Chapter 67 – The third layer of the state of mind

With the invincible effect of the sliding shovel, Sago Nehru’s flying knife hit Xu Zong, but he didn’t feel any pain at all and slid all the way down to the plain below.

“This sliding shovel is even more useful than I imagined!”

Seeing that Sago Nehru didn’t chase after him, Xu Zong breathed a sigh of relief.

“If I install a jetpack behind me and make a sliding shovel pose, will I be able to ignore the attacks of the Lord of the Universe in the future?”

While thinking this, Xu Zong restored the Black God suit to its original state and carried Little Uncle on his back, rushing towards the military base.

“The large-scale avalanche on the Himalayas must have been caused by Sago Nehru! The reason why Little Uncle was in danger was all because of that bastard! I won’t let him get away with it!”

Xu Zong’s killing intent surged in his heart. If only he could fly, he would have kicked Sago Nehru high and low just now!

Half an hour later, Xu Zong arrived at the military base on the Himalayas in the southwest region. He sent Little Uncle to the medical room and, thanks to the Blood Bodhi, the doctor quickly determined that there was no life-threatening danger.

“Little Uncle, you’re all injured now. You should go back to the base city for treatment.”

Xu Zong suggested to him.

He had many healing treasures on him. Not to mention that Xu Zong had the Blood Bodhi from Wind & Cloud, he also had a second reward, the Dragon Blood.

Wang Yu had made it clear that the Dragon Blood was only useful for the first time, and the second one was useless. Xu Zong could sell the Dragon Blood back to the martial arts school. The martial arts school could give him three vials of Life Water, and just one vial of Life Water could make a disabled person grow back their limbs and easily treat injuries like broken bones.

But he didn’t mention this matter and deliberately concealed it.


Xu Qi knew that he couldn’t stand up now. After a moment of silence, he still agreed to Xu Zong’s suggestion.

So, that night, Xu Qi was directly sent to the base city in Jiangnan by the military plane.

It was not until he witnessed Little Uncle being sent to the military hospital in the base city that Xu Zong completely relaxed. He took a fighter jet and first sent back the life detector, then rushed to the Hongning base city.

In the fighter jet, Xu Zong sat cross-legged on the ground.

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Alright, my Little Uncle is fine now.”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “That’s good. I understand why Teng Qingshan ended up in such a situation.”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “This chat group is too rigid. Why can’t we give each other points? I can’t even transfer my Blood Ruyi.”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “If this chat group really knows what we’re talking about, the next upgrade should include the function of transferring points.”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar. (I have plenty of Blood Bodhi here. You guys can ask me for it freely, no need to be polite. But I don’t have any points, so you’ll have to pay for it.)”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar. (By the way, this Desolate Buddhist Scriptures is really useful. After practicing it, I found that I can understand the meaning of the world. )”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “What is this? Can you communicate with the world?”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “So smooth? Then if I’m like you, can I communicate with the Spirit Mirror like I’m fighting Yin Zhong?”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar. (Not really communicate, but I roughly understand some rules of the world. For example, I am one of the Four Auspicious Beasts, with both divinity and demonic nature inside me, a contradictory unity. And I am immortal. Even if I die, I can be resurrected.)”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar. (In the original work, there are also scriptures like the Heavenly Cry Sutra and the Reflecting Heart Mirror that can predict fate, which is similar to what I can do.)”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Wow, is the Desolate Buddhist Scriptures that powerful? What level have you reached in your practice?”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar. (The fourth level.)”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “The Realm of No Self?!”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar. (Almost.)”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “How outrageous! You’ve only been practicing the Desolate Buddhist Scriptures for less than four days, right?”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “So, because you have reached the Unity of Heaven and Man and you are also a Divine Beast of the world, you can understand the world or fate?”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar. (Almost.)”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Listening to you, I know that this technique is completely useless for us.”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “I just shared Wind & Cloud Xu Zong’s talent and tried to communicate with the world, but I couldn’t communicate at all. It seems that the will of the world is quite indifferent and doesn’t want to talk to me. I’m afraid I have to practice the Desolate Buddhist Scriptures to have a chance.”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “I also tried, thinking that I could communicate with the will of the original universe, but naturally, it didn’t work. There was no response at all. It’s too indifferent.”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “After Nie Feng mastered the Demon Heart Crossing, he instantly caught up with several versions that were far behind. You have mastered the Divine Demon Crossing, so how powerful are you now?”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar. (I don’t know, but I feel that the top ten martial artists who used to be very powerful are now just average.)”Martial World General Xu Zong: “Anyway, I’m sure I’ve reached the passing line of Wind & Cloud Part Three – anyone can defeat Emperor Shitian in a second now!”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “You’re so strong now, why not go out and explore? Bring back some more abnormal martial skills, like Red Fire Divine Skill, No Desire Easy Formula, Sword Twenty-Three. I really want to learn them. Among all the Xu Zongs in the group, your cultivation system fits me best!”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “No one fits me, did I say anything?”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar? (No, who knows if my appearance will attract the likes of Xiao Sanxiao, Great Demon God? If it attracts Half God, Great Sun Tathagata, wouldn’t it be even worse?)”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “Didn’t you say you’re immortal? You can resurrect even if you die, what are you afraid of!”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar! (Resurrection consumes a lot of energy, okay? It takes a long time to recover to the peak after dying once.)”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “How do you know? Have you died before?”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar. (I haven’t died, but I just asked Heaven and Earth.)”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Why does this sound so mystical?”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar. (Anyway, I’ve decided that I won’t leave Lingyun Cave until I transform into a human.)”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “Damn it, why are you so timid!”

