Chapter 21 – Sword Immortal Visits in Person

“Speaking of so much, isn’t it just to pick a few spiritual herbs?”

The Ghost Doctor saw through Chen Qingyuan’s thoughts and snorted coldly.

“Hehe, Elder, I dare not refuse.” Chen Qingyuan grinned foolishly. “Elder, you promised me before. If I don’t accept it, it would be disrespectful to you.”

“Your thick skin is beyond ordinary!”

Having lived for so many years and dealt with many cunning people, the Ghost Doctor felt that few people could compare to Chen Qingyuan. Most importantly, Chen Qingyuan’s approach was moderate, making people not feel disgusted by him.

“Alright.” Chen Qingyuan’s eyes glanced at the nearby medicine garden, his intention very obvious.

“Take it!” Reluctant to give it but unwilling to refuse due to face, the Ghost Doctor casually picked three spiritual herbs and threw them into Chen Qingyuan’s arms.

“Thank you, Elder.”

Chen Qingyuan regarded it as a treasure and quickly put the spiritual herbs into an ordinary Heaven and Earth Bag.

Using this simple Heaven and Earth Bag did not require the activation of spiritual qi.

“Sly kid.” The Ghost Doctor snorted lightly and turned to leave.

Over the next ten days, the Ghost Doctor conducted multiple tests on Chen Qingyuan and found no abnormalities in his body.

Logically speaking, if Chen Qingyuan had suffered a serious injury, there would always be scars. Strangely, Chen Qingyuan seemed to have been born as an ordinary mortal, without any traces of damage to his Dao body.

In the Ghost Doctor’s experience, there were only two possible reasons for this situation.

One, it was extremely terrifying to disable Chen Qingyuan’s existence, directly erasing all traces.

Two, Chen Qingyuan used some kind of secret technique or treasure to hide the true condition of his body.

Regardless of which possibility it was, the Ghost Doctor felt serious and could not handle it lightly.

“I can’t use soul-searching methods, can I?”

The Ghost Doctor dismissed the idea, considering it inappropriate.

She was just curious about Chen Qingyuan and did not want to become mortal enemies with him. Moreover, Chen Qingyuan’s mystery made the Ghost Doctor more cautious, and she did not resort to underhanded methods.

“Elder, since you can’t find out about my physical condition, why not let me leave?”

Chen Qingyuan made this request again.


The Ghost Doctor refused without hesitation.

Just then, a figure descended outside the bamboo house barrier and transmitted a message, “Nan, let him go!”

At the sound of the voice, the Ghost Doctor’s delicate body trembled slightly, her eyes flashing with excitement.

At the same time, Chen Qingyuan also showed a strange expression because the voice was too familiar.

The Ghost Doctor quickly opened the barrier and welcomed the visitor inside.

An old man in coarse clothes, holding a cane, limped in.

“Sword Immortal Elder.”

At the first sight of the old man, Chen Qingyuan exclaimed and stepped forward to pay his respects.

The visitor was none other than Sword Immortal Changgeng, Li Muyang.

“Why are you here?”

The Ghost Doctor was very respectful to Li Muyang because he was her savior. Thousands of years ago, the Ghost Doctor was on the brink of death, and it was Li Muyang who saved her, thus forming a bond.

“For him.” Li Muyang looked at Chen Qingyuan and stated his purpose.

“Him?” The Ghost Doctor turned to glance at Chen Qingyuan, full of suspicion and surprise. “What’s wrong with him?”

“He is a young friend of mine. For my sake, let him go and don’t make things difficult for him!”

Li Muyang had been secretly protecting Chen Qingyuan and had to step in to resolve the trouble when he saw that Chen Qingyuan had encountered it, taking the opportunity to see the Ghost Doctor whom he had not seen in many years.

“He’s actually your friend.” The Ghost Doctor found it hard to believe. “Rest assured, I haven’t done anything to him.”

“Sword Immortal Elder, do you know each other?”

Chen Qingyuan quickly walked over, surprised.

