Chapter 34 – Return to the Mystic Azure Sect, Dao Yi Academy

Wu Junyan did not respond, his attitude was indifferent.

“Are you coming in to sit for a while?” Chen Qingyuan walked outside.

“Forget it.” Wu Junyan didn’t want to be ordered around by Chen Qingyuan, and refused without hesitation: “You are too cunning, and spending too much time with you is easy to be fooled.”

“I’m not that kind of person.” Chen Qingyuan pretended to be angry.

This was not the first time Wu Junyan had met Chen Qingyuan, and he was already familiar with Chen Qingyuan’s temperament, not to be deceived by his appearance: “I’m leaving.”

With these words, Wu Junyan left in the wind.

“So free-spirited! It’s enviable.” Chen Qingyuan muttered quietly as he watched Wu Junyan leave.

After that, Chen Qingyuan set out on the journey back to the Flow Star Domain, picking up the pace.

This time, Chen Qingyuan concealed his breath with a jade bracelet to prevent being stopped on the road. As long as he wasn’t particularly unlucky, he shouldn’t run into trouble.

After several months, Chen Qingyuan finally stood on the land of the Flow Star Domain, feeling relaxed.

“I’ll go home first.”

Before long, Chen Qingyuan arrived at the Mystic Azure Sect.

Upon learning of Chen Qingyuan’s return, the elders appeared one after another, overjoyed.

“Qingyuan, where have you been sneaking off to?”

“Hey! Your body… there’s a fluctuation of spiritual energy, did you really restore your spiritual root?”

“You brat, you finally know to come back!”

“If it weren’t for the sake of our deceased senior brother, I would beat you up properly today. It’s so dangerous outside now, and you’re running around blindly without telling us.”

Dozens of people spoke to Chen Qingyuan, their words full of concern.

After the senior brothers and sisters had vented their anger and calmed down, Chen Qingyuan finally told the fabricated story he had prepared in advance.

The ghost doctor had healed him and needed him to do something, but he couldn’t tell anyone.

Chen Qingyuan pushed this blame onto the ghost doctor, knowing that it couldn’t be verified face to face.

“Is the task the ghost doctor gave you difficult?”

A senior sister was worried and approached Chen Qingyuan to check if he was injured.

“It’s fine, not difficult, and it’s already done.”

Chen Qingyuan now looked like a well-behaved child, with a bright smile that was very healing.

“It’s good that you’re back safely.” Everyone no longer scolded Chen Qingyuan, after all, it wasn’t his fault, but the price for the ghost doctor’s treatment.

“Junior Brother, what is your current cultivation level after the recovery?”

Everyone respected Chen Qingyuan and didn’t use Dao techniques to check.

“I can’t recover my previous cultivation level, so I have to start over.”

Chen Qingyuan revealed his cultivation level of the Earth Spirit Realm.

“As long as your spiritual root is restored, your former glory will soon be regained. Don’t be impatient.”

Although it was a bit regrettable, everyone didn’t feel too sad, but rather happy. With Chen Qingyuan’s abilities, even if he started over, he could still reach a high position.

After chatting for a long time, the elders left one after another.

Through the conversation, Chen Qingyuan had a general understanding of the situation in the Demon’s Lair.

The Heavenly Jade Sect was willing to bring out all the resources and invite various sects to suppress the Demon’s Lair together. Originally, the Mystic Azure Sect didn’t want to help, but many sects had already agreed, leaving the Mystic Azure Sect with no choice but to assist.

After much deliberation, the Mystic Azure Sect agreed to help.

The various sects received benefits and were willing to help wholeheartedly, reducing the complaints against the Heavenly Jade Sect.

The Mystic Azure Sect alone received a top-quality spiritual vein, more than ten medium-quality spiritual veins, as well as many spiritual medicines and Dao treasures.

There were a total of nineteen first-class forces in the Flow Star Domain, and the other sects definitely received no less than the Mystic Azure Sect.

It was easy to imagine how much wealth the Heavenly Jade Sect had gained from the Demon’s Lair over the years.

“When will the Demon’s Lair be resolved?”

