Chapter 7 – Astonishing debut


Xu Zong stepped forward and walked to the punching machine under the opponent’s gaze, assuming a posture.


The warrior testing him frowned.

In his sight, the posture of this young man was clearly very casual. He didn’t even open his basic steps, let alone the unity of waist and hip. He didn’t look like someone who had practiced!

“Another one just trying to fill the quota?”

He looked down at the list in his hand.

At only 16 years old, even if he tried his best, he couldn’t achieve any good results.

But just as he was thinking this.


A loud sound like firecrackers suddenly rang out, instantly drowning out all the whispers of the people present.

The scene suddenly became quiet.

For a moment, only the buzzing sound of the punching machine under pressure remained in the field.

The testing machine swayed for a while and slowly returned to its original position. Everyone looked at the scene in a daze, as if they had been suddenly struck by lightning and unable to come back to their senses.

The warrior testing him’s eyes lit up and he quickly stepped forward.

“Punching power test result… 2036kg!!”

His voice suddenly increased by dozens of decibels, full of incredulity.

Whether it was those who had already completed the test, those who were still waiting to be tested, or even the formal students of the martial arts school who were exercising nearby, they were all attracted to this side in disbelief.

“Is that enough?”

Xu Zong looked at the warrior testing him.

“You, try a few more punches!”

The warrior testing him shuddered and quickly gestured to Xu Zong.

My god!

16 years old! He already has more than 2,000 kilograms of arm strength!

This has already reached the 2t threshold of intermediate warriors!

A 16-year-old intermediate warrior!

Forgive his ignorance, he still knows one or two quasi-warriors who are 16 years old. After all, there will be such geniuses every few years in the Jiangnan base city.

But a 16-year-old intermediate warrior! Not a quasi-warrior, not a junior warrior, but an intermediate warrior! He had never heard of such a thing!


Xu Zong raised his eyebrows and nodded, then punched the testing machine several times in a row.





Still very casual punches, except for the first one being slightly lower, the last three punches were all at the level of an intermediate warrior!

The testing machine was hit and shaken back and forth, obviously bearing a very amazing amount of force with each punch!

“That’s enough, that’s enough!”

The warrior testing him nodded repeatedly.

A 16-year-old intermediate warrior, there is no doubt, no doubt at all!

“I never thought that such an unheard-of genius would appear in my hands!”

His mind was in turmoil for a while. Such a genius would definitely not be an unknown person in the future. When he became famous, he could also bask in his glory and have face when boasting to others!

“Cough cough, the test result, Xu Zong, intermediate warrior! Of course, the martial arts school can only give you the highest certificate of advanced student at most. I hope you can understand!”

He suppressed his excitement and announced the test results very loudly.

As expected, it caused a commotion among the onlookers.

“I understand, teacher. But I want to ask, when is the next warrior assessment?”

Of course, Xu Zong didn’t care about such small matters. He was concerned about when he could participate in the warrior assessment.

I wonder if the Swallowed Star disaster has disrupted the original assessment arrangements?”The warrior assessment is divided into two parts. The first part is a physical fitness assessment, which is held on the 1st of every month. The next one will be held in ten days on February 1st. Passing the physical fitness assessment means becoming a qualified warrior. The second part is a practical combat assessment, which is held only twice a year, in early January and early August…”

The test warrior pondered and introduced to Xu Zong.


Xu Zong’s eyes twitched fiercely.

It was already late January, and the January assessment had just passed. There was still six or seven months until August arrived! How much time would he waste to become a warrior?

Certainly, his cultivation had no bottleneck, but that only meant he would not be hindered by any obstacles. He still needed to spend time accumulating what he needed!

In other words, there was no shortcut to hard work! He had to spend the time!

However, in this world, there were some methods that could speed up a warrior’s cultivation, such as gravity chambers and treasures that could directly enhance a warrior’s physique, such as jade essence and dragon blood.

But all of these things were priceless and unavailable in the ordinary world. They were all treasures that were not for sale, and only those who became warriors and gained high status could obtain them!

Therefore, Xu Zong had to become a warrior as soon as possible so that he could catch up with Luo Feng and others within a year or so. Otherwise, he would miss the early rapid rise period!

He couldn’t afford to waste even one or two months, let alone six or seven months!

“Teacher, is there any way for me to participate in the assessment as soon as possible?”

“Are you in a hurry?”

The test warrior looked at him with surprise, very puzzled by his slightly anxious attitude.

