but Liu Lingran didn’t fall for it. So, Chen Qingyuan had to come clean. “Little Ran, I promise this won’t damage your reputation, and you can even make a big profit from it.”

“Oh? Tell me about it.”

It seemed that all of this was under Liu Lingran’s control, and there were no surprises. With her understanding of her Junior Master, she was never at a disadvantage and must have something to gain.

“When you meet Han Shan, he should give you a gift for the meeting! I worked so hard to find a suitable blind date for him, so I should get a commission!”

Chen Qingyuan said bluntly.

“It’s just a gift for the meeting, I’m not a money-grubber.”

Liu Lingran was unimpressed.

“This kid is like a rich man from the countryside. If I persuade him a little, the gift for the meeting will definitely be generous.”

Chen Qingyuan had long set his sights on Han Shan’s wealth and had to exploit it to help the poor.

“I can consider it, but I want half of your commission.”

Liu Lingran made a bold demand.

…” Hearing this, Chen Qingyuan was not happy, and brought up old stories, saying, “Little Ran, you’ve changed. Back when you first joined, Junior Master gave you the Jade Bamboo Peak token, guided you in your cultivation, and told you about the rules of the Mystic Azure Sect, and even gave you some resources for cultivation…”

“Junior Master, stop pretending,” Liu Lingran quickly interrupted, feeling amused by her Junior Master’s seriousness. She was just teasing, was it really that serious? “I won’t be greedy for the commission, okay?”

“Agreed.” Chen Qingyuan’s face changed instantly, serious and sincere.

You’re a dog! You change so quickly!

Liu Lingran was speechless.

“Little Ran, I’m taking care of you, don’t think I’m taking advantage of you.” Chen Qingyuan put on a thoughtful look, speaking earnestly. “Our Mystic Azure Sect is big, and there are talented female disciples everywhere. For example, Sun Lan from the Azure Mist Peak, and Gu Yuxiao from the Flowing Melody Peak, they may not be as beautiful as you, or as understanding, gentle, and charming, but they are enough to make Han Shan admire them.”

“I’m taking care of you, helping you earn some resources for cultivation. Little Ran, you should thank me, you know?”

Chen Qingyuan became more and more excited as he spoke, as if he was really praising Liu Lingran.

On the surface, Chen Qingyuan’s words were a warning to Liu Lingran not to feel wronged, that there were many options for a blind date, but in reality, he was praising Liu Lingran.

Liu Lingran was amused, “Okay, thank you for taking care of me, Junior Master.”

“Good to know.” Chen Qingyuan had used up all the words he could think of to praise a woman in his lifetime, but fortunately, he had sincerely moved Liu Lingran and she was willing to act.

The only downside was that Liu Lingran wasn’t acting out of friendship, which was a pity!

“Junior Master, isn’t Han Shan your brother? Why would you treat him like this?”

Liu Lingran couldn’t understand this.

How could you treat your brother like this?

“This kid is a rich man, and we’re poor. We have to find a way to make money for our livelihood.”

Chen Qingyuan didn’t know how rich Han Shan’s family was, but he knew that this kid was so rich that he could use money to control his old man and make his Master cooperate in acting as a Ghost Doctor to deceive others.

However, no one expected that the person they casually found for the setup would actually find the Ghost Doctor.

Knocking out the Master with money, and making the Master put aside his pride to act. Just from this incident, it was clear that Han Shan was as rich as Croesus, a walking treasure trove!”Junior Master, didn’t you just swindle the Elders of various Sects and make a fortune? Aren’t all these Spirit Stones enough for you?” Liu Lingran said.

“Spirit Stones, nobody ever complains about having too many. Besides, the money I made isn’t just for me; it’s all for the Sect,” Chen Qingyuan declared righteously.

Liu Lingran actually believed him, because many of the Mystic Azure Sect’s buildings and rules were established by Chen Qingyuan, benefiting all the Disciples and ensuring a fair distribution of resources.

“Fair-weather brother,” Liu Lingran teased.

“Nonsense, Brother Han and I are brothers in life and death,” Chen Qingyuan glared at Liu Lingran. “This matter will not only allow you and me to earn some Spirit Stones, but it will also give Brother Han a taste of what matchmaking feels like. He’s delighted about it. It’s a win-win-win situation; no one loses out.”

Liu Lingran looked at Chen Qingyuan with a peculiar gaze, thinking that if she believed his words, she’d be a fool.

“Get ready, it’s almost time for your performance.”

Chen Qingyuan prepared to leave; he needed to discuss the matter of a hardship fee with Han Shan.

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