Wind & Cloud Xu Zong: “Roar! (What’s timid? This is clearly called caution!)”

The group chat was filled with chatter again.

Martial World General Xu Zong tried his best to persuade Wind & Cloud Xu Zong to go out and find divine skills, but no matter what he said, Wind & Cloud Xu Zong didn’t agree, so he had to give up in the end.

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Enough talk, I’m back to the elite training camp. I’m about to enter the gravity room for cultivation. Judging by the speed I absorb Mu Yajing, I should be able to reach the Celestial Level within half a month!”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Are you planning to absorb all of Mu Yajing?”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Yes.”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “That’s a waste.”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Huh?”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Normally, taking medicine is not only for energy accumulation, but also for breaking through bottlenecks. But don’t forget, your talent is cultivation without bottlenecks!”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “In other words, you can accumulate energy to the peak of the apprentice level by absorbing Mu Yajing, and then break through the bottleneck with your own talent to reach the Celestial Level. In this way, you should be able to save most of the energy of Mu Yajing!”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Damn it, that makes sense, why didn’t I think of that!”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Hehe, because I have a lot of experience in taking medicine.”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “So awesome? How high is your cultivation level?”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “None of your business, why do you care?”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “I don’t care, I didn’t even want to ask!”

These two started arguing again.

In the elite training camp, in the gravity room.

Xu Zong opened his wristwatch and played the interlude of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils again.

“Deng~ Deng Deng Deng~ Deng Deng Deng~ Deng Deng Deng~”

“Damn it, I’m about to throw up!”

Xu Zong covered his churning stomach, his face showing a pained expression.

Isn’t there any other suitable bgm for cultivation?

A while later, he sat cross-legged on the ground again, took out the Mu Yajing hidden in the training camp.

“My current punch strength is about 380 tons, and the limit of a high-level War God is usually four to five hundred tons… In this case, I can reach the limit in one or two more days.”

Xu Zong was very excited, but he wasn’t as thrilled as he imagined.

“The more experiences a person has, the more open-minded and tolerant they become, and the more indifferent to honor and disgrace, as steady as a mountain.”

Xu Zong understood. When he rushed here in the afternoon, he was in a panic. Now on his way back to the training camp, his mind was calm.

The Desolate Buddhist Scriptures describe that the strength of a god will gradually strengthen a person’s mind.

This is probably the third realm of meditation – transcendence. He has been at the second level of meditation for almost a month, and he could break through at any time. This incident was like a catalyst, allowing him to break through all at once.

He shook his head, dispelled the distracting thoughts in his mind, opened the plug on the Mu Yajing, put his mouth to the opening, and continued to absorb the life energy inside.

A large amount of pure life energy entered his body, quickly filled his whole body, strengthening every muscle, bone, and organ in his body.

This kind of cultivation continued for another day. By the afternoon of the next day, Xu Zong felt that his cells were vaguely touching a threshold.

“It’s about time to start!”

Xu Zong left the gravity room, returned to Jiangnan Pavilion, and locked the door tightly.

He put the Mu Yajing into the safe, and he himself entered the basement, completely immersed in meditation.

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