Chapter 71 – Eat my invincible shovel!

“Oh my, you’re still wearing a skirt. Has your physiology changed to female, and your mentality become feminine as well? Hahaha… I can’t take it, my stomach hurts from laughing so much!”

“Damn it!”

The girl who had naturally crossed over to the world of Battle Through the Heavens was now carrying the name of Nalan Yanran. She looked down at Xu Zong, who was now known as Jiuding Xu Zong, with a disgusted expression on her face, and kicked him, but passed right through his translucent body.

“I didn’t choose to wear this skirt myself. Yun Yun won’t let me wear men’s clothing. I have no choice!”

Xu Zong, who had the appearance of a handsome young man, sighed as he watched the two of them causing a ruckus.

“Both of you are Xu Zong, but I can’t understand how you two ended up like this.”

“Roar. (I’m telling you two, arguing is fine, but the live broadcast is more important now.)”

The Fire Qilin, who was lying next to them, lazily groomed its fur with its paws and let out a soft roar.

“Silencing Spell!”

Xu Zong, who was sitting cross-legged, silently chanted in his heart.

Suddenly, the laughter of Jiuding Xu Zong and the scolding of Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong disappeared at the same time, and the live broadcast room suddenly became quiet.

Jiuding Xu Zong and Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong looked at each other for a moment, realizing that they couldn’t say anything, so they reluctantly stopped arguing.

“It worked, lift the silence!”

Xu Zong, who had the ability to devour, nodded in satisfaction and lifted the silence.

“I refuse to accept this. Why does this live broadcast room have this function? I didn’t notice it last time. It deprives me of my freedom of speech!”

Jiuding Xu Zong stood up from the ground with his tongue tied, his face full of the expression of someone who couldn’t vent their frustration.


Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong glanced at him disdainfully, turned his head arrogantly, leaving only the back of his head and his long hair floating in the air.

To be honest, Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong was quite good-looking, after all, she was one of the main female characters in the original work.

“Why are you talking like Ah Mei? Silencing is a reasonable means to protect the live broadcast room and the users. Otherwise, why would this function be invented?”

Xu Zong who had the ability to devour rolled his eyes.

“Enough talking, we’re almost at our destination!”

The aircraft flew through the clouds and arrived in the sky above a steep terrain.

Visible to the naked eye, there were already many figures gathered below. The originally two-meter-wide hole had been dug to more than ten meters wide, and many people were coming and going inside and outside the hole.

The aircraft landed on an open space not far away. As soon as Xu Zong and Puka stepped out of the cabin, a War God-level powerhouse came forward to greet them.

“War God Puka, we haven’t found the exact location of the ruins yet!”

“For now, put the search for the ruins aside. I’m asking you, where is Sago Nehru?”

“He’s in that hole. He’s been searching inside for two days!”

“Good, go and notify our warriors from the martial arts school to return to the entrance of the hole as soon as possible.”


Although the man was puzzled, he still followed the order without hesitation.

“In the hole?”

Xu Zong looked at the wide hole and sneered. A gust of wind swirled around his body.

Without saying a word, Xu Zong’s figure floated up and moved to the top of the hole in the astonished gazes of the other War Gods, and then fell straight down!

In the unseen realm, the other four translucent figures were also pulled in by an inexplicable force.

This live broadcast room only allows viewers to move within a hundred meters around the broadcaster. If they exceed this range, they will be forcibly pulled towards the broadcaster.

Inside the hole.

Xu Zong floated in mid-air, and the emerald green primal energy radiated from his body, illuminating the surroundings.

“According to the satellite display, Sago Nehru is twenty-three kilometers southeast of you, and his altitude should be much lower!”

The voice of Puka came from the wristwatch. It was very difficult to capture weak life forms with the large life detection device carried by the martial arts school satellite, but capturing a celestial-level life form like Sago Nehru was a sure thing!

Xu Zong immediately flew out, sensing the surroundings with his primal energy, skillfully avoiding the rock walls and stalactites, and quickly flew in the direction indicated by the satellite!

He used his primal energy to eliminate air resistance, and his speed was faster than that of a first-order celestial-level warrior. He easily surpassed three times the speed of sound and even continued to rise!

“Goodness gracious, with this speed, I can already sweep through my world!”

The illusory figure of Xu Zong, who had the ability to devour, was pulled forward by the live broadcast room all the way, never leaving the one hundred meter range of Xu Zong who had the ability to devour. He looked at the scenery flashing by like a white horse passing through a gap, constantly taking in a breath of cold air.

The other Xu Zongs were also filled with sorrow and sighs. Only when they truly met could they realize the huge difference between the devouring world and their own world. And this was only a first-order celestial-level existence, it was really hard to imagine how strong the Lords of the Realm, the Immortals, and even the Masters of the Universe above them were!

Of course, in reality, the flying speed of a normal first-order celestial-level genetic warrior is only about one or two times the speed of sound, and the running speed can reach about 3-5 times the speed of sound. Xu Zong was able to fly so fast because of his innate ability.

“There’s such a large cavity underground in the Himalayas?”In the cave, a green light sphere shot out at an unimaginable speed, sometimes avoiding the rock walls, sometimes crashing through them. Xu Zong cursed silently as he headed towards a specific direction.

In less than half a minute, he arrived at the location indicated by the satellite.

There was no sign of Sago Nehru here, but there was a small well-like hole on the ground.

