Chapter 68 – Breakthrough, Celestial Level!

In the basement, Xu Zong sat still like an old monk, carefully sensing every movement inside his body.

For ordinary apprentice-level cultivators, when they reach the bottleneck of the Celestial Level, they usually use a large amount of energy to help themselves break through the bottleneck and enter a new realm.

But Xu Zong was different. After reaching the limit of the apprentice level, he could already feel a brand new realm beckoning to him, without any sense of a bottleneck ahead.

“It’s coming!”

After an unknown period of time, suddenly, Xu Zong’s body became hot. He tightened his heart and immediately understood that this was the opportunity for a breakthrough!

Tiny strands of primal energy from the universe were absorbed into his body, merging with the undigested genetic primal energy inside him. They continuously surged towards his lower abdomen. In this process, his body was constantly washed by the energy, and the temperature naturally rose.

The speed at which he absorbed the primal energy became faster and faster, and more and more energy accumulated in his lower abdomen.

The massive amount of energy surged back and forth like tides, repeatedly washing his lower abdomen. In one of these washes, countless hazy mist condensed, opening up a chaotic space like Pangu separating heaven and earth. In this process, Xu Zong miraculously gained the ability to internally view his own dantian space.

Countless energies, like finding a stronghold, rushed towards this gray space like rivers converging into the sea. They quickly condensed into a small energy sphere, constantly rotating like a planet.

“The next step is the most crucial!”

With a thought, Xu Zong’s tiny energy sphere began to tremble as he activated it with his consciousness. Waves of energy dissipated from the sphere, enveloping it.

Following that, a huge amount of energy erupted fiercely, and the sphere itself began to collapse as if it had gained weight. A large amount of energy surrounded it like being sucked into a black hole.

With the last tremor, the energy roaming around the dantian disappeared. Only a green halo, like a light sphere constructed by countless pyramids, remained in the dantian, emitting a misty light.

For normal people, there is a possibility of failure at this step, especially during the first breakthrough. The probability of failure exceeds ninety percent, which is why they need a large amount of external energy to help. But Xu Zong succeeded as easily as eating and drinking.

In the moment the miniature sphere formed, an invisible force spread throughout Xu Zong’s body, as if the sphere itself was a miniature planet with its own magnetic field, indescribably marvelous.

Looking at the miniature planet formed in his dantian space, Xu Zong felt relieved, knowing that he had successfully completed the most crucial step in breaking through the Celestial Level.

Now, there was only one step left!

With a thought, the miniature planet in his dantian trembled slightly, then released a large amount of energy, rushing towards his limbs and bones. In this process, the genetic primal energy of the Celestial Level strengthened all his cells and genes, gradually making his body harder and stronger than alloy!

At the same time, in the basement, Xu Zong’s body emitted an incredible emerald green energy glow, and whirlwinds spun around him like vortexes.

“For any creature, breaking through to a higher realm is a leap in life.”

After everything returned to calm, Xu Zong stood up from the ground and felt the power in his body. He couldn’t help but sigh.

If he was a strong man before the breakthrough, then after the breakthrough, he became a baby. However, this baby possessed a terrifying power far surpassing that of a strong man. This was the leap in life!

“Well, this basement might not be able to withstand my eruption. Let’s go outside.”

Xu Zong wanted to move a bit, but when he looked at the now fragile walls in his eyes, he chose to leave the attic.

Standing on the ground outside Jiangnan Attic, Xu Zong had a thought, and his body naturally floated up and rose into the sky.

The miniature planet inside the body of a Celestial Level warrior possessed its own magnetic field, allowing the warrior not only to no longer need to breathe but also to resist the gravity of the planet and freely fly within the atmosphere!

Of course, it could only fly within the atmosphere. Celestial Level warriors still couldn’t survive in outer space.

Easily flying up to a height of one thousand meters, Xu Zong looked around and couldn’t help but feel a surge of emotions.

He originally thought it would be good enough to reach the Celestial Level within a year, but unexpectedly, in less than four months, he had achieved his goal.

“Keep going. I’m still far from becoming the Lord of Hunyuan!”

After a moment of emotion, Xu Zong quickly calmed down. Sensing this, he had a realization.

“With the leap in life, it seems that my spirit has also become stronger… but it seems that the strength is not in the realm of psychic power, but in consciousness.”

In the Swallowed Star World, the human spirit is very complex, divided into psychic power, consciousness, and will. Compared to psychic power, consciousness and will are elusive.

To strengthen psychic power, one only needs the secret techniques of refining the spirit. Consciousness will gradually become stronger as one’s strength grows, but it is very difficult for willpower to become stronger.

