Chapter 72 – The right thing for a cunning man to do


But what shocked Sago was that the 12,000-ton force seemed to have disappeared. It collided with the opponent, but didn’t even break his combat suit. Instead, Sago was knocked away!


Sago was greatly surprised.

With 12,000 tons of force, it was comparable to a Celestial Level Second Stage on Earth. Even a Celestial Level First Stage Warrior would be heavily injured facing such an attack!

Under his mask, Xu Zong grinned.

It seems like you don’t understand what invincibility means!

“Mind Teachers can usually fight beyond their level. Before the Swallowing Beast Disaster, the Fourth Speaker, Ist, as a Celestial Level Second Stage Mind Teacher, was able to suppress the Fifth Speaker, Atkin. Luo Feng, relying on his high-level psychic weapon, was able to toy with a Celestial Level Third Stage Warrior. Unfortunately, they are no match for my invincible sliding technique!”

After reaching the Celestial Level, the talent of invincible sliding became extremely terrifying!

Because genetic warriors control primal energy and magnetic fields to propel themselves in flight, what would happen if Xu Zong maintained the sliding posture and used primal energy to propel himself forward? Would he become unstoppable?

Always sliding, always invincible!

He didn’t need to worry about any attacks from his opponent. As long as he focused on killing the opponent, he would be fine!

The calculation ability of a Celestial Level expert’s brain was extremely strong. Even though so many thoughts appeared in his mind, in reality, it was just a momentary flash.

“Die, Sago!”

Xu Zong, maintaining the sliding posture, kicked Sago in the chest!

Sago’s face turned pale, and his soul seemed to have left his body in an instant!

He was a Celestial Level Mind Teacher, not a Celestial Level Warrior. His physical strength was only that of a high-level War God. Even with the Black God set that could weaken 90% of the force, he was definitely doomed with this kick!

“Retreat, retreat, retreat!”

The taste of death had never been so close to Sago. He stimulated all his potential, stabilizing the psychic weapon that had been knocked away, and launched a fierce attack on the back of Xu Zong’s head!

The brain was a person’s weak point. He should have hesitated and stopped the attack.

Sago held onto this hope.


In the next moment, Xu Zong’s full-force kick had already landed on his chest.

In an instant, a huge force penetrated the Black God set and hit Sago’s chest, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood and splatter it like waves.


The psychic flying knife collided with the back of Xu Zong’s head, but was knocked away again.

Sago looked at this scene in despair. He couldn’t understand why this unknown expert’s defense was so astonishing. He didn’t even know who killed him in the end.

In despair and unwillingness, he felt his life force gradually fading away.

He died without closing his eyes!


Xu Zong stopped sliding and took a deep breath.

“It’s a good thing we fought underground. If it were in the sky, he might have escaped!”

In this battle, he had a great advantage in terrain. The most suitable battlefield for Mind Teachers was the sky. Their flight speed and agility were much faster than genetic warriors of the same level. Fighting underground was a huge disadvantage. In general, Sago died because of the terrain.

If he hadn’t been exploring underground, he might not have died.

Xu Zong approached and pierced Sago’s head with a spear, preventing him from playing dead.

Then he took off the Black God set from Sago’s body and casually touched his finger.

“I thought as a Celestial Level First Stage Mind Teacher, you would give me a big surprise. I didn’t expect to defeat you so thoroughly. Damn it!”

After not finding a spatial ring for a long time, Xu Zong’s face turned dark.

“This damn guy is so poor!”

Xu Zong of The Nine Cauldrons also looked disgusted.

The battle pace was too fast, and they could hardly see anything clearly. They couldn’t even interrupt. It wasn’t until now that several Xu Zongs came back to their senses and started discussing.

“He doesn’t even have a spatial ring. This damn guy is not qualified as a Celestial Level expert!”

Xu Zong of Battle Through the Heavens intentionally or unintentionally waved the spatial ring on his finger, with a smile on his face.

“Scatter his ashes!”

Xu Zong of The Nine Cauldrons couldn’t stand her showing off and shouted at Sago’s corpse.

“I was just thinking the same thing!”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong, who was live streaming, agreed with a face full of approval. He continuously used primal energy to crush Sago’s body, turning it into ashes!

“You guys have such strong killing intent. Doesn’t he still have a psychic weapon?”

Xu Zong, the Martial World General, shook his head, swaying his folding fan, and looked elegant.

“Right, the psychic weapon!”

Xu Zong hurriedly turned around and searched inch by inch around him.

Earth’s resources were limited, and his cultivation speed would eventually slow down. After that, he would probably have to cultivate his psychic power. Having a psychic weapon would be a good thing.

“Roar. (I saw it flying over there before.)”

The Fire Qilin raised its hoof and pointed in a direction.

Xu Zong flew in the direction it pointed. After a while, he found a smooth cut on a rock wall.

He simply punched the rock wall.

“Oh damn it! What is this?”