“We do.” Li Muyang grinned and looked amiable. “She is Gongsun Nan.”

“It would have been better if I had known earlier. I’ve been on edge these days because of this.”

Chen Qingyuan could finally put down the stone in his heart and let out a long sigh of relief.

“Kid, have I bullied you? Don’t put on such a miserable look.”

Gongsun Nan, also known as the Ghost Doctor, glared and said.

If she had known about the close relationship between Chen Qingyuan and Li Muyang, Gongsun Nan’s attitude would have been completely different.

“For now, I have no problem. If Sword Immortal Elder hadn’t arrived at this moment, who knows what would have happened next.”

Since Li Muyang had arrived, Chen Qingyuan was not afraid of Gongsun Nan at all and pretended to be wronged.

“You…” Gongsun Nan clenched her fists, wishing to beat Chen Qingyuan up, and snorted, “You’re really good at pretending. You were quite respectful to me before, but now you’re acting like you don’t know me.”

“I had no choice but to do so.”

No matter how strong the Ghost Doctor was, she could not compare to Sword Immortal Changgeng, who had once stood at the pinnacle of the world. Therefore, Chen Qingyuan spoke recklessly, unafraid of offending Gongsun Nan.”Enough, no more bickering,” Li Muyang halted the quarrel between the two. “Young Master, if you wish to leave, you may do so at any time. Moreover, I will have Gongsun Nan testify for you, confirming your injuries are healed, so you need not worry about exposing your cultivation level. However, regarding that matter, you must tell no one and avoid showing yourself, lest it brings disaster.”

“I understand, thank you, Elder Sword Immortal.”

Chen Qingyuan bowed in gratitude.

Although Li Muyang’s extra care for Chen Qingyuan was out of consideration for the Red-Dressed Girl from the Sky Abyss Restricted Zone, Chen Qingyuan took this kindness to heart, intending to repay it if the opportunity arose.

The matter Li Muyang referred to was the mysterious Dao Bone.

Gongsun Nan, who stood by watching, couldn’t hide the shock in her eyes, thinking in astonishment, “The Sword Immortal addresses him as Young Master? To show such respect to a young man is something I’ve never seen before. Just who exactly is Chen Qingyuan?”

“Elder Sword Immortal, Elder Ghost Doctor, this junior takes his leave.”

Chen Qingyuan had no intention of staying longer than necessary and thought it best to leave.

After bowing, he was no longer hindered by the barrier and vanished into the sky.

Once Chen Qingyuan had departed, Gongsun Nan withdrew her gaze, hesitating to speak, “Elder Li, why do you treat this youngster…”

“Cause and effect,” Li Muyang’s answer was enigmatic.

“From what you just said, is there nothing wrong with the youngster’s body?”

Gongsun Nan asked again.

“I have reshaped his Dao Body; he is now unharmed,” Li Muyang stated.

“I see,” Gongsun Nan suddenly realized, “I was wondering why his body seemed so normal; it turns out Elder Li intervened.”

Gongsun Nan thought Li Muyang had concealed Chen Qingyuan’s physical condition, which was why she couldn’t see through it.

Li Muyang did not explain further, merely smiling without a word.

“I know you’ve been seeking a way to heal your appearance for a long time, to no avail,” Li Muyang said gravely, “If you haven’t given up, perhaps you should try to interact more with Young Master Chen. Maybe you’ll find an opportunity.”

The reason Gongsun Nan always wore a veil was due to an incident long ago that had marred her face.

“Is there still a chance?”

Gongsun Nan gently touched her face, looking in the direction Chen Qingyuan had left, murmuring to herself.

“Let’s go.”

Li Muyang had no intention of staying for tea and left.

“Elder Li, please take care.”

Gongsun Nan bowed respectfully.

Chen Qingyuan, what abilities do you possess to be so highly regarded by Elder Li?

From this day on, Gongsun Nan’s interest in Chen Qingyuan deepened, certain that they would meet again.

Meanwhile, Chen Qingyuan arrived at the borders of the Qianlan Sacred Ground, planning to catch up with Han Shan.

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