“When a warrior reaches the Celestial Level, they will gain special abilities. Let’s see what my special ability is.”

Xu Zong immersed his mind into his body, and the genetic primal energy followed, sinking into his cells, activating the genes.

During the apprentice level stage, warriors rely solely on physical strength in battle. The genetic primal energy absorbed into the body is used to strengthen the cells. Only when they reach the Celestial Level will the genetic primal energy be stored in the dantian and become usable like internal energy. At this time, it becomes a battle of physical strength plus energy.

Moreover, when a warrior reaches the Celestial Level, they will automatically gain special abilities. The type of special ability awakened depends on the attributes of the cosmic energy they have absorbed.

As if by instinct, Xu Zong easily used his innate ability.

With a wave of his hand, the genetic primal energy was released, and the surrounding air automatically avoided him.”Wherever my genetic Primal Energy reaches, the surrounding air automatically makes way, eliminating any air resistance. What an amazing innate ability!”

Xu Zong opened his eyes, a flash of joy in his gaze.

In planetary battles, no matter what, there would always be strong air resistance. This resistance would greatly consume a warrior’s strength, reducing the force of their attacks by more than a few percent!

Taking the Innate warriors of The Nine Cauldrons world as an example, an Innate warrior with a real elixir could at least punch with a force of four hundred thousand pounds. But an Innate Golden Elixir warrior, due to their divine strength that could erase air resistance, could punch with at least eight hundred thousand pounds of force. That’s a difference of twice the power!

Xu Zong’s innate ability could allow him to fight without losing any energy, delivering one hundred percent of his power onto his enemy!

And it’s important to know, the faster the speed, the greater the air resistance. In other words, the stronger the strength, the better the effect of this innate ability!

Of course, when warriors become powerful, they can fight in the cosmic space. By then, Xu Zong’s innate ability would become as if it didn’t exist.

But by that time, who would still rely on innate abilities to fight? By then, everyone would rely on domains and laws!

“Hmm? A Celestial Level warrior!”

In the tea house, Wang Yu’s face suddenly changed.

Always paying attention to the elite training camp’s Martial Arts School satellite, he detected a Celestial Level warrior’s aura above the Martial Arts School. Without hesitation, Wang Yu flew out of the tea house towards the sky. At the same time, he sent this news to all the Inspectors of the Extreme Martial Arts School!

Everyone on Earth knew that this place was of great importance to the Extreme Martial Arts School. To avoid misunderstandings, they would usually take a detour. Anyone who appeared directly above the Martial Arts School without any signs could very well be an enemy!

“Is that… Xu Zong?!”

Wang Yu flew into the air, and when he saw the face of the person floating there, his eyes widened in shock.

“You… you’ve actually become a Celestial Level warrior?”

My God, what happened?

Could it be that something incredible happened in this world while he was unaware?

This kid just joined the elite training camp in March, didn’t he? He only became a warrior in February, and he’s only 16!

How did he become a Celestial Level warrior?

“Inspector Wang, I was just lucky enough to obtain a Mu Yajing!”

Xu Zong descended to the same height as Wang Yu. He was modest in his words, but his face revealed a smile of restrained pride.

“Mu Yajing! So that’s it!”

Wang Yu finally understood.

Including the dragon blood and spirit of plants and trees he had given before, it was indeed enough to elevate him to a mid-level War God. Using the Mu Yajing would indeed be enough for a breakthrough.

However, a 16-year-old Celestial Level warrior was truly unprecedented in the history of Earth!

“Wang Yu, who’s the enemy?”

At this moment, Liu He’s anxious voice suddenly rang from his wristwatch.

“There’s no enemy, Xu Zong has broken through to the Celestial Level.”

Wang Yu lowered his head and spoke to his wristwatch with a strange expression.

“What the hell?”

Liu He exclaimed in surprise.

“Disperse, there’s no enemy attack.”

After sending this message to everyone, Wang Yu turned off his wristwatch and looked at Xu Zong.

“You shouldn’t be flying in the sky anymore, come to my tea house. You’ve just become a Celestial Level warrior, there’s a lot you need to understand. I’ll explain everything to you!”

“Thank you, Inspector Wang.”

“Just call me Wang Yu. After all, you’ll soon become an Inspector too.”

Wang Yu waved his hand nonchalantly, then descended towards the ground.

Xu Zong followed closely behind.

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Yay, I’ve successfully broken through to the Celestial Level @all Xu Zongs!”

Rich but not flaunting, like a man in brocade clothes walking in the night!

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