Chapter 36 – All the heroes arrived, pressing for information about the Sky Abyss

The weakest among the attendees were the great cultivators of the Divine Transformation Realm, and there were even a few old fogeys at the Tribulation Crossing stage.

The Heavenly Jade Sect, Eastern Joy Palace, Great Enlightenment Monastery of Southern Brightness, Myriad Spiritual Gate, and the Northern Sea Flood Dragon Clan, and so on.

More than half of the top forces in the Flow Star Domain have come, and they have already reached an agreement in secret to jointly pressure the Mystic Azure Sect, forcing Chen Qingyuan to reveal all the information about the Sky Abyss.

“Dao friends, please come in!”

Elder Dong Wenjun, the sect protector, personally went out to greet them, dressed in a black brocade robe. Although he was old, he was extraordinary and valiant.

To protect Chen Qingyuan, Lin Changsheng sent Lin Pingyan to watch over him and not let Chen Qingyuan leave the cave.

Hundreds of great cultivators slowly walked into the gate of the Mystic Azure Sect, passing by disciples on both sides, all of them holding sharp blades with a stern expression.

These disciples knew that the attendees were all big shots they didn’t usually see, but they showed no fear, with a strong spirit and unwavering bodies.

If the sect were in trouble, the disciples would be willing to fight to the death, without regret.

Seeing the spirited appearance of the Mystic Azure Sect’s disciples, the hearts of the powerful figures couldn’t help but admire them, and there was even a hint of envy.

On the main hall, the powerful figures sat on the right, while the elders of the Mystic Azure Sect sat on the left.

Outside the hall, tens of thousands of disciples in white clothes stood in formation, waiting quietly without whispering to each other.

“What brings you all here today?”

Lin Changsheng sat high up, looking down at the powerful figures of the various sects with an expressionless face.

“Master Lin is a wise man and should know the purpose of our visit.”

The leader of the elders was named Shen Shijie, the Supreme Ancestor of the Heavenly Jade Sect, a genuine powerful figure at the Tribulation Crossing stage.

“I don’t know, so please speak.”

Lin Changsheng pretended to be puzzled, wanting to keep the initiative in his own hands and not be led by the nose by the cultivators of the various sects.

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll speak. If I have offended in any way, please forgive me.” Shen Shijie stroked his white beard and said, “I heard that Elder Chen Qingyuan of your sect has restored his spiritual root, and we offer our blessings. In addition, we also want to know about the situation in the Sky Abyss from Elder Chen.”

“So that’s it. I remember that the Mystic Azure Sect had already given an answer back then. The junior brother was sealed in a barrier and barely escaped after enduring a hundred years.”

Lin Changsheng said.

“Master Lin, do you think we will believe such words?”

Shen Shijie smiled.

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you. In any case, I’ve said all I have to say.”

Lin Changsheng’s expression was indifferent, and his tone was flat.

The elders sitting on the left side had sharp eyes, always staring at the powerful figures of the various sects opposite them, with a serious expression.

“Why don’t we invite Elder Chen out and clarify everything before we leave, so as not to damage the friendship between the sects.”

Shen Shijie suggested.

“Shen, I advise you to take care of your own affairs first and not let the Demon’s Lair erupt. Otherwise, the Heavenly Jade Sect may find it difficult to survive in this world.”

If it weren’t for Lin Changsheng representing the face of the Mystic Azure Sect, he wouldn’t be so polite and would have cursed directly.

“The matter of the Demon’s Lair will naturally be resolved. Don’t worry about it, Master Lin.” Shen Shijie said with a smile, “Today, let’s just talk about Elder Chen and the Sky Abyss. The rest can be discussed later.”

“Yes! Let’s have Elder Chen come out and meet us!”

The person speaking was sitting next to Shen Shijie, the sect protector elder of the Eastern Joy Palace, named Liu Ruoyi, a middle-aged woman dressed in light-colored clothes, still charming.

“Our sects suffered heavy losses in the Sky Abyss back then, and now we want to know the situation inside the Sky Abyss, which is reasonable and fair.”

Someone else spoke up.

