Chapter 8 – The goal is not War God

Fortunately, Xu Zong reacted in time. The pregnant woman was only frightened and not injured, and there was no sign of harm to the fetus.

When she came to her senses, a burst of applause erupted around her, and the praise of passers-by kept coming. Xu Zong smiled and responded to the praise of the crowd.

“It’s that damn flying monster again!”

Yellow Hair spat fiercely beside him, raising both middle fingers to the sky.

“Brother, you’re awesome! As the descendant of a martyr, you saved two lives with ease!”

Turning his head, he raised two thumbs up to Xu Zong with admiration.

“Are there many flying monsters recently?”

Xu Zong noticed the word ‘again’ in his mouth and asked curiously.

“There are a lot of them lately!”

Yellow Hair sighed deeply and said indignantly.

“It’s all because of that damn Swallowed Star! That monster led a global riot with all the monsters in the world, and although the Swallowed Star died, the monsters around the world did not go extinct. Now they are rioting all over the world and often attacking human bases, especially the flying monsters, which are the most difficult to deal with. Fortunately, there is a laser defense system 500 meters above the city, and no monster can enter the base city to rampage. But there are still many casualties, and it’s because I don’t have much power. Otherwise, I would make those monsters pay!”

Xu Zong’s heart trembled slightly.

When he read the original work, it seemed that Luo Feng defeated the Swallowed Star, and the light naturally came. However, from the perspective of reality, people have not yet emerged from the disaster of the Swallowed Star!

All the monsters in the world are rioting, and even the relatively few flying monsters have caused so much suffering to people. How many casualties have been caused by the larger number of ground monsters and the universally recognized terrifying sea monsters?

Xu Zong thought of his uncle in his lifetime. Even though the disaster of the Swallowed Star had passed, as a soldier, he had not taken a vacation and was still active on the front line!

It is clear that the monsters outside the base city have restrained the army.

The reason why people in the city can still live peaceful lives is simply because someone is fighting disasters and difficulties for them.

After this incident, Xu Zong no longer had the heart to wander outside. He ate something hastily, accepted Yellow Hair’s goodwill, and left the city center.

“Bang bang bang!”

“Come in!”

Extreme Martial Arts School of Guangling District, Instructor’s Office.

Each district-level martial arts school is generally responsible for its students. In other words, the essence of a district-level martial arts school is a martial arts school, and every martial artist teacher is called an “instructor”, only the principal can be called an “instructor.”

“Instructor, take a look at this information!”

The martial artist teacher who had just tested Xu Zong and others pushed open the door excitedly with a list of names.

“16 years old, 2000 kilograms! Intermediate Warrior!”

The instructor didn’t think much of it at first, but when he looked closely, his eyes suddenly widened.

He rubbed his eyes, squinted at the age column for a long time, and then slowly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Goodness gracious, a 16-year-old intermediate warrior. When I joined the martial arts school at the age of 16, I was just a junior student…”Anyone who can be a instructor in a district-level martial arts school is at least a mid-level warrior!

Warriors, warlords, and war gods are each divided into novice, intermediate, and advanced levels, and each step is a huge gap.

As a mid-level warrior, his knowledge far exceeds that of a high-level warrior instructor. There are only about ten 16-year-old prospective warriors in the world each year, but a 16-year-old mid-level warrior? He has never seen one!

“What is this ‘application for special channel assessment for warriors’?”

The instructor flicked through the paperwork and suddenly turned black.

“He applied for it.”

“This is ridiculous!”

The head instructor slapped the table in anger.

“A child who doesn’t know any better, do you not know any better either?”

“A genius like this, even if they follow the usual path of cultivation, could become a powerful war god in the future! Do you not know how high the death rate is for special assessments? To put it bluntly, you are pushing a future war god into the fire pit!”

How important are war god-level experts?

Official data from China shows that there are only just over 100 war god-level experts who are loyal to the government! Each war god-level expert is a treasure of the country, and the death of each war god-level expert is a major loss for the country, which requires a national mourning ceremony to be broadcast live!

Isn’t it better to wait a few months to participate in a nearly risk-free practical assessment instead of participating in a special assessment with a very high death rate?

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it!”

The instructor quickly took out his phone and dialed the number on the paperwork.

The instructor’s mouth twitched, and he could only stand aside in frustration.

But soon, he noticed that the instructor’s voice was getting louder and louder.

“It seems like they’re arguing?”

He guessed next to him.

The argument, or rather, the process of the instructor trying to persuade the other party by lowering his voice, lasted for two minutes.

Then, it suddenly stopped.

The instructor suddenly froze, then hung up the phone silently and fell into a daze.

“What did the other side say?”

The instructor couldn’t help but ask curiously when he saw this.

“Hmm? Oh, he said his goal is not to become a war god.”

The instructor sighed deeply, lit a cigarette, and exhaled a cloud of smoke.

“Young people these days…they have more ambition than I did back then!”

