Chapter 37 – Chen Qingyuan appeared, the situation became tense

Lin Changsheng suddenly challenged, catching everyone off guard. The crowd tensed up, their faces changing color.

“Sect Master Lin, what are you trying to do?” Shen Shijie from the Heavenly Jade Sect asked hoarsely.

“It’s not about what I want to do, it’s about what you want to do,” Lin Changsheng said solemnly, refuting, “Don’t think that just because you’ve gathered here, you can make the people of the Mystic Azure Sect afraid. If you don’t know when to back down, then let’s fight!”

“We just want to find out the truth. If Chen Qingyuan cooperates, we won’t harm his foundation with a soul search. Why escalate things to this point?” Shen Shijie and the others frowned, not expecting the Mystic Azure Sect to be so stubborn and difficult to deal with.

“If my master and senior brothers were still alive, if you dared to act so arrogantly in the Mystic Azure Sect, they would have suppressed you with a single slap,” Lin Changsheng reminisced. Back then, the Mystic Azure Sect was extremely powerful, the strongest force in the Flow Star Domain. The Mystic Azure Sect did not like to fight for power, never cared about reputation, and did not encroach on the resources and territories of others.

Moreover, the Mystic Azure Sect trained its disciples to be united and helpful from a young age, not to harm the bonds of brotherhood for the sake of personal gain. This was the principle of the Mystic Azure Sect, and no one was allowed to violate it.

If it had been in the past, the leaders of the Mystic Azure Sect would have kicked Shen Shijie and his people out without hesitation. They would not tolerate their arrogance.

“Is there no room for negotiation?” Shen Shijie, as the representative, asked with a serious expression.

“If Shen Lao is willing to let me perform a soul search, then I might consider it,” Lin Changsheng sneered.

At this point, Shen Shijie understood Lin Changsheng’s meaning. His expression turned dark, and the spiritual energy within him began to flow rapidly.

How could Shen Shijie agree?

He had too many secrets, not just the demon’s lair under the Heavenly Jade Sect, but also many things he had done in the past. He did not want to be subjected to a soul search, yet he was trying every means to search Chen Qingyuan’s soul memories. It was ridiculous.

With a “swoosh,” everyone stood up, and both sides faced off, ready to start a battle at any moment.

Once the battle started, the Mystic Azure Sect would be in great danger.

However, the Mystic Azure Sect remained undaunted, and its disciples had already formed a battle formation, ready to fight.

The strong figures of the various sects could not understand how things had escalated to this point over Chen Qingyuan. If this had happened in any other sect, the disciples would have been handed over for the greater good.

In fact, even if it had not been Chen Qingyuan who caused trouble this time, but any other disciple of the sect, the Mystic Azure Sect would not have compromised.

People could die, but their dignity could not be trampled.

The previous generations of the Mystic Azure Sect had passed on their will through practical actions, doing their best to make the sect a haven for all disciples, a place where they belonged. Without faith, the sect would collapse in an instant when faced with difficulties.

“Activate the Sect-Protecting Grand Array!” Lin Changsheng ordered.

Elder Dong Wenjun raised his hand and activated the grand array of the Mystic Azure Sect.

The array’s principles locked Shen Shijie and the others in place, and a battle was about to break out.

Although the overall strength of the strong figures of the various sects was higher than that of the Mystic Azure Sect, this was the Mystic Azure Sect’s home ground. If an uncontrollable battle broke out, the final result would definitely be mutual destruction, with countless casualties.

Even the powerful figures at the Tribulation Crossing level would find it difficult to ensure their own safety.

The situation was at a standstill, and no one dared to make the first move to avoid causing a disaster.

“What should we do?”

“We thought that by pressuring the Mystic Azure Sect, they would definitely compromise. But how did things develop to this point?”

“The Mystic Azure Sect is really stubborn and difficult to deal with!”

“To be honest, becoming a disciple of the Mystic Azure Sect is indeed a very fortunate thing. You won’t be bullied when you’re outside.”

The strong figures of the various sects communicated with familiar people through sound transmission, their eyes fixed on the people of the Mystic Azure Sect, their bodies tense. At this moment, many people felt a hint of envy in their hearts, recalling the intrigue within their own sects when they were young.

Lin Changsheng slowly descended from a high place, staring at Shen Shijie, standing with his hands behind his back, and calling out his name directly, “Shen Shijie, when you were young, you were suppressed by my master and senior brothers for a lifetime. Now, I want to give it a try.”

“What’s the use of your master being strong? He still died in front of me,” Shen Shijie was already very old and probably didn’t have many years left. Therefore, he hoped to gain an opportunity from Chen Qingyuan to improve his cultivation and extend his life.

“At least he lived a more fulfilling life than you, a hundred times more fulfilling,” Lin Changsheng said.

“I want to see if your fists are as tough as your mouth,” Shen Shijie said, taking a step forward, preparing to have a good fight with Lin Changsheng.

At this time, as the leader, Shen Shijie could not retreat, otherwise the strong figures of the various sects would definitely lose confidence, and it would be easy to fall into the hands of the Mystic Azure Sect.

“Wow, it’s quite lively here!”

Just as the two sides were about to start a battle, Chen Qingyuan walked slowly into the hall from outside.

Beside Chen Qingyuan was Lin Pingyan, who looked down at the ground, afraid to make eye contact with the elders.

Chen Qingyuan had gone to great lengths to persuade Lin Pingyan to let him come out. After some entanglement, Chen Qingyuan finally succeeded.

In an instant, everyone’s gaze converged on Chen Qingyuan.

“Junior Master!” The tens of thousands of disciples outside the door bowed and saluted, dressed in white, standing in neat rows.

“Hello, everyone,” Chen Qingyuan turned his head to look at the disciples, smiling and nodding.

Then, Chen Qingyuan stepped into the hall.

“Young Junior Brother, why are you here?” Lin Changsheng and the others looked worried. If a battle broke out at this moment, they might not be able to protect Chen Qingyuan.

“I came to see Senior Sister,” a wrinkled-faced female elder looked at Chen Qingyuan and said through sound transmission.

Chen Qingyuan did not go over, but instead reassured Lin Changsheng and the others, “Don’t be so nervous, let me handle this!”

Lin Changsheng frowned and looked at Lin Pingyan, questioning, “Lin Pingyan, I told you to watch over your Junior Master. Why did you disobey?”

“Father, I’m sorry,” Lin Pingyan apologized first, preparing to explain.

Before Lin Pingyan could explain the reason, Lin Changsheng burst out, “What’s the use of apologizing?”In such close proximity, once the powerhouses of the various sects were determined to make a move against Chen Qingyuan, even with the Protecting Sect formation as cover, Lin Changsheng found it difficult to ensure that no accidents would occur, his heart filled with anxiety.

“Big Senior Brother, don’t scold Xiaoyanzi, this is my issue.” Today, Chen Qingyuan was dressed in a light-colored long robe, his ink-black hair tightly bound with a wooden hairpin, exuding an elegant and scholarly charm: “Trust me.”

Lin Changsheng and Chen Qingyuan exchanged a deep look, unable to refuse, he slowly nodded: “Hmm.”

Then, Chen Qingyuan turned to face the strong practitioners from the various sects, his face showing not the slightest hint of timidity, calm and composed, with an air of serene confidence.

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