Xu Zong’s eyes narrowed, and he went straight into the hole. At the same time, his Black God suit expanded, enveloping his entire body except for his eyes, fully armed!

In no time, Xu Zong reached below the horizontal line along the cave and saw an Indian youth digging a hole with flying knives.

From this distance, the youth had already sensed Xu Zong’s presence and looked back at him in shock.

“Who are you?”

Seeing Xu Zong wrapped in the Black God suit, the youth became alert.

Such fast flying speed, almost reaching the Celestial Level Third Stage!

When did Earth have such a powerful individual? He doesn’t seem to be a Mind Teacher. Could it be a breakthrough from one of the Celestial Level warriors?

“The one who will kill you!”

At the sight of Sago, Xu Zong immediately remembered his Little Uncle, who had fallen into the cave two days ago, covered in blood and on the brink of death. His eyes turned cold, and he swung his pitch-black Shadowless Spear towards Sago without hesitation!

This strike was incredibly powerful, but there was no sound, giving a strange sensation as if blood was about to be vomited.

“You dare to attack directly?”

Sago’s face immediately turned angry as he controlled his shield to block above him.

At the moment of collision, Sago’s expression changed.

An unimaginable force came from the shield, almost breaking his Mind Power!

The shield even cracked, making Sago’s face look extremely ugly.

This shield was an SS-grade equipment, the most powerful equipment that Earth’s technology could produce apart from the SSS-grade Black God suit. It was difficult for a normal Celestial Level First Stage warrior to break it.

During the Swallowed Star Catastrophe, Earth’s few Celestial Level Second Stage warriors were sacrificed by Luo Feng. Currently, there were no Celestial Level Second Stage warriors on Earth.

Who is this person?

After shattering the shield with a spear strike, Xu Zong pushed off the ground, creating a pit in the cave wall, and rushed towards Sago at a speed of seven to eight Mach!

“Hold on, I am acquainted with Speaker Atkin. Let’s talk!”

Sago’s face changed drastically.

At the Celestial Level stage, Mind Teachers still had a great advantage. Generally speaking, a Celestial Level First Stage Mind Teacher was enough to match a Second Stage Genetic Warrior!

If they were on the surface, he wouldn’t be afraid of this unfamiliar powerful individual. But here, underground, it severely affected his agility and speed!

He couldn’t understand why this unfamiliar Celestial Level Second Stage warrior wanted to fight him, but he knew that if he didn’t resist, he might die here. So, while lowering his posture to seek peace, he also reacted.

The Black God suit instantly covered his body, and at the same time, twelve flying knives flew out from behind him, cutting through the nearby cave walls and approaching Xu Zong from various directions.

Xu Zong sneered, not dodging or avoiding, and charged straight ahead!

“Clang clang clang clang!”

Four flying knives came straight at him, but Xu Zong’s spear turned into countless stars, and in the blink of an eye, he had already struck four times, knocking all four flying knives away.

His spear was a reward he received from Wang Yu after his combat power reached 16. In addition to Dragon Blood, secret manuals, and the Black God suit, there was also a complete set of SS-grade equipment, including this SS-grade Shadowless Spear.

“Clang clang clang!”

After knocking away the four flying knives in front of him, eight more flying knives flew from the left and right, hitting him and causing him to sway slightly.

But it was just a slight sway, without any injuries.

Sago Nehru was a Mind Teacher, and the breakthrough of a Mind Teacher only involved the breakthrough of mental power, not the physical body. Their attacks naturally didn’t include physical strength. So when he controlled the flying knives to attack, each flying knife only had a force of 1000 tons, naturally weaker than a Genetic Warrior!

With a force of 1000 tons, not to mention the Black God suit, it couldn’t even break through an SS-grade combat suit.

Xu Zong’s expression was cold and stern. With another step, he gained additional acceleration and continued to chase after Sago.

“This bastard doesn’t care about the deterrence of the Celestial Level Third Stage at all?”

Seeing Xu Zong charging over without any regard, Sago realized the situation was bad and quickly controlled his shield to retreat. He was in the cave and couldn’t retreat far, but this distance was enough.

He gathered all the flying knives together, directly combining them into one. He put all his Mind Power into this single flying knife, and its speed visibly increased several times, easily surpassing fifteen times the speed of sound. It was like an unstoppable laser, killing towards Xu Zong!

“A Mind Power weapon?”

Xu Zong’s eyes widened.Just as gene warriors have a force amplitude, mind teachers also have a mental force amplitude. The mental force amplitude of a mind teacher depends on how many attacks they can launch while maintaining each attack at a base of 1000 tons.

For example, Sago can launch 12 flying knives, each with an attack power of 1000 tons. If he launches 13 flying knives and the attack power of each knife decreases, then his mental force amplitude is 12, and his theoretical maximum attack value should be 12,000 tons!

Under normal circumstances, it is very difficult for mind teachers to gather all their power together, but mental force weapons can do it, just like now!

If this strike hits, he will also be seriously injured!

Xu Zong simply turned his body around, put his feet in front of him, made a sliding tackle in mid-air, and used primal energy as a propelling force to quickly rush towards Sago!

Seeing that he didn’t dodge, Sago was overjoyed. A force of 12,000 tons could easily shatter an SS-level combat suit. Even through the Black God suit, it could seriously injure this guy!

The combined flying knives hit the unfamiliar strong man straight under Sago’s expectant gaze.

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