He intended to break open the surroundings with one punch, but after the rock wall cracked, the scene suddenly widened in front of him. He almost stumbled and quickly adjusted his body.

Then, Xu Zong looked ahead and was stunned.

“Goodness gracious, there’s really a hidden world underground?”

The rock wall disappeared from all sides, replaced by a large underground cavern. Countless ores emitting a faint green light were scattered around.

“Ruins! It’s ruins!”

Xu Zong of The Nine Cauldrons suddenly brightened up and excitedly pointed to the front right.

Xu Zong followed his gaze and slowly opened his mouth wide.

In that direction, a huge square building stood there. The building was silver-white, about fifty meters high, and directly inserted into the top of the cavern. It was about twenty meters wide, but only a part of the building was exposed, making it difficult to judge its length.

“There really are ruins nearby?”

Xu Zong felt like he was in a dream.Speaking of which, Little Uncle did mention that the infrared waves near this cave were abnormal, suggesting that the ruins might be nearby. However, he didn’t take it to heart at the time, thinking that such coincidences were rare in the world.

Unexpectedly, such coincidences do exist in this world!

But thinking about it, Sago had been searching here for two days and even dug such a long tunnel. He was not the type to do pointless work. He must have discovered something. It’s just that he didn’t have time to take a look at the ruins before he passed away.

“Who would have thought that chasing someone could lead to the discovery of ruins? Is this the legendary protagonist’s halo?”

“Who’s the protagonist? Sago?”

“What? (What kind of hellish joke is this?)”

“The psychic weapon is over there.”

The elegant Xu Zong from Martial World General pointed in another direction, where a synthetic flying knife was stuck in the ground not far away.

Swallowed Star Xu Zong quickly flew over and pulled out the psychic flying knife.

“His psychic weapon doesn’t have an amplifying effect. Look closely, there are no secret patterns on it. It seems that it’s not from the ruins, but a replica made on Earth. It’s just a low-grade weapon in terms of appearance.”

After a careful examination, Xu Zong felt a little disappointed.

If it were a graded psychic weapon, it could be sold for a good price in the universe.

In the universe, ungraded corresponds to apprentice level, first grade corresponds to celestial level, second grade corresponds to stellar level, third grade corresponds to cosmic level, and so on.

Whether it’s a force weapon or a psychic weapon, they all have a certain amplifying effect on the user, greatly enhancing the user’s attack power. They also have unique secret patterns engraved on them. However, Sago’s weapon didn’t show any of these features, indicating that it was just an ungraded psychic weapon.

That’s right, Sago had just reached the celestial level for a little over a month. He was still deeply mired in the pursuit of fame and fortune, competing for power and profit with other inspectors from the Thunder Martial Arts School. He didn’t have time to search for psychic weapons in the ruins. Those ruins with graded weapons usually take half a month or a month to explore.

“Let’s check out the ruins!”

“Exactly, the ruins are the biggest discovery at hand!”

Several viewers in the live broadcast room began to egg on.

Xu Zong was also very interested in these ruins, so he activated his genetic primal energy and flew towards the huge silver building.

“There’s no door?”

Upon reaching the entrance of the building, Xu Zong was surprised to find that there was no door at the entrance. The entrance, ten meters wide and twenty meters high, was wide open.

The white-as-cloud corridor inside was clearly visible.

“Should we go in and take a look?”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong egged on, “With my invincible shovel talent, as long as you maintain the shoveling posture, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt!”

“What if we get trapped inside?”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong gave him a sidelong glance.


The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong was at a loss for words.

The shovel is indeed invincible, but it only provides an invincible body, no attack power, and no phasing evasion function.

In other words, once Xu Zong enters the ruins and the door suddenly falls, trapping him inside for life, he would be completely helpless.

“I don’t know why this ruin doesn’t even have a door, and I don’t know how dangerous it is inside?”

Xu Zong turned to look at the other Xu Zongs.

“What do you think? Should we go in or not?”

He asked for the opinions of his other selves. There’s strength in numbers. Even though they were all him, they were still people!

“As the saying goes, a thief never leaves empty-handed. How can we sit and watch when there’s a huge fortune in front of us and not take it?”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong held a positive opinion.

“I think it’s better to be cautious. It’s not a problem to come in when we’re stronger, right?”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong held the opposite opinion.

“Tsk, why have you become so timid after becoming a woman?”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong immediately glared at him with a displeased face.

“What the hell, this has nothing to do with gender, it’s just a pure opinion!”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong retorted immediately.

“I abstain.”

Martial World General Xu Zong hesitated for a while. He thought both sides had a point, so he chose to abstain.

“What do you think?”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong turned to look at the Fire Qilin. Among them, Wind & Cloud Xu Zong had the best temperament.

“Roar. (Let others explore first, we’ll follow later.)”

The Fire Qilin was still lying there, lazily speaking.

The Xu Zongs looked at each other and suddenly understood.

“That’s right, bro!”

That’s the correct way to do it!

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