Chapter 74 – The first level of the ruins

Everyone else was anxious, but Xu Zong remained calm.

Facing Yan Hai’s descending sword, Xu Zong swung his long spear and struck at the blade!


Yan Hai sneered in his heart. How could a newly promoted Celestial Level first stage like Xu Zong knock away his sword?

As long as it hits, it will be your death!

In an instant, amidst the astonished, mocking, anxious, and worried gazes of the crowd, the spear and the blade collided!

At that moment, Yan Hai suddenly felt a great force coming from the blade, sending his entire sword flying and himself tumbling in the air for several rounds.

For a moment, the whole scene fell silent.

Not to mention the War Gods and Celestial Levels who were watching, even Liu He, Ice Mountain, and Enchanting were dumbfounded by this scene.

“What… what’s going on?”

Yan Hai restrained his rolling figure and looked at Xu Zong in astonishment.

“This is impossible!”

“He’s just a newly promoted Celestial Level first stage. How could he knock away Yan Hai, a Celestial Level second stage?”

Two Celestial Levels hidden among the onlookers widened their eyes.

It’s no wonder they were surprised. The difference in strength between Xu Zong and Yan Hai was twice as much. In theory, not only should Xu Zong have been knocked away by Yan Hai, he should have been killed by Yan Hai’s sword!

“Tsk tsk, I tricked you!”

In the live broadcast room, Xu Zong smirked.

The two people and one beast beside him also smiled knowingly.

“How… how did you do it?”

Liu He came to Xu Zong’s side, his face full of astonishment.

Ice Mountain and Enchanting also flew over, and Enchanting took out a bottle of Life Water from her backpack and handed it to Ice Mountain. The two of them looked at Xu Zong with strange eyes.

“My talent ability can eliminate air resistance.”

Xu Zong blocked out the surrounding sound and informed the three of them.

Upon hearing this, the three of them understood and couldn’t help but feel regretful.

It turned out to be a talent ability, not a secret technique or anything. Secret techniques can be learned, but talent abilities are innate. This can only mean that Xu Zong’s luck is really good, as he drew a talent that allows him to fight beyond his level.

“I didn’t expect Yan Hai to come so quickly.”

Ice Mountain looked at Yan Hai, who was gloomy in the distance.

“If Yan Hai comes, Atkin will probably come soon… It’s almost time, let’s go in!”

If Atkin comes, it will be troublesome!

He is currently the only Celestial Level third stage on Earth, and his strength is at least twice that of Yan Hai!

If he comes, Xu Zong can only rely on his invincible sliding technique to escape.

“Let’s go!”

Xu Zong felt it was right and, together with the three of them, headed towards the underground cave!

“They’re leaving!”

“We should follow them!”

Seeing this, the other Celestial Levels rushed towards the underground cave like locusts.


Yan Hai suddenly erupted with Primal Energy, directly knocking away several Celestial Levels blocking his way. Ignoring the few who dared not speak, he rushed into the underground cave.


Inside the underground cave.

“This time, only the three of us from the Extreme Martial Arts School are here, plus you, Xu Zong, making it four. The others have things to do and will come later. Hopefully, with the combined strength of the nine of us Celestial Levels, we can gain partial ownership of this relic.”

As they descended, Liu He sighed with a hint of melancholy.

If the school master were still here, there would be no need for such trouble. With just a word from him, no one on Earth would dare to oppose him! Unlike now, where a few Celestial Level first stages dare to confront the Extreme Martial Arts School.

“Yan Hai is catching up, be careful of his sneak attack!”

“That old fox, he was notorious for being cunning and treacherous during the Great Nirvana period. We must remain vigilant!”

Ice Mountain and Enchanting warned, causing Liu He and Xu Zong to be on high alert.

Yan Hai followed behind the four of them, his eyes locked onto Xu Zong like a hawk, but perhaps due to the disadvantage of being outnumbered, he did not launch a direct sneak attack and restrained himself.

In less than half a minute, the four of them landed in an underground cave filled with ore and saw the silver-white structure embedded in the wall.

“Is that the 32nd relic?”

Liu He and the others were pleasantly surprised when they saw the relic. This time, Xu Zong’s great contribution meant that there was a good chance the Extreme Martial Arts School could gain partial ownership of this relic. Even if they had to give up some ownership, as long as they could control it, it would be a great advantage.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and Yan Hai also arrived in the underground cave through the tunnel. After seeing the silver-white structure, he immediately flew towards the entrance.

He checked the entrance back and forth and even threw a rock inside, but he didn’t find any laser channels or anything, so he tentatively stepped into the entrance.

“That old guy is cautious.”