The instructor’s words made the instructor shudder slightly.

He felt the gap in their visions.

In the park, Xu Zong hung up the phone.

“His goal is not to become a war god… tsk tsk, that’s quite something!”

On the bench, a seemingly ordinary young man was sitting on the other side of Xu Zong.

He had an ordinary appearance, but his clothes were very expensive. He sat with his legs crossed, exuding a quiet temperament. His face was slightly pale, as if he had been very tired, and he kept rubbing his temples. When he heard Xu Zong and the instructor’s conversation, he couldn’t help but laugh.

It wasn’t a mocking smile, but a smile of interest, as he found the conversation amusing.

“What, don’t you believe me?”

Xu Zong raised his eyebrows and said in a seemingly displeased tone.

“How could I not believe a 16-year-old mid-level warrior, sir?”

The young man replied.The young man shook his head repeatedly, looking fearful.

“Life is like the stock market. You never know if the next phase of your life will be red or green. It always opposes you, giving you green when you want red, and red when you want green…”

Although he was still young, he looked about 20 years old, his expression full of vicissitudes and sighs.

“Are you crazy about the stock market?”

Xu Zong looked at him suspiciously.

“Hehe, I can’t afford to be crazy now.”

The young man patted his cheek as if forcing himself to be alert.

“Let’s make a bet. If you can become a War God, a mid-level War God, within a year, I will give you a huge reward!”

“What if I can’t do it?”

“Then become my bodyguard, and I’ll pay you double the market rate!”

“Okay, it’s a deal. No backing out!”

Xu Zong agreed confidently.

“Haha, everyone in this community knows my character. I won’t go back on my word.”

Luo Hua patted his chest, very confident.

This young man, Luo Hua, who looked a bit sickly, lived in the Mingyue Community next to the park.

Yes, he was Luo Feng’s younger brother.

In the original work, due to his brother’s rise, he, who was disabled, stood up again and showed amazing business talent. Not only did he thrive on Earth, but he also caused trouble in the universe. When Luo Feng was not at home or “dead” outside, he single-handedly took care of the family!

Previously, Luo Feng had “died” due to exploring ancient civilization ruins, and it was Luo Hua who took care of the family and stopped the enemy’s threats.

And now, Luo Feng had “died” again due to fighting the Swallowed Star.

“Is your family okay now?”

Xu Zong asked Luo Hua after a pause.

“No problem. My brother’s clothes and hat have been buried, and we’ll have some free time soon.”

Luo Hua smiled bitterly.

“Take care of my sister-in-law. If she has emotional problems during pregnancy, she needs to be guided in time, or she’ll be prone to depression.”

Xu Zong was referring to Luo Feng’s wife, Xu Xin, the only wife among the Eight Heroes who was currently preparing for pregnancy and was receiving worldwide attention.

If he remembered correctly, Xu Xin had even attempted suicide later.

Fortunately, nothing went wrong, and Xu Zong took the opportunity to express his concern.

“Okay, I’m going back now. Goodbye.”

Luo Hua rested for a while before getting up to leave.

“By the way, this is my congratulatory gift. It seems that warriors spend a lot of money, so don’t think it’s too little!”

Before leaving, he shook his phone.

Xu Zong hadn’t reacted yet when a notification sound suddenly rang out.

It was a transfer notice from ICBC.

“1, 2, 3… 8, eight zeros! Oh my God!”

Xu Zong was shocked by the number!

A full one hundred million!

The transferor was Luo Hua!

“Thank you!”

Xu Zong shouted towards Luo Hua’s departing figure.

All he got was a casual wave.

This scene left a deep impression on Xu Zong, so much so that he decided on the spot –

“I’m going to be like this in the future!”

With determination, Xu Zong headed in the direction of the park.There were rows of townhouses, one of which was Xu Zong’s home.

It was only a park’s distance away from Luo Feng’s home in Mingyue Community!

Meeting Luo Hua was a coincidence.

And also the result of Xu Zong’s deliberate planning.

When he was young, as soon as Xu Zong discovered that he had crossed into the world of Swallowed Star, he had been thinking about how to cling to the super-thick leg of Luo City Lord – clinging to Luo City Lord’s thigh, there was really nothing to be ashamed of.

However, his words as a child didn’t carry much weight, and there was never a good opportunity.

By the time he finally moved to Jiangnan Base City, it was too late. Luo Feng had already become a Warrior and moved into Mingyue Community. Mingyue Community was a place where the Warriors of the Limit Martial Arts School and their families lived. Ordinary people couldn’t enter at all, and Xu Zong lost the best opportunity to cling to Luo Feng’s thigh.

So he had to move to the townhouse near Mingyue Community and keep an eye on the movements of the Luo Family.

Hard work paid off. When Luo Hua jumped into the small lake in the park three years ago to commit suicide due to a broken heart, Xu Zong rushed over immediately and pulled Luo Hua out!

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