Chapter 6 – Entrance test

One week later.

Guangling District city center.

Here sits a very spacious and magnificent building, like a huge monster lurking there, occupying an area larger than a high school, with a wide gate that can accommodate ten cars side by side.

To have such a large building in the prime location of the city, unless it is a state-owned enterprise with the support of the government, private enterprises are not allowed to settle here.

Of course, there is another possibility!

“The Guangling District Extreme Martial Arts School! This is it!”

Xu Zong ran to the front gate of the building as part of his morning exercise.

In the morning sun, the seven gilded characters of “Guangling District Extreme Martial Arts School” were shining brightly!

Extreme Martial Arts School!

It was founded by the world’s strongest “Hong”, aimed at promoting martial arts to the world and achieving the evolution of all mankind. There are numerous branches in all major cities around the world!

In this world where individual strength overwhelmingly crushes armies, “world’s strongest” is not just a title, but also represents a transcendent status!

As the world’s strongest “Hong”, he has the strongest martial arts on Earth, and even laser cannons and nuclear bombs cannot hurt him. He naturally has a position above the country, and what he says is more effective than what many countries say. Sometimes, even the demands of the five major countries can be ignored!

The Extreme Martial Arts School founded by such a “Hong” for the evolution of all mankind has naturally taken root globally under the active promotion of the five major countries.

Even in the Guangling District, which occupies the city center of the Yangzhou Wei City’s six districts in Jiangnan, it is natural to build such a large building.

Another school that has a very special status like the Extreme Martial Arts School is the “Thunder Martial Arts School” founded by the world’s second strongest “Thunder God”!

These two martial arts schools have always had a very transcendent status.

In a base city, the words of the branch head of the martial arts school may be more effective than those of the mayor!

However, in the “Swallowed Star Disaster” that swept the world ten days ago, the world’s number one “Hong” and the world’s number two “Thunder God” bravely fought the enemy and were finally seriously injured and fell into a coma. According to the world’s top medical experts, these two people burned their souls beyond the limit and are currently suffering from the after-effects of soul weakness. Although their bodies show no abnormalities, their consciousness is completely unresponsive, and current technology on Earth is completely powerless.

Whether they can wake up in this lifetime is up to fate.

During the disaster day a while ago, the branches of the two martial arts schools in various base cities around the world also closed for several days, and only reopened three days ago.

“Hello, I’m here to join the martial arts school.”

At the front gate of the martial arts school, Xu Zong showed his newly obtained ID card.”The first floor of the office building ahead, don’t run around.”

An elderly military man cautioned him and let him in.

As he entered the main entrance, he immediately saw figures wearing training clothes. Some were practicing kicking on the lawn, some were jogging on the path. All of them were in their twenties, sweating with youthful vigor.

Some had “beginner” or “intermediate” certificates on their chests, while others did not. People with “advanced” certificates were a rare sight.

These were the martial arts students who came to the martial arts school to exercise during the holidays. There were over a hundred of them.

This was still relatively few. According to online data, the Guangling District’s Extreme Martial Arts School was the largest branch among the six branches of Yangzhou City. There were as many as 50,000 enrolled students!

“I used to be like them, spending a lot of time in the martial arts school…”

Xu Zong glanced at these students and walked towards the office building without stopping.

The first floor of the office building was a large hall. There was a long queue at the window for joining the martial arts school, with at least twenty people in line.

“What’s going on? Is today an auspicious day? Why are there so many people joining the martial arts school?”

Xu Zong looked puzzled at the window.

Then he didn’t queue at the end of the line, but went straight to the front.

“Hey, why are you cutting in line?”

A young man in his twenties with dyed yellow hair and chewing gum in his mouth saw this and frowned, unable to help but shout.

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were on Xu Zong, and they all looked unhappy.

Xu Zong turned around and looked at the seemingly dissatisfied yellow-haired young man with a strange expression.

“Hello, I am a martyr’s family member and I am here to apply for membership at the martial arts school.”

Xu Zong walked to the front of the line, but he did not cut in line. Instead, he went to a window with few people and politely spoke to the staff.

At the same time, he showed his ID card and a small black book with the words “Martyr’s Family Member Certificate” written on it.

“Okay, please wait a moment!”

The staff checked his documents and became solemn.

The surrounding people suddenly realized and their dissatisfied expressions disappeared, replaced by admiration and pity.

“He looks at most sixteen or seventeen years old. The martyr is probably his parents, right?”

