Chapter 73 – Yan Hai

“Wang Yu, I found a relic here!”

Xu Zong immediately opened his wristwatch and called the familiar Inspector Wang Yu.

“We can’t determine if the relic is dangerous at the moment. Should we bring people from other forces?”

“What? A relic? I’ll send people over immediately!”

Wang Yu was shocked and quickly responded.

“This news can’t be kept hidden. There will definitely be people who arrive before us. Try to guard the exit and wait for our people to arrive before making a plan!”

After finishing his words, Wang Yu quickly hung up the phone.

They were using the wristwatches issued by the Martial Arts School, which used the Martial Arts School satellite as a signal station. Unless they entered a relic with a signal isolation, the signal would not be lost no matter where they were on Earth.

Xu Zong activated his genetic primal energy and created a hole straight up from the underground cave. He returned to the surface in a few minutes.

Not long after, Puka brought the powerful warriors of the Martial Arts School to the edge of the cave and surrounded the area.

Xu Zong called his own fighter jet and put the Black God suit and the synthesized flying knives into the fighter jet.

Puka saw this scene and his expression changed. He knew that Sago was probably in trouble. As he expected, Xu Zong, who had broken through to the Celestial Level, was much stronger than an ordinary Celestial Level.

After that, within half an hour, a Celestial Level warrior arrived in this mountainous area, but he was not from the Martial Arts School.

“It can’t be hidden.”

Xu Zong nodded secretly. When a relic appeared, there would definitely be a huge mobilization of personnel. Famous and powerful warriors at the War God and Celestial Level were all taking action. It was impossible to hide it from others.

“Judging from the situation, there must be a traitor in your Martial Arts School!”

The illusory figure of Xu Zong, the Nine Cauldrons, looked meaningfully at the War Gods next to Puka.

“The Martial Arts School is currently showing signs of decline. Anyone can see that.”

Xu Zong, the Martial World General, shook his head, looking down on these people who were showing signs of decline.

In the mountains.

“Friend, let’s have a drink first.”

Facing this Celestial Level warrior, it was useless for Puka and the others to go up. Xu Zong took the initiative to appear and stopped the opponent.

“You are… the number one in the Martial Arts School’s Elite Training Camp?”

The man had an Indian face and should be a member of the Indian Parliament. He was the closest one and the first to arrive. After seeing Xu Zong, his face was filled with shock. It was obvious that he was extremely surprised to see Xu Zong become a Celestial Level warrior.

“I am the new Inspector of the Martial Arts School, and I discovered this relic.”

Xu Zong shook the wine glass in his hand. It was given to him by the War Gods in his team to warm him up.

“The relic was just discovered, and its danger is unknown. My suggestion is to wait for more people before exploring. What do you think?”

“The new Inspector of the Martial Arts School!”

The man’s expression changed instantly, and after a moment of thought, he nodded.

“You’re right. It’s safer to explore the newly unearthed relic with more people.”

Although Hong Chen was asleep, the Martial Arts School was still a formidable force. There was no need to offend them, and he couldn’t easily enter the relic with Xu Zong guarding the entrance. Both of them were at the first level of the Celestial Level, and their strengths were similar. It was basically difficult to determine who was stronger.

As time passed, one Celestial Level warrior after another arrived from all directions.

Most of them were willing to give face to the Martial Arts School and chose to wait on the side.

“The number of people is increasing. It seems that it will be difficult ahead.”

Xu Zong, from Battle Through the Heavens, looked at the increasing number of Celestial Level warriors and couldn’t help but worry.

“What if we want to forcefully enter?”

Not long after, two Celestial Level warriors arrived together. They frowned at Xu Zong’s persuasion.

They obviously wanted to enter the relic as soon as possible and obtain the treasures inside before everyone else.

“Would you like to spar with me first?”

Xu Zong was not polite either and raised the long spear in his hand with a cold smile.

“You, a newly promoted Celestial Level warrior, have quite the courage!”

The leader of the two laughed coldly.

“Among so many Celestial Level warriors here, do you think we are the only ones who want to enter immediately?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Celestial Level warriors around them became restless, and some of them had a look of anticipation in their eyes.


Xu Zong’s expression turned gloomy.

Indeed, among these people, there were many who wanted to enter the relic first and occupy the treasures inside. They were just hindered by the reputation of the Martial Arts School, so they had to wait here for a while. After all, they were not prohibited from entering.

But with these two people’s words, they became even more restless. After all, there were quite a few of them, and the current Martial Arts School couldn’t suppress the prestige of so many Celestial Level warriors. The sooner they entered, the sooner they could obtain the treasures inside!

Xu Zong frowned. It would be troublesome if so many people attacked together.

“Hahaha! Who wants to spar with the Inspector of the Martial Arts School?”

Suddenly, laughter came from a distance.

In no time, several rays of light flashed, and several figures appeared side by side in mid-air. Among them was a figure that Xu Zong felt familiar with.

“Come, I, Liu He, will be your opponent!”

The person was none other than Liu He, one of the five Inspectors of the Martial Arts School!

At this moment, he laughed angrily and glared at the person who spoke, with the green primal energy on his body constantly shaking.