In a courtyard shrouded in mist, Chen Qingyuan and his big senior brother Lin Changsheng sat drinking tea.

“It is said that the Heavenly Jade Sect has invited a grandmaster of formations. After the formation is set up, we will all take action to fill the Demon’s Lair. According to the time given by the Heavenly Jade Sect, it should not exceed ten years.”

For cultivators, ten years was really not a long time, just a flick of the fingers. Some powerful figures would need hundreds or thousands of years to close a single session.

“Do you have confidence in resolving it?”

Chen Qingyuan had read ancient texts and knew how terrible the Demon’s Lair was. The Demon’s Lair under the Heavenly Jade Sect’s ground had reached an irreparable state after many years of nurturing.

“It’s hard to say.” Lin Changsheng’s face was solemn as he shook his head slowly. “Once the Demon’s Lair erupts, it will surely affect every part of the Flow Star Domain, and the trouble will be endless.”

“Senior Brother, don’t worry too much. Since it’s here, we’ll deal with it.”

In Chen Qingyuan’s view, the real concern should be the Heavenly Jade Sect. If something went wrong with the Demon’s Lair, the first to suffer would be the Heavenly Jade Sect, and there would be no escape.

“Yeah, let’s not talk about these troubling matters.” Lin Changsheng temporarily stopped thinking about these things and turned the topic to Chen Qingyuan: “Junior Brother, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“What is it?” Chen Qingyuan noticed that Lin Changsheng looked serious and felt a sudden tightness in his heart.

“Now that you have restored your spiritual root, I can’t keep you locked in the Mystic Azure Sect forever. Your future path has to be walked by you. However, I took the liberty of making a decision for you, and I hope you won’t be angry.”

Lin Changsheng looked into Chen Qingyuan’s eyes and said thoughtfully.

“A decision?” Chen Qingyuan looked puzzled.

“To participate in the assessment of the Dao One Academy.”

Lin Changsheng said.

“The Dao One Academy, what is that place?”

After thinking for a long time, Chen Qingyuan asked a question. In his mind, there were no memory fragments about the Dao One Academy.

“It’s a very mysterious place. I’ve only heard about it before and never been there. There is not much information about the Dao One Academy in the ancient texts, so we can only speculate that its heritage is quite ancient.”

Lin Changsheng had previously gone out to gain experience and had heard of the Dao One Academy’s reputation, which was mysterious and hard to find.

“Senior Brother, why didn’t you tell me about it before?” Chen Qingyuan smiled bitterly.

“To be honest, I didn’t even know where the Dao One Academy was before, so how could I tell you?” Lin Changsheng said helplessly.”What’s going on today?”

Chen Qingyuan was utterly astonished.

“Some days ago, an abnormal fluctuation of the Law was detected in the cave dwelling where my master once cultivated. I went to take a look and found a box containing a letter and what appeared to be an ordinary wooden plaque.”

Lin Changsheng’s thoughts drifted back to the past as he slowly recounted, “The box was left by my master before he passed away. The letter was simple, expressing the hope that you would take the wooden plaque to the Dao Academy. If you can secure a position there, it would be greatly beneficial to both yourself and the Mystic Azure Sect.”

“The box had my master’s sealing Law on it, which is why it went unnoticed in a corner. It was only when the Law loosened recently that I became aware of these things.”

The wooden plaque was a token of the Dao Academy, and only with it could one find the location of the Academy.

As for how the Supreme Ancestor came by the wooden plaque, that remains a mystery.

Lin Changsheng found it strange when he spoke of this. After the master passed away and entered meditation, he had clearly cleaned out the master’s cultivation cave and hadn’t found this box. How could it have suddenly appeared?

Although it was mysterious, Lin Changsheng was certain that the handwriting on the envelope was indeed his master’s, and it still bore the traces of the unique Dao Technique of the Mystic Azure Sect, making it impossible to fake.

“So that’s how it is. Where is the wooden plaque now?”

Chen Qingyuan understood.

“I crushed it.”

Lin Changsheng answered truthfully.


Upon hearing this, Chen Qingyuan’s expression of surprise froze.

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