Chapter 70 – The first live broadcast (not

On the Himalayas, Puka frowned as he looked at the screen in front of him.

“Tricky, really tricky.”

He supported his head and groaned as he squeezed out words from his throat.

“I didn’t expect this avalanche to be caused by India. Where did Sago get the Mu Yajing from?”

The Nehru family is a well-known family in India, and there is a young member named Sago who is outstanding. He is a spiritual mind teacher with celestial-level potential. Puka, as an Indian, also knows about him. But he didn’t expect that in just a few months, that kid would become a celestial-level spiritual mind teacher!

No need to say more, he definitely got the Mu Yajing!

That is the Mu Yajing, one is enough to promote a middle-level or high-level war god to the celestial level. It is a strategic resource as important as a nuclear bomb in any force around the world. One must achieve great feats to obtain it. Even celestial-level powerhouses would be tempted and try to snatch it. Puka, as Hong’s disciple, has not obtained the Mu Yajing yet, which shows how precious it is.

Sago actually obtained the Mu Yajing, making Puka jealous and uneasy at the same time.

Who gave Sago the Mu Yajing?

The Thunder Martial Arts School? Sago is indeed a warrior from the Thunder Martial Arts School. He has even become an inspector now and is competing with several former inspectors for power, trying to seize the abundant resources of the Thunder Martial Arts School. It doesn’t seem like something the Thunder Martial Arts School would give, as they would definitely check the loyalty and character of their warriors beforehand.

The Indian government? Forget it, if the government got the Mu Yajing, they would definitely use it for their military personnel first, not give it to warriors like Nehru who joined the Thunder Martial Arts School.

Then who could it be?

Puka had a bad feeling in his heart, feeling that it was troublesome.

“Puka, War God!”

Suddenly, his assistant lifted the curtain and walked into the tent.

“What’s the matter?”

Puka was thinking about something very important and asked without turning his head.

“Inspector Wang Yu called and said that our martial arts school has produced the sixth inspector. He is already on his way to the Himalayas to assist in the relic excavation plan!”

The assistant reported with a joyful expression on his face.

“The sixth inspector?”

Puka was first stunned, then showed a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Our martial arts school actually produced the sixth inspector? That’s great!”

The current international situation, which seems stable, is actually on the verge of collapse. The Extreme Martial Arts School and the Thunder Martial Arts School are at the center of this vortex. At this time, having an additional inspector undoubtedly provides great assistance. The martial arts school cultivates people and investigates their character and loyalty. Under normal circumstances, there should be no worries about incidents like what Sago did to the martial arts school.

Considering that the headquarters of the martial arts school is not far from the Himalayas, Puka quickly left the tent with his assistant, intending to welcome the sixth inspector.

“I wonder who this sixth inspector is. Could it be a breakthrough made by the veteran war gods themselves?”

Puka thought it was probably the case.

If it was cultivated with the Mu Yajing, as Hong’s disciple, he is also outstanding among the global high-level war gods. There is no reason for him not to be selected.


Just as he was thinking, a buzzing sound suddenly came from the sky in the distance.

In no time, a deep blue disc-shaped fighter jet appeared in front of Puka. It was about 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. Puka knew that this was the highest-level fighter jet that could be sold within the martial arts school – the King-level fighter jet. It could withstand attacks from King-level monsters and was of very high value.

The fighter jet stopped in the air above the base and then slowly landed on the ground.

Puka quickly walked forward.

The cabin door opened, and a very familiar young man walked out from inside. He had a well-proportioned and muscular body, bright and sharp eyes, and an aura surrounding him like a small asteroid, causing people to hold their breath involuntarily.

He was also holding a crystal that emitted a scent of rice in his hand. Primal energy of emerald green color surged out from his fingers, absorbing the life energy inside.

“Xu Zong?”

Puka suddenly froze.

He looked at Xu Zong with some disbelief, then looked behind him, but didn’t see anyone else coming out of the fighter jet. His face was filled with incredulity.

“You’ve broken through to the celestial level?!”

The oppressive aura emanating from him was similar to that of Inspector Wang Yu, Liu He, and others. Puka couldn’t help but feel it.

But when he came two days ago, Xu Zong was not even at the celestial level, how could he improve so quickly?

“It’s just luck, just luck.”

Xu Zong showed a modest smile and continued to absorb the Mu Yajing’s energy with his primal energy.

Thanks to the reminder from Battle Through the Heavens, there was still about seventy to eighty percent of energy left in the Mu Yajing. Even if he absorbed it all, he should be able to reach the peak of the first stage of the celestial level, if not the later stage.

“What’s this?”

Puka looked at the Mu Yajing Xu Zong was holding in his arms, feeling envy and separation.

It turned out to be the sixth inspector cultivated with the Mu Yajing, but why isn’t it me? I have made contributions to the martial arts school, I have shed blood for the martial arts school!

Although Puka has a good temper, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of imbalance in his heart.