“At such a young age, it’s really pitiful!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! It’s my fault for being blind! I apologize!”

The yellow-haired young man’s face turned red and he kept apologizing to Xu Zong.

“It’s okay.”

Xu Zong smiled lightly, looking indifferent, which made the young man breathe a sigh of relief.

“Hello, please wait here for a moment. We will start testing at 8:30 sharp!”After filling out the form, the staff took Xu Zong to a nearby seat. There were a dozen or so people waiting beside him.

Xu Zong sat down and glanced at his phone. It was only ten minutes past eight, so he closed his eyes and visualized the movements of the Five Elements Spear in his mind.

Ten minutes later, a young man in his thirties with a tough demeanor came to the front of the group. He was most likely a real warrior.

More than twenty people stood up and followed the young man out of the office building and towards another silver-white building.

“What are we going to do there?” someone in the crowd asked confusedly.

“Are you serious? You don’t even know what we’re going to do?” another person exclaimed incredulously.

Xu Zong looked over at the person, who was the young man with dyed yellow hair and was also in this queue.

“We who have just joined the Martial Arts School are all going to take an entrance test. The school will issue student cards according to your test results,” the yellow-haired young man explained.

“Oh, I see! Thank you!” the person who was confused earlier said apologetically.

“It’s nothing,” the yellow-haired young man replied casually.

He suddenly noticed Xu Zong’s gaze and his face became awkward. He bit his lip and leaned over. “Brother, I’m really sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean it that way… How about I treat you to a meal later?”

“I didn’t really mind,” Xu Zong replied with a smile. Although this person seemed a bit careless, he had a good heart.

“Besides, it’s not even nine o’clock yet. Is it normal to have dinner so early at your home?” the yellow-haired young man asked.

“Uh, you’re right!” he suddenly realized.

“Oh, by the way, I respect the martyrs too… My name is Huang Zixiang. Nice to meet you,” the yellow-haired young man introduced himself.

“My name is Xu Zong. By the way, do you know why so many people are joining the Martial Arts School today?” Xu Zong took the opportunity to ask his question.

“Isn’t it because of that damned Swallowed Star beast?” Huang Zixiang said hatefully.

“After the disaster caused by the Swallowed Star, people all over the world realized that even the government’s laser cannons and nuclear bombs were useless against those powerful monsters. In the end, they could only rely on warriors!” Huang Zixiang continued.

Laser cannons and nuclear bombs were currently the strongest weapons of mankind!

But what was the result?

Faced with the powerful Swallowed Star, they were completely useless!

If it weren’t for Hong and the Thunder God’s heroic sacrifice, and Luo Feng sacrificing himself to kill the five heroes and the Swallowed Star, humanity would have already perished!

Not to mention oneself and one’s family, even the country and civilization would be destroyed!In the end, everyone understood that technology could not be relied upon. In this era, the most reliable thing was a powerful warrior!

“You don’t know, three days ago when the Martial Arts School reopened, people who wanted to join the school surrounded it so tightly that not even a drop of water could get through! The scene was spectacular, and even the TV station came to report on it!”

So that’s how it was.

Xu Zong suddenly realized.

These days, he had been immersed in the cultivation of Internal Martial Arts and had not paid attention to these matters.

It wasn’t until three days later, when people went back to work and school, that the enthusiasm gradually subsided. Still, within half an hour, so many people had gathered who wanted to join the Martial Arts School.

“Those who have registered their names, come to me for a fist strength test!”

The leading warrior took everyone into a large building and began the entrance test in a hall that could accommodate a thousand people.

“143kg, junior student!”

“167kg, junior student!”

After testing more than a dozen people in a row, their fist strength was only around a hundred kilograms, and not even one of them reached the intermediate student standard of 200kg fist strength!

The testing warrior’s face darkened.

What on earth did these people think a warrior was?

No one knew better than him how dangerous and difficult the path of a warrior was. If anyone in this group could actually become a warrior, it would be a miracle!

Although it seemed like there were many people here, just look at their ages!

Among the 23 people, 16 were over 25 years old, and 22 were over 20 years old!

It was well known that if someone reached the age of 30 and had not become a real warrior, they would be ordered by the Martial Arts School to drop out!

These people didn’t come to the Martial Arts School when they were 16, which meant they had already given up on this path. Now they were just being stirred up by a three-minute passion. If these people could become warriors, it would be a miracle!

“Next, Xu Zong!”

The warrior who was testing the group had a dark expression on his face, holding a list of names, and called out the name of the next person to be tested.

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