Chapter 75 – Warrior Basic 312 Form

“I didn’t expect to fail the assessment of the first level!”

In the passage, the iceberg was full of unwillingness.

“With an attack of twice the strength, we cannot use any defensive methods. We can only attack with fists and cannot take a step back. This is simply an impossible proposition!”

Liu He also sighed on the side.

Whether it was for the martial arts school or for themselves, each of them was determined to obtain the treasures in the ruins. But at this moment, looking at the crystal person blocking their way, they could only sigh in frustration.

Even if Yan Hai and Atkin came, they wouldn’t be able to pass, because there is no such concept on Earth!

“How about let me try?”

Xu Zong looked at the three of them with a subtle expression.


Can’t you handle the power of twice the strength?

“Do you have confidence?”

The iceberg raised his head suddenly, looking at Xu Zong in surprise.

“I should. I won’t know if it works until I try.”

Xu Zong said so and walked forward under the surprised gazes of the three. He put down his Black God suit, combat uniform, and Shadowless Spear, and walked forward in a single shirt.

He jumped in place a few times, moved his body, and felt a bit nervous.

When he reached a power of 2.7 before, he had achieved a similar multiple of strength with the unloading technique. With this move, he had remained undefeated in Han Qihu’s hands. But after reaching a power of 3.6, he couldn’t achieve a 3.6-fold unloading anymore.

Now that he has reached the Celestial Level, he doesn’t know if he can still use the unloading technique from before.

“Go for it.”

“You’ll be fine.”

“It’s a piece of cake.”


The four Xu Zongs each stood around the crystal person. One touched its smooth head, one kicked its back, and another reached towards its lower body, seemingly wanting to see if it was male or female. Only the Fire Qilin rolled around on the side, looking bored.

This scene almost made Xu Zong lose his composure.

“The assessment begins!”

The crystal person started again on its own and threw a punch at Xu Zong.

Xu Zong’s expression condensed, and he returned the punch with his fist!

At the moment of the collision of the two fists, Xu Zong felt a huge force coming from the crystal person. He immediately used the unloading technique, transmitting the power of this strike through the muscles and bones of his arms, waist, and legs, continuously towards the ground!


Under the loud sound, Liu He and the other two widened their eyes in unison.

In the field, under the crystal person’s attack, Xu Zong didn’t retreat at all!

“It worked!”

Xu Zong’s expression was excited. He almost completely directed the power from the crystal person’s fist towards the ground. Without taking a step back, according to the crystal person’s words, he had definitely passed the assessment of the first level!

Liu He and the other two behind him also widened their eyes in disbelief, staring at Xu Zong.

“How did he do it?”

“I don’t know!”

“I didn’t understand either…”

The three looked at each other and saw confusion in each other’s eyes.

This was definitely a moment of confrontation, unloading the opponent’s power with the unloading technique. They all knew this, but how exactly did he manage to completely unload twice his own strength? This left them completely puzzled and unable to understand.

“You have passed the assessment. Please accept the rewards for this level.”

The crystal person said these words in Chinese with a special frequency.

Immediately after, a metal drawer popped out from the wall of the passage next to them. Inside it was a bracelet with a strong metallic texture and a black appearance.

“What is this?”

Xu Zong approached curiously and looked at it.

“It’s an auxiliary light brain.”

The iceberg recognized the bracelet and nodded towards Xu Zong.

“Since this is the reward you obtained, it should belong to you.”

Naturally, Xu Zong happily accepted it and put the bracelet on his hand. Although the bracelet had a metallic texture, it was soft and comfortable to wear.

Then, under the guidance of the crystal person, he opened the light brain and established a connection, just like turning on a new phone. It was equipped with high-intelligence intelligence and had extremely strong thinking and logical abilities, possessing many technologies that were currently beyond the reach of Earth’s science and technology.

Liu He looked on with envy. Auxiliary light brains were also rare on Earth.

“By passing this assessment, there is only one auxiliary light brain as a reward?”

Yao Ruo looked at Xu Zong, who was having a great time playing, and couldn’t help but wonder.

“Assessor, please receive the reward of the secret manual.”

After seeing Xu Zong accept the auxiliary light brain, the crystal person spoke again, and then a translucent crystal popped out from its chest.

“Please make contact between your auxiliary light brain and my crystal.”

There’s another reward?Xu Zong saw the situation and didn’t hesitate. He immediately walked forward and placed the bracelet on the crystal.

After a while, there was a “beep” sound, indicating that the data transfer was complete.

Xu Zong opened the optical brain and projected the received data. Liu He and the others couldn’t help but look over.

“Warrior Basic Technique 312!”

The projection showed a large number of pictures and words, which were translated into Chinese in a friendly manner, with these big characters written on it.

