Chapter 20 – Very shameless

With the ghost doctor’s ability, combined with some previous experiences, he could capture the remnants of the restricted zone on Chen Qingyuan’s body.

The rules of the restricted zone are very unique, completely different from the traces of the laws of heaven and earth.

“Young man, I know my body is already disabled, and I don’t want the elder to waste his efforts. Besides, I have nothing valuable, and I’m afraid I can’t afford the treatment. Let’s forget it!”

Upon hearing that the ghost doctor wanted to treat him, Chen Qingyuan quickly said.

Chen Qingyuan has too many hidden secrets and doesn’t want to expose them.

“I only treat illnesses based on fate. Since I have chosen you, I won’t charge you a single penny.” The more Chen Qingyuan insisted, the more curious the ghost doctor became, wanting to find out the truth: “Sit down.”

The ghost doctor raised his left hand and gently waved it in front of him.


A stone table and two stone stools appeared in front of him.

Helpless, Chen Qingyuan had to take a seat and think about how to proceed. If the ghost doctor had ulterior motives, Chen Qingyuan would have to use his life-saving trump card.

When leaving Sky Abyss, the red-dressed girl gave Chen Qingyuan a life-saving talisman. If he encountered a life-threatening crisis, taking out the talisman could turn the danger into safety.

Of course, Chen Qingyuan had never tried it and didn’t know how effective the life-saving talisman would be.

Also, Chen Qingyuan didn’t know why the red-dressed girl was so good to him, which was a bit strange.

Whenever he thought about this question, Chen Qingyuan would feel a bit conceited, wondering if he was too handsome and had won her admiration.

“Give me your hand.”

The ghost doctor gestured.

Slowly, Chen Qingyuan raised his hand and placed it on the table.

The ghost doctor’s fingers touched Chen Qingyuan’s wrist, feeling his pulse.

After more than ten breaths, the ghost doctor’s brow furrowed slightly, thinking to himself, “The pulse is stable, not like that of an injured person. But if he’s not injured, why would his body be like that of a mortal, with no spiritual qi fluctuations? It’s really strange.”

While checking the pulse, the ghost doctor also secretly probed Chen Qingyuan’s meridians and dantian, but found nothing.

The more normal it was, the more eerie it seemed.

“Are you still hiding something?”

The ghost doctor withdrew his hand and stared deeply at Chen Qingyuan, as if he wanted to cut him open and study him thoroughly.


Chen Qingyuan felt secretly delighted, thinking that the ghost doctor had definitely not discovered that his body had already recovered. He showed no change in expression and shook his head.

“You will stay here for the time being, and I will slowly treat you.”

The ghost doctor was very interested in the difficult and complicated illness.

“It’s not appropriate!” Chen Qingyuan’s heart sank: “Maybe this is just my lifespan, and I can’t let the elder worry. It’s better to let me leave!”

You want to leave, but I won’t let you.

The ghost doctor’s temperament was very peculiar, and he didn’t want to chat with Chen Qingyuan. He pointed to an empty room on the left side of the bamboo house: “You will stay there!”

After saying this, the ghost doctor turned and left, leaving Chen Qingyuan sitting there awkwardly.

What’s going on!

Chen Qingyuan hadn’t intended to find the ghost doctor in the first place, as his body had already recovered and he didn’t need it. But he couldn’t reveal this to the ghost doctor, or he would definitely be dissected, especially the imperfectionless dao bone inside his body.

Old Han, I will make you pay when I find the opportunity in the future!

We were once brothers, and I even saved your life back then. I can’t believe you would harm me like this.

Chen Qingyuan was furious and blamed Han Shan for this incident.

Little did he know, Han Shan was also confused. Who would have thought that they would randomly find each other in the vast sea of people? If he had known earlier, he would have sold the information about the ghost doctor and made a fortune.

The ghost doctor currently had no ill intentions towards Chen Qingyuan, he just wanted to figure out the special traces on Chen Qingyuan’s body.

So, the ghost doctor locked Chen Qingyuan in the bamboo house and began using various methods to investigate all the information about Chen Qingyuan.

Living in the bamboo house, Chen Qingyuan was quite relaxed.

“It’s a pity, none of this is mine.”

Looking at the ground covered with spiritual herbs and treasures, Chen Qingyuan could only look but not take, feeling itchy and sighing.

“Do you want them?”

After five days of living there, the ghost doctor finally appeared.

“Yes.” Chen Qingyuan bowed to the ghost doctor, not hiding his desire, and nodded in agreement.

“You’re quite honest.” After investigating for the past few days, the ghost doctor knew a lot about Chen Qingyuan.

“In that case, do you want me to give you a few spiritual herbs as a gift?”

Chen Qingyuan was very shameless.

The ghost doctor gave Chen Qingyuan a look: “In your dreams.”

“Yes, even in my dreams, I want them.”

Most of the spiritual herbs in the medicinal garden were top-quality, and even the Mystic Azure Sect’s resources couldn’t compare.

“…” Unexpectedly, Chen Qingyuan would respond like this. The ghost doctor was slightly stunned and quickly changed the subject: “You answer a few questions for me first, and if you’re honest, I’ll give you a few spiritual herbs.”

“What does the elder want to know?”

Chen Qingyuan was worried.

“A hundred years ago, you went to Sky Abyss and experienced something. What was it?”

The ghost doctor was extremely curious about the restricted zone and asked straightforwardly.

“There were many terrifying laws inside. At that time, the major sacred grounds of the Flow Star Domain sent strong individuals inside, and most of them died under the laws of Sky Abyss, leaving no trace of their bodies. I narrowly escaped, lost all my cultivation, and became a mortal.”

What Chen Qingyuan said was half true and half false.

It’s unclear whether Chen Qingyuan was pretending well enough, or if it was because of the protection of the jade bracelet, but the ghost doctor couldn’t discern whether his words were true or not. He questioned, “If you narrowly escaped, why did it take you a hundred years to come out of Sky Abyss?”

“There are too many laws inside Sky Abyss. I accidentally triggered a mechanism and was sealed for a hundred years.” Chen Qingyuan’s eyes didn’t even blink as he earnestly said, “After the seal was lifted, my cultivation was completely ruined, and I only then realized that over a hundred years had passed in the outside world.”

“Kid, if you dare to deceive me, you must think carefully about the consequences.”

The ghost doctor pretended to be fierce, with a glint of blood in his eyes.

“I dare not.” Chen Qingyuan said.”After that, you took another trip to Bright Moon City. What was the purpose?”

The Ghost Doctor continued to press.

“Just to clear my mind,” Chen Qingyuan replied.

“Bright Moon City is extremely far from the Mystic Azure Sect. You went all the way there to clear your mind, are you serious?”

The Ghost Doctor was skeptical of this answer.

“If the Elder has investigated me, then you should know that some time ago, the Heavenly Jade Sect and the Eastern Joy Palace decided to unite through marriage. My beloved left me, and I was feeling down. I wandered around to distract myself, and before I knew it, I had traveled that far.”

Chen Qingyuan had never thought this matter could serve as an excuse. As he spoke, a sorrowful expression appeared on his face, and he let out a long sigh.

Hearing this, the Ghost Doctor actually found it quite reasonable and couldn’t find any fault with it.

After a while, the Ghost Doctor mused, “According to my intuition, not a single word out of your mouth is true.”

Even though what Chen Qingyuan said seemed logical, it still couldn’t make the Ghost Doctor truly believe him.

“Elder, what I’ve said is all true, you must believe me!”

Chen Qingyuan earnestly insisted, asserting that every word he spoke was without a shred of falsehood.

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