Chapter 69 – Give me some face!

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “666!”

Xu Zong from Martial World General: “Boss, 666!”

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “6!”

Xu Zong from Wind & Cloud: “Roar. (Congratulations.)”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “Damn, do you really like to cling onto others’ thighs so much, Xu Zong from Martial World General!”

Xu Zong from Martial World General: “I’ve said before that I want to cling onto thighs, it’s not just empty words!”

Xu Zong from Wind & Cloud: “Roar. (You said it in a cool tone but it sounds cowardly.)”

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “Remove the ‘seems’.”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “By the way, how strong are the Celestial Level warriors in the Swallowed Star world? I almost forgot.”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “Wait a moment, I’m discussing this with Wang Yu… Oh, we have the answer.”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “Without using Primal Energy, the physical strength of a first-level Celestial Level warrior is 1000 tons, and the genetic Primal Energy is also 1000 tons, so the total strength is around 2000 tons.”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “When reaching the limit of the first-level Celestial Level, the physical strength can reach 2000 tons, and the genetic Primal Energy is also 2000 tons, so the total strength can reach around 4000 tons. At this point, it is equivalent to the second-level Celestial Level.”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “Of course, the final result also depends on the power output. The power output level of Celestial Level warriors varies, so it depends on each individual. Generally, it is three to four times. I am 4.5 times, calculate it yourself.”

Xu Zong from Martial World General: “Wow.”

Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens: “You’re already amazing.”

Xu Zong from Wind & Cloud: “Roar. (Indeed impressive, already able to punch a small mountain. If it were me, I would also be an impressive character.)”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “I’m so envious!”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “In my world, even if I practice Internal Martial Arts, the innate limit is only 1.6 million jin, equivalent to 800 tons of strength. After entering the Illusory Realm, mastering one-tenth of the power of heaven and earth only adds 400 tons of strength. The total strength of the Illusory Realm Great Achievement, which masters the power of heaven and earth completely, is less than 5000 tons of strength. I can’t even defeat your first-level Celestial Level!”

Xu Zong from Wind & Cloud: “Roar. (You can also use multiple forces, that can be taken into account as well.)”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “Uh, I forgot to mention, my talent ability is called ‘Windless Belt,’ which is a name I came up with. It can eliminate air resistance, so if we really fight, there will be a multiple times difference in strength between me and my opponent.”

When other Celestial Level warriors attack, the force will be reduced due to air resistance. When they strike, the force may only be two or three tenths, but Xu Zong can fully exert all the force in his body.

Moreover, the more powerful the Celestial Level, the greater the force reduction due to air resistance!

So theoretically, even Xu Zong, who has just entered the first-level Celestial Level, is enough to match a normal second-level Celestial Level! He may even surpass them.

Xu Zong from Wind & Cloud: “Roar. (Forget what I said.)”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “In that case, the Illusory Realm Great Achievement is no match for the first-level Celestial Level!”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “It’s only been a few months, and you have already surpassed me completely. I was just happy to reach the mid-stage of Gang Jin, but now my mood has become very complicated! Ahhh! I really want to go to the Swallowed Star world to cultivate!”

Xu Zong from Martial World General: “Who doesn’t?”

In a teahouse.

After chatting for a while, Wang Yu told Xu Zong everything he knew about the Celestial Level on Earth, greatly benefiting Xu Zong, who had forgotten many settings.

“You have already become a Celestial Level warrior. Graduate from the training camp and become the sixth Inspector of the Extreme Limit Martial Arts School on a good day!”

Wang Yu said with a smile.

“No problem.”

Xu Zong readily agreed.

Now in the Elite Training Camp, he only envied the Gravity Room. He had already obtained all the other benefits, and he could just use Luo Feng’s Gravity Room for free. There was no need for him to stay in the training camp anymore.

After thinking for a while, he had only been in the Elite Training Camp for a little over two months. He didn’t expect to graduate so soon, completely breaking Luo Feng’s record of graduating in five months!

“By the way, I want to sell some things!”

Xu Zong suddenly remembered something and quickly said to Wang Yu.

Although he was already a Celestial Level warrior, his total assets in his account were only around 20 billion. At most, it was enough to buy a bottle of Life Water. He had a strong need to enrich his wallet!

And now that he was already a Celestial Level powerhouse, he didn’t need to worry about anyone trying to take advantage of him if he sold things through the Extreme Limit Martial Arts School.

“Tell me.”

Wang Yu calmly took a sip of tea.

After all, he was a genius who became a Celestial Level warrior at the age of 16. There must be some secrets about him, and Wang Yu had already guessed it.

“What I want to sell are two types of guidance techniques. One is the Twelve Forms, which allows ordinary people to absorb cosmic energy. However, it takes a bit of time to take effect, even those with good aptitude will take about three months to see results!”


Wang Yu sprayed the tea out in surprise.Xu Zong quickly controlled the genetic primal energy to create a barrier of wind in front of him, blocking Wang Yu’s saliva.

“What did you say? A guiding technique that allows ordinary people to absorb cosmic energy?!”

Wang Yu widened his eyes, looking at him incredulously.

What does this mean?