“You mean this? It was given by the Luo Family.”

Xu Zong glanced around and felt that it wouldn’t be good to speak too loudly about Luo Hua, so he leaned close to Puka’s ear and whispered.

“Given by the Luo Family?”

Puka suddenly realized and felt balanced in his mindset.

Everyone knows that, apart from Hong, Luo Feng gained the most on Mist Island. It’s not impossible for the Luo Family to give out a Mu Yajing as a gift.

“Should I also try to establish a relationship with the Luo Family or something?”For a moment, Puka couldn’t help but let his thoughts wander.

“Sago Nehru, that jerk, he’s still on the Himalayas, isn’t he?” Xu Zong asked, his expression turning cold as he held the Mu Yajing in his arms, turning to Puka.

“Uh, indeed he is.” Puka’s expression was a bit subtle.

“He’s been investigating around the cave you found last time for the past few days. Not only him, but many other War Gods are also there. Our Martial Arts School has also sent people there… You’re not planning to go and cause trouble for him, are you?”

“Why not?”

A wicked smile spread across Xu Zong’s face.

“The reason I came here is to settle the score with that jerk. Don’t worry, I’ve already discussed this with Wang Yu.”

Upon hearing this, Puka finally relaxed, but he was secretly shocked.

The Inspector Wang Yu actually agreed to let Xu Zong confront Sago? Was he that confident? Could it be… he had great confidence in Xu Zong’s strength, and Xu Zong had become very powerful after breaking through to the Celestial Level?

Puka, who was only one step away from the Celestial Level, was very familiar with it, so he was shocked.

“I’m leaving!”

“Wait, I’ll go with you!”

Seeing Xu Zong heading towards the warplane, Puka quickly followed.

With Celestial Level beings confronting each other, the situation could change in an instant. As the team leader, it would be unacceptable for him not to be present.

Xu Zong had no objections and allowed Puka to board his own warplane, which he had bought on credit.

“Just two days ago, you came here in Inspector Wang’s warplane. I didn’t expect you to have your own warplane two days later!”

Puka looked at the technologically advanced warplane with envy, unable to resist touching it.

The Inspector could buy a king-level warplane at a discounted price of 180 billion, but others didn’t have this discount and had to pay a full 200 billion! Even Puka didn’t have the capital to buy it.

“What’s the name of your warplane?”

“This is a warplane.”

“No, I mean the name of this warplane.”

“Yes, this is a warplane.”

Xu Zong replied seriously.


Puka was confused.

Did he not understand Xu Zong’s words because his Chinese wasn’t standard enough?

Seeing Xu Zong suddenly close his eyes, as if he didn’t want to talk, Puka had to swallow his question.

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Attention all Xu Zongs!”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “I’m about to start the first live broadcast in this group. The target is to blast Sago, that jerk. Please enter in order!”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “Although, this is not the first live broadcast, but the second.”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Ah? When did you guys do it behind my back?”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “When you went to find Little Uncle last time, @Martial World General Xu Zong wanted to watch the top ten martial arts, so Wind & Cloud Xu Zong started a live broadcast. You were in a hurry to find someone, so we didn’t @ you.”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “I asked everyone for help, we cooperated and learned some skills. I learned the Destiny Swordsmanship, Mountain and Sea Boxing, and Basalt Palm. They learned the remaining six. After digesting them, combined with Wind & Cloud Xu Zong’s Dragon Claw, we can learn the top ten martial arts in one go. The Wind & Cloud series of skills perfectly fit my world, and they are all very powerful!”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Alright, this is the second live broadcast. I’m going to confront someone, hurry up and come in!”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “Coming!”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “I’ve always wanted to say, it’s a pity that the first one wasn’t Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong.”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Jerk, do you think I don’t understand what you’re saying?”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar. (Stop arguing, I can’t hear what you’re saying.)”

“Start the live broadcast!”

Xu Zong muttered in his heart.

Immediately after, he “saw” the space within a hundred meters around him being enveloped by an incomprehensible wave. From the outside, there was no abnormality, and Puka also looked as usual.

Then, several semi-transparent figures appeared beside Xu Zong, like incarnations of data streams.

The Martial World General Xu Zong in a white embroidered robe, the burly Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong, and the Four Hooves Beast Xu Zong, who was burning all over, appeared one after another. The last one to enter was a girl in a moon-white dress. Seeing her face full of determination to die, she appeared in front of them.

“…Seeing it face to face, it does feel a bit strange.”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong sat cross-legged, his expression subtle. Although his mouth was closed, his voice appeared in the minds of the other Xu Zongs.

At this moment, he was looking at the girl who had appeared last, feeling very strange in his heart.

“Hahahaha! I told you, any Xu Zong who sees her will find it strange!”

The tall and sturdy Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong also looked at the immature girl who was only about twelve or thirteen years old. He laughed so hard that he fell to the ground, clutching his stomach.

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