Ice Mountain watched Yan Hai’s actions from a distance and didn’t immediately rush forward to compete with him.

The relic was just discovered, and the dangers inside were unknown. It was just right for Yan Hai to explore the way ahead.

Soon, after confirming that there was no danger at the entrance, Yan Hai increased his speed and rushed into the interior of the relic.

“Let’s go in too!”

Ice Mountain looked at the three of them, and they all nodded. Then, they activated their Primal Energy and flew towards the relic.At the same time, the Celestial Level warriors who had fallen from the hole were also flying towards the ruins after witnessing this scene.

In the live broadcast room opened by Xu Zong, other Xu Zongs from different worlds were also silently observing the situation. The Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons even ran to the front, about a hundred meters away, scouting the surroundings like a sentinel.

Upon entering the entrance, there was a hundred-meter-long white corridor. There was nothing unusual around, not a single sound.

Xu Zong temporarily let his guard down, following behind Liu He and the others, flying forward.

The white corridor quickly came to an end, then split into two paths.

Here, Yan Hai looked left and right for a while, then flew towards the right corridor.

The four of them then arrived at the fork, each looking left and right. It turned out that there was a projection on each side of the corridor, with unknown languages written on it. However, the translation into Earth languages was kindly provided below, including Chinese and English.

“Mind Teachers go to the left, Genetic Warriors go to the right.”

Liu He read out the words above, understanding their meaning.

“In that case, let’s take the right corridor.”

They were all warriors, so naturally, there were no objections.

The four of them flew towards the right corridor together. After advancing about two hundred meters, they saw ten corridor entrances appearing on the left wall ahead, each separated by about ten meters.

Yan Hai had already entered the first corridor, fiddling with something. It seemed there was no danger.

“Why is there no door again?”

Xu Zong felt it was very strange.

At this time, most of the Celestial Level warriors behind them had already flown in. They were in groups of three to five, almost no one was alone. Because the corridor entrances were not blocked, most of them entered a corridor in groups of two or three. This way, at least they could look out for each other if anything happened.

“I feel something is not right here, but I can’t pinpoint what it is.”

Not far in front of him, the phantom of Xu Zong from Martial World General was standing there, speaking in a strange tone.

“That being said, since we’re here, we can’t retreat easily. We can’t just sit back and watch others reap the benefits while we get nothing, right?”

The Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons shook his head, feeling that they should persist.

The conversation between the Xu Zongs, of course, could not be heard by outsiders.

“Let’s take this corridor!”

Yan Hai walked to the third corridor, which was unoccupied.

The four of them had no objections, so they all walked in.

This corridor was not long, it looked to be only about a hundred meters or so.

After the four of them advanced a hundred meters, they saw the wall of the corridor next to them suddenly open, and a humanoid figure made entirely of crystal emerged.

“Scanning in progress, the four examinees are respectively at 1%, 46%, 77%, and 62% of the first stage of Celestial Level. If you want to take the examination, please remove all defensive equipment.”

The crystal man mechanically finished speaking, then stood still.

The four of them looked at each other for a while, all somewhat uncertain. To remove all defensive equipment, wouldn’t that be equivalent to standing naked in front of the other party? They wouldn’t even know how they died!

“I’ll go!”

Liu He suddenly stepped forward. He quickly took off his combat suit and removed the Black God suit from his body, facing the crystal man in a single layer of clothing.

“Liu He!”

Yan Hai’s tone suddenly became tense.

“I’m older than all of you.”

Liu He said coldly.

The three of them looked at each other, their expressions varied. They looked at each other and silently retreated.

“I admire him!”

The Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons said with a sigh.

“Me too.”

The other Xu Zongs also nodded in agreement.

“Examinee, please note that the next attack will be twice the strength of the examinee. The examinee is not allowed to defend in any way. Only when you stand firm in the face of a direct attack will you pass this examination.”

The crystal man raised his fist as soon as an examinee was selected, assuming a very rigid stance.

“Twice the strength!”

Liu He widened his eyes in astonishment.

“How is that possible?”


Liu He’s tone also showed a hint of astonishment.

“The examination begins.”

The crystal man started the examination on his own, then punched towards Liu He. In an instant, a violent sonic boom occurred, causing people’s eardrums to vibrate violently!

Liu He had no time to think and could only punch back.


With a loud noise, a figure was instantly knocked back.

“Liu He!”

Yan Hai immediately widened his eyes and rushed out to help him up.

“I’m fine, luckily it was only twice the strength, and he didn’t use Primal Energy.”

Liu He got up from the ground, looking somewhat relieved.

His arm was trembling, and his fist was visibly swollen. Yan Hai took out a bottle of Life Water, but Liu He shook his head to refuse.

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