Chapter 19 – The woman in the black dress, the legendary Ghost Doctor

The door of the bamboo house slowly opened, and Chen Qingyuan was pulled inside by a force.

“Junior Master!”

Lin Pingyan’s face was worried, shouting loudly.

Due to the activation of the barrier around the bamboo house, Lin Pingyan used all his strength but still couldn’t get close.

“Don’t make a fuss here. If you dare to do so again, don’t blame me for being heartless.”

A reprimanding voice came.

Suddenly, a cold wind rushed towards Lin Pingyan, pushing him back a hundred meters.

Lin Pingyan quickly shut his mouth, not daring to speak again.

“Is he really a ghost doctor?” Lin Pingyan had no doubt about the terrifying principles and pressure.

On the side, Han Shan stood dumbfounded, never thinking that he could really find such a powerful figure. He appeared dazed on the surface, but in reality, his heart was shouting, “Chen, my plan wasn’t supposed to be here! The next stop is! It’s to delay time and fail a few more times, so it won’t seem false.”

Han Shan had his master pretend to be a ghost doctor in a corner of the city’s west. It took a lot of effort to get his master to pretend. However, before his master could show up, he unexpectedly encountered such a terrifying presence.

According to Han Shan’s speculation, the person in the bamboo house was most likely the ghost doctor that various forces had been searching for in vain.

In recent years, people entering the city were as numerous as hairs on an ox, and the more than a dozen people Han Shan had previously found were all randomly chosen, including this trip to the bamboo house. Unexpectedly, he had stumbled upon it, which was really out of the ordinary.

“Don’t spread the news of my presence, understand?”

Another sound transmission.

“The junior understands.”

Lin Pingyan was convinced that the person in the bamboo house was the ghost doctor and paid his respects, “Please, Elder, save my Junior Master. If needed, just give the order.”

“Get lost!”

The person in the bamboo house issued an order to drive them away.

So, with mixed feelings, Lin Pingyan and Han Shan left.

Han Shan still couldn’t believe that he had randomly chosen a place and actually encountered a ghost doctor.

“Han, you must have put in a lot of effort this time and helped a lot. If there is a need for help from the Mystic Azure Sect in the Flow Star Domain in the future, feel free to ask.”

In Lin Pingyan’s view, Han Shan must have used a lot of resources, and he was very grateful, remembering this favor.

“It’s… it’s nothing, no need to be so polite.”

Han Shan said absentmindedly.

“I will report this matter to the elders of the sect and say no more. If there is a chance in the future, I will have a drink and chat with Han.”

After saying this, Lin Pingyan left in the wind, not wanting to waste time.

Staying here was useless, so it was better to hurry back and report, let the elders come and wait, to prevent any accidents. The matter involved the ghost doctor, and with Lin Pingyan’s status and strength, he was completely out of his depth.

After Lin Pingyan left, Han Shan looked in the direction of the bamboo house, his eyes complicated, murmuring, “Chen, don’t offend anyone with your words, take care of yourself!”

It is said that the character of the ghost doctor is very unusual, with no joy or anger, and is very difficult to get along with. Han Shan also didn’t know what Chen Qingyuan would face, so he could only silently pray, hoping to have another chance to see Chen Qingyuan!

At the same time, inside the mysterious bamboo house.

Chen Qingyuan was led by a gentle force to the depths of the courtyard, where there was a clear and transparent pool, as well as a large area of bamboo forest, with green grass everywhere.

Tap, tap, tap…

A slight sound of footsteps came from the depths of the bamboo forest, and Chen Qingyuan looked over.

“Old Han is playing tricks, what does he want?”

Chen Qingyuan thought it was a trick by Han Shan, so he sat down on a chair without fear.

Before long, a woman six feet tall appeared.

She was dressed in a light gray long dress, wearing a dark veil, and her hair was as black as ink, tied together with a black cloth. She walked slowly, with her hands placed on her abdomen, dignified and noble.

Because she was wearing a veil, it added a touch of mystery.

“What is the relationship between the young lady and Han Shan?”

Chen Qingyuan saw the woman in the black dress for the first time and thought she was brought by Han Shan, so he asked.

“Han Shan? I don’t know him.”

The woman in the black dress did not use mystic arts to conceal her voice, revealing her true voice, clear as a oriole’s song, and as gentle as the sound of flowing water.

“You are the only one here, so we don’t need to hide. Please find a way to let me out. I appreciate your help.”

Chen Qingyuan stood up and said with clasped hands.

“You came to find me, and now you want to leave. What’s the reason?”

The woman in the black dress squinted her eyes slightly, as if trying to see through Chen Qingyuan.

Because Chen Qingyuan had the concealment of the jade bracelet principle, the woman in the black dress couldn’t see his cultivation level and dao bone, and thought Chen Qingyuan was a useless person.

“Huh?” Chen Qingyuan was stunned, realizing that the woman in the black dress’s tone was very serious, not mocking.

Did he make a mistake?

This shouldn’t be happening!

Chen Qingyuan began to think, frowning.

At this moment, a mysterious principle emerged from the woman in the black dress.


In an instant, the bamboo forest and grassland changed.

A common green grass turned into a nine-leaf spirit flower.

The bamboo forest evolved into purple bamboo with flowing principles, and each bamboo leaf contained a high level of spirituality, which was rare and precious.

The ground was covered with spiritual herbs and dao treasures, causing Chen Qingyuan’s expression to change, staring in amazement.

This was not an ordinary grassland, but an astonishing medicine garden. Any random herb taken out could drive countless cultivators in the world crazy, willing to risk their lives for it.

“This…” Chen Qingyuan’s mind was momentarily blank, and he turned to look at the woman in the black dress standing not far away, his eyes changing, showing a hint of surprise and respect.

From the situation, Chen Qingyuan could guess the identity of the woman in the black dress.

The ghost doctor!

What kind of game is that old Han playing? Wasn’t it just a casual bluff? How did he find the real deal?

At this moment, Chen Qingyuan really wanted to have a face-to-face conversation with Han Shan.

Encountering the ghost doctor was troublesome and beyond Chen Qingyuan’s expectations. Originally, he planned to bluff Lin Pingyan, so he could claim to have been cured and go to the place mentioned by the Sky Abyss existence to fulfill the second appointment.

“The junior Chen Qingyuan, a member of the Mystic Azure Sect, has met the senior Ghost Doctor.”

After being stunned for a while, Chen Qingyuan regained his composure and bowed to the woman in the black dress.I had originally thought that the legendary Ghost Doctor would be some decrepit old man, but who would have known it would be such a young woman. Although the woman in the black dress wore a veil, her figure was graceful, and her eyes were like stars, surely her appearance was not lacking.

“Judging by your look, it seems you’re not here to seek me.”

Through Chen Qingyuan’s demeanor, the Ghost Doctor could roughly make out something, her voice indifferent.

“This… I’ve been gravely injured, and the elders of my Sect went to great lengths to track down the Ghost Doctor’s whereabouts, hoping for me to try my luck. I didn’t expect to actually meet you, Elder, so I’m a bit flustered.”

Of course, Chen Qingyuan couldn’t reveal the whole truth.

“Oh? Is that so?”

The Ghost Doctor’s eyes remained fixed on Chen Qingyuan, sensing a special aura emanating from him.

“Of course, I wouldn’t dare deceive you, Elder.”

Chen Qingyuan nodded earnestly.

“Then let me examine your body thoroughly to see if I can treat you.”

It was that particular scent that prompted the Ghost Doctor to consider reaching out to investigate.

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