Chapter 18 – The mysterious person in the bamboo house

In a small alley lived a mysterious old man, who was said to have come to Puxu City five years ago and rarely went out, so few people had seen his true appearance.

Han Shan revealed the general information, all of which was true, and Lin Pingyan could definitely go and investigate the truth.

At the end of the alley, there was a thatched cottage.

The door was tightly closed, and there were many firewood in the yard, making it look like a place where mortals lived, with no spiritual energy fluctuations.

Could the legendary ghost doctor live in such a place?

The people murmured in their hearts.

When they reached the door, Han Shan bowed first and said, “Is there anyone inside?”

Upon hearing someone coming, some random noises came from inside the house.

An old man pushed the door open and a look of fear appeared on his face.

Then, the old man noticed that Han Shan and the others were dressed well, and he knelt down directly and said, “Gentlemen, I am just a commoner and cannot afford spirit stones. Please don’t drive me out of the city.”

The old man thought that Han Shan and the others were guards, and he was so scared that he was trembling all over. Obviously, he was just an ordinary old man with no hint of spiritual aura.

Seeing the old man kneeling down, Chen Qingyuan and the others twitched their mouths slightly and looked at Han Shan with strange eyes. This was really unreliable.

“Sorry to disturb you.”

Han Shan’s face changed slightly and he turned and left.

Even if the ghost doctor was low-key, he would not kneel down to people. Obviously, Han Shan’s first target could be crossed off.

After leaving the alley, Chen Qingyuan joked, “Old Han, you’re really good at gathering information!”

“Don’t be sarcastic. There are still more to come,” Han Shan said with a dark expression.

Next, Chen Qingyuan and the others met all kinds of people.

There were strong men who forged iron, asking if they needed weapons, covered in sweat.

There was an old lady selling spirit herbs, with an ugly face, no teeth, and dry, blackened skin.

There were also vagrants wandering the streets, and so on.

In short, Chen Qingyuan encountered all kinds of weird people, half of whom were illegal immigrants without identification, so they seemed mysterious. The other half were people who had just entered the city a few years ago and were relatively unfamiliar.

Although many of these people had cultivation levels, the strongest was only at the Golden Elixir Realm, and had nothing to do with the ghost doctor.

“Han, can you really do this?” Lin Pingyan, who had been silent, couldn’t help but ask, looking skeptical.

“We have to screen them one by one. Don’t be impatient. There are a few more to go,” Han Shan said somewhat awkwardly.

After searching for five days, sixteen people were eliminated.

Today, Han Shan led the way again and came to a relatively remote end of the South Street. There were very few people here, but the scenery was beautiful, with clear water, willow leaves swaying in the wind, and many fruits and vegetables planted in the courtyard of a seemingly ordinary house, like a paradise.

On the left side of the bamboo door hung a wooden sign with a sentence written on it: “Because of the previous agreement, wait until the beam is rotten.”

Chen Qingyuan pondered for a moment and realized that this sentence was an explanation of the word “fate.”

Seeing this, Chen Qingyuan felt that Han Shan was finally a bit reliable, and it was definitely time for the main event.

In Chen Qingyuan’s eyes, this was where Han Shan’s real layout was. Everything he had done before was just a preparation to make Lin Pingyan understand the difficulty of finding the ghost doctor, which was not an easy task.

Whether he could deceive Lin Pingyan’s eyes depended on whether Han Shan’s layout was clever enough, at least he had to find a powerful figure with a cultivation level far higher than Lin Pingyan’s!

Han Shan went forward and knocked on the door, saying in a loud voice, “Is there anyone inside? We mean no harm.”

After a long time, there was no response from anyone.

“Is anyone there?” Han Shan called out again.

The world was still silent, so Han Shan had to use his divine sense to probe.

Probing with divine sense was very easy to offend people, so Han Shan had called out several times before, and seeing that no one responded, he could proceed with this action.


Just as Han Shan’s divine sense was about to probe into the courtyard door, it was interrupted by a terrible law, causing him to take a few steps back, blood oozing from the corner of his mouth, and he coughed softly, “Cough…”

His divine sense was cut off, and Han Shan suffered some injuries from the backlash.

“Old Han.”

“Han, are you okay!”

Chen Qingyuan and Lin Pingyan hurried over to support him, their faces showing concern.

Taking advantage of Lin Pingyan turning his head, Chen Qingyuan and Han Shan exchanged a glance, a look of admiration flashing in their eyes.

Playing the whole act, willing to get injured to deceive Lin Pingyan. Old Han, you can do it!

Han Shan was unaware of what Chen Qingyuan was thinking, and at this moment, he was confused and had not noticed the barrier around the courtyard. If he had known, he would not have dared to use divine sense to probe, as the feeling of being injured was not pleasant.

“I’m fine.” Han Shan adjusted his breath and stabilized the surging blood and energy in his body.

Having recovered, Han Shan stared at the bamboo house, looking nervous, and said in a low voice, “There may be a powerful figure living here. Be careful not to offend.”

“Could it really be the legendary ghost doctor?” Lin Pingyan was quite excited and looked at Chen Qingyuan. As long as they found the ghost doctor, Junior Master’s injuries would have a chance to recover.

In his heart, Chen Qingyuan muttered to himself, feeling that he had underestimated Han Shan’s abilities. After this, he would definitely treat Han Shan to a drink. “To set up such a mysterious place in less than a month is very impressive.”

With Chen Qingyuan’s keen eyes, he couldn’t see any flaws in the bamboo house.

“Young Han Shan, a core disciple of the Qianlan Sacred Ground. I didn’t mean to offend just now, and I hope the predecessor will forgive me,” Han Shan bowed towards the direction of the bamboo house, revealing his background in order to make the other party less hostile.

“What brings you here?” A voice that had been magically processed came from inside the house, and it was impossible to tell if it was male or female.

“A good friend has been seriously injured and wants to seek treatment from a famous doctor. I dare to ask, is the predecessor the ghost doctor?” With the voice coming out, Han Shan clearly felt a terrifying pressure that made it difficult for his body to move, as if he was being pressed down by countless mountains, and he spoke with a forced tone.

Chen Qingyuan and Lin Pingyan bowed slightly, not daring to be disrespectful.For a long while, no sound came from within the house.

The crowd, clueless about the reason, could only wait.

After a full two-hour period, Han Shan lost his patience, turned his head to look at Chen Qingyuan and Lin Pingyan, and whispered, “I guess this person might be a recluse expert living here, not the Ghost Doctor. Shall we leave first? There are a few other suspicious candidates.”

Chen Qingyuan glanced at Han Shan and thought to himself, “Retreating to advance, feigning mystery, not a bad move!”

“It is widely known that the Ghost Doctor has a very peculiar temperament. This place is protected by such a mysterious Barrier. We can’t leave without confirming their identity.”

Lin Pingyan didn’t want to miss any possibilities and decided to wait a bit longer.

“Are we really not leaving?”

Han Shan kept his gaze on Chen Qingyuan as he spoke.

“We can’t give up easily, let’s wait!”

Chen Qingyuan said earnestly.

“Alright then!”

Han Shan could only grit his teeth and persist.

After waiting for another four hours, night had fallen, and the full moon had begun to reveal its outline.

At that moment, an indifferent voice reached everyone’s ears, accompanied by a Mysterious Light that touched Chen Qingyuan’s body: “This person stays, the rest of you leave!”

Instantly, Han Shan and Lin Pingyan were pushed away by a relatively gentle force to a distance, unable to approach the bamboo house.

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