Chapter 35 – At a glance, five years, the cultivation level has reached the Heavenly Spirit Realm

Lin Changsheng hurriedly said, “According to the letter left by Senior Brother, as long as you crush the wooden tablet, you can carve your name on it and send a message to Dao Yi Academy.”

“Senior Brother, at least ask me about it!”

This matter came quite suddenly, leaving Chen Qingyuan at a loss.

“I was planning to wait for you to come back before saying anything, but who knew that the moment I took out the wooden tablet, I accidentally crushed it.”

Speaking of this matter, it was quite strange. It was estimated that Senior Brother had set a prohibition a long time ago, so once the box was opened, the prohibition would be activated, causing the wooden tablet to shatter.

In this way, even if Chen Qingyuan didn’t want to go to Dao Yi Academy, there was no way to refuse.

Lin Changsheng told Chen Qingyuan the whole story, expressing his own helplessness.

“The shattered wooden tablet represents that you have become a candidate for Dao Yi Academy. When the time comes, people from Dao Yi Academy will come to find you and take you to participate in the assessment. Junior Brother, do you have any questions?”

Lin Changsheng said.

“At this point, what can I say.”

Chen Qingyuan smiled bitterly.

“This is Senior Brother’s last wish, hoping that you won’t disappoint him.”

No one knows the true origin of Dao Yi Academy. Lin Changsheng believes that Senior Brother would not harm Chen Qingyuan, so he doesn’t have too many worries.

“I understand.” Chen Qingyuan nodded slightly, with a complex expression.

His cheap master really knows how to cause trouble!

The so-called Dao Yi Academy might come at any time.

“Your body has just recovered, so rest well!” Lin Changsheng advised, “The Flow Star Domain is becoming more and more unstable. Stay at home for the next few days and don’t go out.”


Chen Qingyuan returned to his cave, pondering the recent events. It seemed as if an invisible force was pushing everything, leading him onto a new path.

The carefree days at the Mystic Azure Sect probably won’t last much longer.

And so, Chen Qingyuan lived quietly for five years.

In these five years, Chen Qingyuan’s cultivation level has soared, reaching the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm. Just one step more, and he would enter the Golden Elixir Realm.

Once he reaches that stage, it won’t be easy to further advance his cultivation.

The further he goes, the more difficult it becomes.

Countless cultivators in the world have spent hundreds of years to reach the Golden Elixir Realm, but Chen Qingyuan, who rebuilt his Dao Bone, has only taken less than ten years.

This step shouldn’t take too long for Chen Qingyuan.

During this time, apart from cultivating, Chen Qingyuan would drink tea and chat with his senior brothers. Wherever he went, the junior disciples in the sect showed him great respect, calling him “Junior Master.”

“Junior Master, these are the accounts that were just collected. Take a look.”

Lin Pingyan entered and placed a high-quality Heaven and Earth Bag on the table.

In order to change Lin Pingyan’s indecisive nature, Chen Qingyuan brought out many old accounts and sent Lin Pingyan out to collect them.

At first, Lin Pingyan was very reluctant, thinking that he wouldn’t be able to handle it. But under Chen Qingyuan’s pressure as “Junior Master,” Lin Pingyan had no choice but to do it.

Sometimes, Lin Pingyan couldn’t collect some debts, and he would come back to tell Chen Qingyuan. Then, Chen Qingyuan would guide Lin Pingyan on what to do, such as challenging people at their door, hiring people to curse, or blocking the entrance, and so on.

After a while, Lin Pingyan gradually became familiar with this process. After a few years, Chen Qingyuan didn’t need to intervene at all, and Lin Pingyan could easily handle these matters.

“Little Ping, it’s all yours, take it!”

In order to make Lin Pingyan deeply aware of his past mistakes, Chen Qingyuan gave all the resources he obtained to Lin Pingyan.

At first, Lin Pingyan was hesitant and refused. But under Chen Qingyuan’s insistence, he was forced to accept the resources.

“Thank you, Junior Master.”

Looking at so many resources, Lin Pingyan suddenly felt like a nouveau riche.

“Don’t be polite, we’re in this together.”

Chen Qingyuan patted Lin Pingyan on the shoulder and said with great emphasis, “I have high hopes for you, and your future is promising.”

Through Lin Pingyan’s eyes, Chen Qingyuan knew that his years of nurturing had not been in vain. The gentle and refined Lin Pingyan of the past was gone, and his temperament had changed significantly.

Han Shan was also a good young man back then, but after getting to know Chen Qingyuan, he gradually became greedy and stingy. Today’s Lin Pingyan was the same.

However, Chen Qingyuan always had his bottom line in doing things. Greed and character are two different things and should not be confused.

Moreover, the resources Chen Qingyuan obtained were all debts released many years ago, with only slightly higher interest. When he lent them out, he had already made it clear to the borrowers, and it was their choice to accept it.

“Junior Master, I’ll take my leave.”

Lin Pingyan left with a heart full of joy.

After these days of spreading the news, many people knew about Chen Qingyuan’s restoration of his Spiritual Root, finding it unbelievable.

Having been tainted by the laws of the Sky Abyss Restricted Zone and being a waste body, how could he suddenly cultivate?

Although the Ghost Doctor’s medical skills were superb, it was still unreasonable to think that he could resolve the residual prohibition laws on Chen Qingyuan’s body!

Many powerful individuals felt that this matter was suspicious and repeatedly lurked around the Mystic Azure Sect, wanting to figure out the specific reasons. They believed that this was a deliberate act by the Mystic Azure Sect to cover up what Chen Qingyuan had gained from the Sky Abyss.

As long as Chen Qingyuan didn’t go out, these powerful individuals wouldn’t dare to act openly, even if they had suspicions.

On this day, the leaders of various sects in the Flow Star Domain discussed the matter of Chen Qingyuan and made a decision.

They would go to the Mystic Azure Sect and question him face to face!

The mysterious light that appeared in the Sky Abyss Restricted Zone a hundred years ago must have been some kind of Heaven and Earth Treasure descending. Chen Qingyuan had been in the Sky Abyss for a hundred years, so he must know many secrets.On this day, a total of ten first-rate sects dispatched their powerful beings, amounting to over a hundred core Elders of the Divine Transformation Realm, all gathered together.

“Sect Master, something major has happened!”

An Elder who was gathering intelligence reported the matter immediately upon discovery.

Hearing this, Lin Changsheng’s expression turned grave, his right hand tightly gripping the armrest of his chair as he pondered, “Summon all the Elders to the Council Hall, and have all the disciples who are out return.”

After issuing this command, Lin Changsheng turned his head to an Elder beside him: “Prepare tea, welcome the guests.”


The entire Mystic Azure Sect was on high alert, ready to face any potential situation.

Chen Qingyuan, who was inside his dwelling, was naturally aware of the situation and muttered to himself, “When I first returned, the various sects already harbored thoughts of pressing me for answers. Back then, my Spiritual Root was severed, and with the protection of my sect, other forces dared not take any excessive actions. Now that I am able to cultivate again, they all believe that the great fortune of Sky Abyss has fallen into my hands, or that I am privy to insider information.”

“Those who come are up to no good!”

Chen Qingyuan stepped out of his cave abode and stood atop a mountain peak, gazing into the distance with furrowed brows.

Two hours later, the powerful beings from the various sects made their appearance.

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