After a quick glance, Xu Zong’s eyes lit up.

“This is the basic cultivation manual for genetic warriors in the universe. So that’s why I can achieve 2.7 times the strength. It’s because my body control ability is quite high. But later on, I couldn’t do it because my body control ability couldn’t keep up. This Basic Technique 312 teaches warriors to explore their physical potential and increase their body control ability from the most basic level, using words and patterns!”

“What an amazing manual!”

“Enhance body control ability?”

“Could it be that the warriors on Earth have gone astray?”

Liu He and the others looked at each other, feeling that their perspectives were about to be overturned.

The name “Warrior Basic Technique 312” indicates that this thing is only the basic cultivation method for warriors in the universe. Anyone can practice it. Just with this, it has already overturned the cultivation system on Earth, especially the power multiplier!

Currently, the cultivation of warriors on Earth only focuses on the power multiplier and neglects body control. In other words, it’s all about brute force without any regard for skills!

“Xu Zong, this manual of yours…”

Bingshan stepped forward, hesitating in his eyes.

“Let’s put it up for sale in the form of an ordinary manual.”

Xu Zong didn’t hesitate and proactively suggested.

This thing is helpful to all of humanity on Earth. It’s not something that should be kept to oneself. Thinking of Bingshan’s previous words, “I am older than all of you,” Xu Zong felt that he couldn’t be selfish.

“Thank you!”

Bingshan thanked him solemnly.

“Afterwards, I can make the decision and let you choose any three items from the curator’s collection, no, three treasures!”

Before the final battle with the Swallowed Star Beast, Hong entrusted the custody of his warehouse to Bingshan.

In fact, mere money is nothing compared to the preciousness of this manual to humanity on Earth. A manual that is useful to all of humanity is invaluable. But Bingshan couldn’t offer anything else, so the highest level reward he could give was Hong’s warehouse.

“That’s great!”

Xu Zong’s eyes lit up and he happily agreed without hesitation.

He especially needs a powerful Force Weapon now. Even if he faces Atkin, he may not show any fear if he has a powerful Force Weapon!

“Is this it? Such a big relic, and this is the reward?”

In the live broadcast room, several virtual Xu Zongs expressed their disdain.

“Assessor, you have passed the first level assessment and can enter the next level, or you can choose to quit.”

At this time, the crystal person had retrieved the crystal from his chest and spoke.

“I’ll go in first!”

Xu Zong greeted Liu He and the others, then flew past the crystal person and headed towards the depths of the passage.

The crystal person did not stop him and silently looked at Liu He and the others with his two red eyes. The three of them looked at each other and sighed in unison.

They couldn’t even pass the first level, let alone challenge the second level. They could only stay here honestly.

On the other side.

Xu Zong flew past the crystal person and flew for about fifty meters before reaching the end of the passage. In front of him was another corridor. Looking around, the endpoints of the other nine passages were all here.

“What’s strange is that there’s no door again?”

Xu Zong was puzzled.

Not only at the entrance, but there were also no doors before or after the assessment passage. Is this very common in the universe?

After entering the corridor, Xu Zong flew to the right for a while, and then ten identical passages appeared on the wall in front of him, without any obstacles.

“Someone is catching up from behind!”

Suddenly, Xu Zong, who was at the back, shouted alertly.


Xu Zong was surprised and glanced back, seeing a figure catching up from behind.

He looked back and realized that the person was Yan Hai!

Could it be that this guy passed the first level assessment?

Xu Zong was uncertain. He didn’t think that he was the only one on Earth who could achieve double the strength, but could Yan Hai also do it?

“I didn’t expect you to discover this mechanism too.”

Yan Hai narrowed his triangular eyes, and his gaze became more wary of Xu Zong.


Xu Zong’s heart moved, and he sneered.

“So, you’ve discovered it too?”

“Of course I… wait, you didn’t discover it yourself. Otherwise, the three from Ice Mountain should be here too. Did you… did you break in here yourself?”

Yan Hai’s words trailed off as he suddenly realized something. He looked at Xu Zong with a mix of surprise and a deeper sense of gloom.

“What mechanism is at work here?”

No longer pretending, Xu Zong asked Yan Hai coldly.

“Hmph, find out for yourself!”

With a shift in his gaze and a cold snort, Yan Hai rushed into the first passage on the left.

Xu Zong frowned, pausing for a moment, curious about how Yan Hai had managed to do it.

In the passage, Yan Hai moved extremely fast, quickly reaching a depth of a hundred meters. Another crystal figure popped out from the wall of the passage.

Xu Zong had thought that Yan Hai would slow down, but to his surprise, Yan Hai didn’t stop at all, directly bypassing the crystal figure!

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