The three powerful figures at the Tribulation Crossing stage all looked at Lin Changsheng, increasing the pressure on him.

If it were an ordinary sect leader, they would probably have been frightened and at a loss long ago, and most likely would have agreed in order not to offend these powerful figures.

But Lin Changsheng was not an ordinary person. He stood up directly, his eyes as sharp as swords, and said in a low and deep voice, “My junior brother barely escaped death and was able to return to the path of cultivation after being healed by a Ghost Doctor. Whether you choose to believe it or not, that is the fact.”


Dong Wenjun and the others all stood up, their momentum surging. As long as Lin Changsheng gave the order, they would dare to drive the guests away.

As for the consequences, who cares.

If others bully you to your doorstep, if you still hesitate, you might as well dig a hole and bury yourself, so as not to be bothered by these annoying people.

“Master Lin, don’t be agitated. We have no intention of disrespecting the Mystic Azure Sect. As long as Elder Chen Qingyuan opens his mind and lets us probe his soul, it won’t harm him fundamentally. Once this matter is settled, we will leave immediately.”

The soul-probing technique can reveal the life experiences of others and can cause considerable impact on the person being probed. Of course, if a cultivator with strong abilities takes action and the person being probed does not resist, there will be no harm to the body.

Cultivators all have secrets, and under normal circumstances, no one would willingly allow others to probe their soul.

“How dare you!”

Dong Wenjun couldn’t help it, and a powerful aura burst out, directly overturning the table in front of the powerful figures and shattering the teacups on the table.

Seeing Dong Wenjun’s strong reaction, the others were slightly surprised, but quickly returned to a calm appearance. Hearing the proposal of soul probing, Dong Wenjun, who had always had a hot temper, reacted normally.”Dao Friend Dong, if Chen Qingyuan is indeed sealed in a mystic realm for a hundred years as previously stated, it would prove that the Mystic Azure Sect has not deceived us, and we will surely apologize. However, if Chen Qingyuan has hidden anything, many from our sects have perished in the Sky Abyss, and we have the right to know.”

Shen Shijie’s cultivation level was not weaker than Dong Wenjun’s, and with a laugh, he dissolved Dong Wenjun’s oppressive aura.

“So the Mystic Azure Sect has given you face, huh!” Dong Wenjun pointed at the noses of those present and cursed foully.

Lin Changsheng turned his head to glance at Dong Wenjun, prompting him to swallow the rest of his crude words.

Following that, Lin Changsheng stood on high ground, hands behind his back, eyes gazing outside the hall, his voice ringing like a bell: “Disciples of the Mystic Azure Sect, listen! If anyone dares to bully our Junior Master, do you agree or not?”

“We do not agree!”

Tens of thousands of disciples spoke in unison, their voices spreading far and wide, shaking the heavens and the earth.

In the past, whenever Chen Qingyuan made a fortune, he would share many benefits with the disciples of the sect, building good relationships.

He also contributed to the sect by constructing useful things, such as improving the living conditions in the Servants’ Quarters, increasing the monthly supply of Spirit Stones needed for the inner disciples’ cultivation, and giving gifts to outstanding disciples each year, among other things.

Therefore, the disciples of the Mystic Azure Sect held great affection for Chen Qingyuan, and their calls of “Junior Master” came sincerely from the heart.

Earning money is not easy; it’s all for the sake of family.

Chen Qingyuan rarely had an abundance of resources on him, as they were all allocated for specific purposes. Han Shan of the Yunhai Star Domain only learned of Chen Qingyuan’s greed for wealth but failed to see his contributions, thus tarnishing his own reputation within the sect.

In contrast, even though the sect’s disciples all knew of Chen Qingyuan’s greed, not a single one would speak ill of him behind his back.

“You do not agree, good,” Lin Changsheng shifted his gaze to the powerful figures of the various sects, pausing in his tone before he rebuked loudly: “Because I, too, do not agree!”

As his words fell, Lin Changsheng’s anger surged, and he emitted the terrifying pressure of a Tribulation Crossing Powerful Figure, shattering the floor of the hall, changing the color of the skies, and forming a massive vortex above the nine heavens.

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