“Usually, only January and August are the times for practical combat assessments, but there are also special channels for practical combat assessments… but these special channels are more than ten times harder than normal assessments!”

The test warrior’s expression became very serious.

“Moreover, the death rate is more than twenty times higher than normal assessments!”

In practical combat assessments, the performance of the quasi-warriors against monsters is observed, and they have to fight against monsters! Of course, there would be a death rate!

But under normal circumstances, the casualty rate is only about 1%, and the death rate is less than 0.5%.

However, the death rate in the special channel assessment is close to 20%!

“I want to sign up!”

Xu Zong’s eyes lit up, and he immediately spoke.

The test warrior was stunned.

This guy didn’t even hesitate?

“This matter is very important, and I cannot make the decision alone… How about this, you go back first, and I will report your request. When I receive the notification, I will contact you!”

“Thank you, teacher!”

Xu Zong breathed a sigh of relief. He had hope.

“You’re welcome.”

Ten minutes later, the test ended.

Among the more than twenty people, except for Xu Zong, who was an unexpected freak, most of them were normal junior students, and there were only two intermediate students.

Holding the high-level student certificate given by the martial arts school instructor, Xu Zong walked towards the martial arts school gate.

“Hey, wait a minute, buddy!”

Soon, a yellow-haired youth hurriedly caught up from behind.”Even though it’s not time for the meal yet, I feel uncomfortable not treating you. Give me a chance to make it up to you, buddy?”

“Alright, I don’t have anything else to do anyway.”

Unable to resist the other party’s enthusiastic smile, Xu Zong nodded and agreed.

These past few days, he had been practicing Internal Martial Arts at home, training from morning to night. When resting, he practiced Tiger Fist to absorb Primal Energy, and when active, he practiced Five Elements Fist to increase his combat ability.

He was already a theoretical master of Internal Martial Arts with peak Inner Power. With his talent for cultivation without bottlenecks, he managed to master the Five Elements Fist in just one week, forming an initial muscle memory!

However, cultivation should also be done in moderation. After being cooped up at home for a whole week, Xu Zong felt like he was going to mold.

“Buddy, what do you plan to eat later?”

Huang Mao proudly hung his intermediate student’s certificate on his chest and asked Xu Zong.

“Fried **.”

“Brother, even though I just started college, I have been working part-time, so we can aim higher!”

“How about going to Xifeng Tower?”

“Fried chicken is good!”

Huang Mao nodded repeatedly, jokingly. Xifeng Tower? A meal there would cost at least a thousand yuan.

“By the way, brother, how did you train?”

Huang Mao looked over with an excited face.

“Wow! A punch with more than two tons of force! If you hit me with that, I’d have to kneel down and beg you not to kill me!”

“It’s just average.”

Xu Zong smiled without saying a word.

How could Huang Mao speak without thinking? Was this a topic to be discussed casually? This might be someone’s foundation, something not to be shared casually?


Suddenly, a sharp cry rang out in the sky!

The piercing screech caused everyone on the street to cover their ears in pain.

At the same time, the cry was getting closer and closer!

Xu Zong immediately became alert and looked up at the sky cautiously.

In the sky, a twenty-meter-long bird of prey, covered in indestructible black feathers like steel, swooped down from over a thousand meters high!

Its sharp eyes were extremely fierce. Even when it descended to a height of five hundred meters, it did not slow down. The close cry shattered the glass of the roadside buildings in an instant, leaving countless people on the street dumbfounded!


Suddenly, a destructive white light descended in an instant.

There was no gap at all, and it covered everyone’s vision in a flash!

In just an instant, the stunning white light pierced through the black bird of prey, destroying it without leaving even a single feather behind!

“Damn it!”

A sudden exclamation came from Huang Mao beside him.

Xu Zong turned his head and saw sharp glass shards falling from dozens of meters high, heading straight for a pregnant woman!

If it hit her, there would definitely be a big problem!

Huang Zixiang subconsciously raised his foot, but his speed was far from fast enough!

It couldn’t be stopped!

Just as this desperate thought crossed his mind.


A black shadow flashed past, covering dozens of meters in the blink of an eye. The speed of the waving hand even left an afterimage in the air!

“Are you alright?”

Xu Zong held two pieces of glass shards in his hand and asked the pregnant woman in a low voice.

“No, I’m fine… Thank you, thank you!”

The pregnant woman was startled by the series of events and hadn’t come back to her senses. It wasn’t until she saw the glass shards in Xu Zong’s hand that her expression changed dramatically, and she thanked Xu Zong repeatedly with a pale face.

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