“When the Master is here, none of you dared to do anything to the Martial Arts School. Now that the Master is not here, you think you can be arrogant?”

Standing beside Liu He was a man wearing a golden mask, and his icy tone contained a freezing chill.

“Don’t even think about your own abilities!”

Another person was a woman wearing a golden mask. Although her voice was melodious and pleasant, her tone was equally cold.

“Liu He! Even Hong’s personal guard has come!”

“Ice Mountain and Enchanting!”

“Forget it, let’s wait a bit longer!”

Those restless Celestial Level warriors suddenly quieted down.The two troublemaking Celestial Level individuals twitched their cheeks in embarrassment and flew off to the side.


Only then did Liu He snort coldly.

The three of them looked around and slowly landed on the ground, next to Xu Zong.

“Roar! (Just in time!)”

In the live broadcast room, Fire Qilin Xu Zong couldn’t help but praise.

“Inspector Liu!”

Xu Zong took the initiative to greet Liu He.

“Xu Zong, I just heard from Wang Yu that you’ve become a Celestial Level, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t expect that you’ve not only become a Celestial Level, but you’ve also discovered a relic!”

Liu He looked at Xu Zong, his face full of astonishment.

Three months ago, when he met this young man, he was just an advanced warrior. He didn’t expect that in just three months, he had become a Celestial Level, on par with himself!

Even just after becoming a Celestial Level, he found the relic that had been investigated for more than three months, he was simply the lucky star of the Martial Arts School!

The last lucky star of the Martial Arts School was Luo Feng.

“Actually, this is what happened…”

Xu Zong moved closer to Liu He, set up a Primal Energy barrier around them, and filled the area with a magnetic field to block out sound. He informed the three of them about the situation, since Wang Yu already knew about it, it couldn’t be hidden.

“So that’s how it is!”

Liu He suddenly realized.

“Sago Nehru, recently he has been close to Yan Hai, Atkin and others, causing chaos in the Thunder Martial Arts School, it’s about time he was killed.”

Beside Liu He, a man with a golden mask, Iceberg, said coldly.

“You did well, even if Atkin comes to cause trouble, we will support you to the end!”

Another woman with a golden mask, Seductress, praised Xu Zong and firmly stood by his side.

“Xu Zong, let me introduce you. These two are Iceberg and Seductress, they are the personal guards of the school master, they have been with the master since the Great Nirvana period, and their strength is even stronger than mine!”

Liu He introduced them to Xu Zong with a smile, his tone was no longer casual as before.

“Hello, the little brother who is said to be comparable to the school master in the future.”

Seductress chuckled, her words teasing.

Iceberg also nodded at Xu Zong, as a greeting.

“Someone else is coming!”

At this moment, someone shouted.

A flying saucer-shaped warplane quickly flew from the distant horizon. Before it reached the sky above, the cabin door opened, and a white-haired old man jumped out, his waist-length hair fluttering in the wind.

He jumped out of the cabin door and headed straight for the cave!

He didn’t care at all why the other Celestial Levels were waiting here, and he had no intention of asking them. His target was very clear, to rush into the cave!

Xu Zong frowned.

Another arrogant one, does he not see me blocking the entrance of the cave?

“Yan Hai, you’re too arrogant!”

Iceberg’s tone was icy cold. Before Xu Zong could act, he flew up, his body exuding a chilling aura. His palm strike was like a covering of ice and snow, enough to instantly freeze a person to pieces!


The old man who descended from the sky just snorted coldly, drew his knife, and furiously slashed at Iceberg!


There was a thunderous boom, and the shockwave surged in all directions like a tidal wave.

A figure fell from the sky, crashing into the ice and snow like a missile.


Seductress’s tone changed.

“Celestial Level Second Stage!”

Iceberg flew out from the ground, his Black God suit on his right arm was torn open, and his palm was bleeding.

But he didn’t care about that, his mind was filled with turbulent thoughts.

“When did this old guy Yan Hai break through to the Celestial Level Second Stage?”

On the entire Earth, there was not a single Celestial Level Second Stage yet, but Yan Hai had actually reached the Second Stage? Could it be that he also got the Mu Yajing from Atkin?

“Get out of the way!”

Iceberg quickly warned the three people next to the cave.

With Yan Hai at the Celestial Level Second Stage, his strength was at least four thousand tons, plus four times the force, even after being weakened by the Black God suit, he could still kill an average Celestial Level First Stage!

Although Liu He and Seductress were unwilling, they had no choice but to quickly retreat to the side.

“Xu Zong!”

Suddenly, Liu He was taken aback.

Above the cave, Xu Zong didn’t retreat a step, but instead quietly raised his Shadowless Spear.

“Get out of the way!”

“Xu Zong?”

Yan Hai suddenly heard this name, his narrow triangular eyes slightly narrowed.

“The genius comparable to Hong? He’s nothing if he’s dead!”

He took advantage of the momentum of his descent and slashed at Xu Zong!

“That kid is dead for sure!”

Among the Celestial Levels watching from the side, two of them sneered in mockery.

“Xu Zong!”

Liu He, Iceberg, and Seductress were all extremely anxious, but they were already far from the entrance of the cave and had no time to save him.

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