Even the simplest guiding technique nowadays requires a physical strength of 900 kilograms to use. Ordinary people simply cannot use it. They have to work hard for a living and don’t have time to train themselves, let alone reach 900 kilograms.

But if what Xu Zong said is true, it means that ordinary people can also cultivate and have the opportunity to achieve great success!

Once such a guiding technique is released, it will definitely attract the attention and purchase of all ordinary people on Earth!

“Isn’t it rare?”

Xu Zong looked at Wang Yu with a smile.

“It’s incredibly rare! There might be such guiding techniques in the universe, but it’s the first time on Earth!”

Wang Yu sighed.

He suddenly understood that Xu Zong had created the “Twelve Forms” guiding technique, which is why he rose to prominence at such a young age!

This kid, even without the help of spiritual plants like the Wood Spirit Crystal, is undoubtedly an unprecedented genius and a blessing to humanity!

“I can help you sell this guiding technique through the Martial Arts School, but we need to verify its effectiveness first. According to what you said, it may take three months to see results.”

“I have no problem with that.”

“How many forces do you plan to offer this guiding technique to?”

“All forces worldwide.”

Xu Zong smiled faintly.

“Of course, if they buy it from the Extreme Martial Arts School, Thunder Martial Arts School, or the Chinese military, I plan to price it at 100 yuan per copy. But if the Indian military wants to buy it, I’ll sell it for 10,000 yuan, no, 100,000 yuan per copy. How about that?”


Wang Yu also smiled.

“In that case, it will put an end to the thoughts of some people who want to cause trouble. But do you have a grudge against India?”

Anyone could tell that Xu Zong had a grudge against India.

If he only sold it within the Extreme Martial Arts School, it would definitely cause a huge international controversy. Countless moral criticisms would be directed at Xu Zong, accusing him of being selfish and not caring about the evolution of all humanity. But if he did it this way, only India would criticize him morally.

Does Xu Zong care?

He couldn’t be happier!

“If anyone in India wants to blame, blame Sago Nehru.”

Xu Zong smiled without warmth.

“I have another guiding technique, or rather a secret technique, called the Tiger Form Divine Art. This secret technique is quite special and can only be practiced by those with strong control over their bodies. It can increase their strength by about 20 tons in one month. I plan to sell it for one billion yuan per copy.”

“There’s such a secret technique?”

Wang Yu looked surprised, then nodded slightly.

“If it can increase strength by 20 tons in one go, then one billion is actually quite cheap.”

20 tons of strength!

For many high-level warriors, this is something they dream of!

They usually earn several billion Chinese yuan in a year. As long as they take out one billion, they may be able to step into the realm of a low-level War God in one go. Why wouldn’t they do it?

And there are more than just tens of thousands of high-level warriors worldwide!

Each high-level warrior buying a copy would generate trillions of yuan in revenue. And it’s not just high-level warriors who would buy the Tiger Form Divine Art. Intermediate-level warriors, low-level warriors, and others would definitely try it too. Even if the platform takes a certain percentage, the amount of money they would receive is astronomical!

“Consider it a benefit for the warriors of Earth.”

Xu Zong said nonchalantly.

Money is necessary, but there’s no need to have too much. After all, the money on Earth will be useless in a few years.

“Okay, once the effectiveness is verified, we can put it on the market. You can sit back and count your money then.”

Wang Yu clicked his tongue and praised, laughing.

“What else do you have? Bring it out!”

“There’s also a secret technique at the War God level. The threshold for cultivation is very high, requiring a strength of 50 tons.”

After thinking for a moment, Xu Zong also took out the initial stage of the Primal Energy.

He had already tried it, and the Primal Energy could be used in the Swallowed Star world. Although the threshold was high, the effects it provided were very powerful. It would definitely be welcomed by many War God-level experts, but Celestial-level experts would not be interested in such a thing.


Wang Yu looked at Xu Zong with a strange expression.

At just 16 years old, he had created so many powerful guiding techniques and secret techniques. Even the Martial Arts School’s owner back then was not as extraordinary as him!

This kid, perhaps he is not only on par with the owner… will he surpass the owner in the future?

“When do you plan to take over as the Inspector?”

“Since the Twelve Forms need three months of verification, I’ll take over after three months.”

“That’s good. It happens to be during your inauguration ceremony as the Inspector. We can advertise the Twelve Forms at that time!”Wang Yu nodded in agreement, then said,

“You tell me about the Tiger-shaped Divine Technique and the Gang Energy Secret Technique, I’ll verify them. As long as they can be cultivated, they can be put on the shelf immediately. However, you may need to record some explanatory videos or something at that time.”

“No problem.”

The two continued to chat for a while, finalizing all the remaining matters.

“By the way, are there any idle war machines in the Martial Arts School that I can buy?”

After all other matters were discussed, Xu Zong asked Wang Yu expectantly.

“The Primordial and Universe-level war machines were all blown up in the Swallowed Star Beast Disaster, only the King-level war machines are available for sale. The Inspector’s discounted price is 180 billion.”

Wang Yu replied.

“Well, can I buy it on credit? After all, I will have a large sum of money coming in soon!”

Xu Zong smiled awkwardly.

We will all be colleagues in the future, give me some face!

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